From John Wallace

To all VS members - Club AGM 2015 - Tuesday 22nd March 2016 8.30pm

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Introduction from Bob Jackson - In the last 3 years Valley Striders has expanded far beyond being a running club having some members who enjoy competitive and/or social cycling. I now suspect that the number of hours spent by VS members cycling and swimming is now similar to those spent running and in athletics. For the last 6 months I've been thinking that it is important that the Club Chairman should have an active interest in more than just one sport, and have been discussing this with some of our committee members. At the most recent Club Committee meeting in January I resigned as Club Chairman to concentrate on the running and athletics activities, and handed over to John Wallace to take over the role of Club Chairman until the AGM. I am supporting his nomination for this position. The rest of this announcement and information about the Club AGM (which is open to all members of Valley Striders Club) has been prepared by John ...

VS is required to hold an AGM every year to elect a Committee to run the club's activities. The eagle eyed will have spotted we're a bit late with this.

As most of you will be aware the Club has grown significantly in recent years, with the addition of Junior, Beginner and Intermediate Running sessions, a Cycling section and a Triathlon section. This is great for the Club, especially in one of its core objectives of promoting participation in sports, but a side effect has been an ever larger and more unwieldy organisational structure. 

After much discussion therefore the Committee has decided to propose some changes to the existing Club structure at the AGM. The plan is pretty simple really - in future there would be a small Club committee responsible for general oversight of the Club and each of the Sections would operate as subsidiaries under the Club committee, with their own structures and committees. This should achieve the aim of a simpler and more streamlined structure

The main Club committee would largely act as a forum for discussions between all the sections, financial oversight, and liaising with Leo's over our existing facilities. It is envisaged that the committee would consist of 3 permanent Club officers (currently Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) plus representatives from the 3 sections (in the ratio 3 running, 3 cycling, 1 triathlon).

In large part this is just an exercise in formalising what is already happening; the Running Section and Cycling Section have already had their AGM's and elected their Committees, and some members have already been co-opted to assist with the Club committee activities. But it does need to be formalised as there are many Club issues to consider, for example, large amounts of funds passing through the club and lines of responsibility for health and safety issues.

Accordingly, at the forthcoming AGM there will be the following proposal put to the members:

         to elect a Club committee comprising the minimum 6 members of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer + 3 others (the 3 others are proposed to be the current Chairs of the Running, Cycling and Triathlon sections)

         to agree the proposed new Committee composition under the new structure

         to instruct the new Committee to draft a new constitution to present to the Club's members reflecting the structure laid out above and setting out the precise future responsibilities for the Committee.

Assuming the members agree the above proposal the following have indicated their willingness to stand for the Committee:

         Chair - John Wallace - John is a member of both the Running and Cycling sections, and also a former member of Leo's Rugby (who are expected to take over the facilities in the next 12-18 months)

         Treasurer - Mick Tinker - Mick took over the role from Paul White last September

         Secretary - nomination sought

The existing Chairs to be automatically elected to the other 3 posts are:

         Running - Bob Jackson

         Cycling- Dan Murray

         Triathlon - Mike Furby

We would welcome any further nominations to the positions of Club Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

We would like to see as many people as possible at the meeting. There will be a short presentation on the proposals and a Q&A to explain this further. 

If you can't attend the meeting then please let us know if you'd like to vote for or against the proposal. Please reply to

Hope this hasn't been too long and hope to see you at the AGM.

The Committee

P.S. Food will be available at Leos that evening, see for how to order.