At a meeting on 23rd July 1982 at 18 Lucas Place Leeds LS6 2JB.


Mick Dewhurst proposed the formation of the “Valley Striders” with the object of participating as a team in various forms of running.


Present at the meeting were Mick Dewhurst, Stuart St. John, Morin Dewhurst, Martin Hopson, Steve Rock, Paul Steward and Geoff Webster.


Stuart St. John seconded the motions and the meeting voted the following offices.


Hon. Secretary . . . Stuart St. John


Hon. Treasurer . . . Mick Dewhurst


Mens Captain . . . . Martin Hopson


Ladies Captain . . . Morin Dewhurst


It was agreed to seek affiliation to the N.C.A.A.A. and the N.C.W.A.A.A.


Signed . . (Stuart St. John) . . SECRETARY


Witnessed . . (M Dewhurst) . . . TREASURER