14th Harewood 10 mile Trail Race

3rd Harewood 5 mile Trail Run

15th Harewood Hop 2 mile Junior Race / Fun Run

Sunday 27th October 2013
2 mile at 10:00 a.m. , 10 mile and 5 mile at 10:35a.m.

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In 1999 St Leonard's Hospice and Valley Striders organised a successful event, the Harewood Hop 10k on the Harewood Hill Climb course, which was won by Mick Hawkins from Bingley Harriers and had 90 finishers. A 2 mile fun run had 27 finishers.

In 2000 we were unable to use the same site but found an even better venue and route. We combined the best of the Harewood Chase 10k, the Eccup 10 and the Leeds Country Way leg 5 and we also included parts of the Dales Way and Ebor Way. The route was traffic-free, half in Harewood House grounds, half around Eccup Reservoir and passed Emmerdale Village. Despite a period of only 3 months from start of organisation to race day, we had over 450 entries and on the day there were 424 finishers. The race was won by Bob Duncan of Nestle Rowntree in 58:12. First woman was Sue Garrod in 68:58. The fun run of 2 miles had 53 finishers. First boy was Matthew Thackwray 12:51, first girl was Laura Kirk 13:04.

In 2001 at the end of June, when Foot & Mouth restrictions were relaxed, we were given permission to organise the Harewood Trail Race again. There was just one minor change to the route which meant a wider start. We had 462 finishers. The race was won by Richard Harris of Rotherham H in 57:37. First woman was Julie Holdsworth of Baildon R in 69:26. The fun run had 125 finishers - winning boy was Graham Powell 11:29, winning girl was Eleanor Kitchen 14:13.

In 2002 we set the same route except for a 100 metre detour to avoid a very tricky stony shady section. In good conditions we had a record 566 finishers and the existing course records were broken by 2 men and 7 women with the winners being Darren Bilton of Leeds City in 54:46 and Liz Proctor of Bolton United Harriers 64:30. The fun run had a record 147 finishers - winning boy was Alistair Brownlee 11:28, winning girl was Scarlett Gray 13:38.

In 2003, with an identical route, in good conditions, we had 453 finishers and the winners were Ian Fisher of Otley AC 56:57 and Vicky Chapman (now Whitehead) of Valley Striders 63:29 (course record). The fun run had a joint record 147 finishers - winning boy was Philip Fitzpatrick 11:40, winning girl was Scarlett Gray 14:10.

In 2004, with the now standard route, there was a record finish in both races (609/179). The winners were Alan Stimpson (Harrogate HAC) 56:15, Catherine Scott (Wigton RR) 68:28, Mathew Jackson (Warrington AC) 11:13 (record) and Katherine Coupland (Harrogate HAC) 13:54

In 2005 we had to have a small detour due to works at Eccup Reservoir. There were 539 finishers in the 10 mile race and a record 242 in the 2 mile. The winners were Jarratt Perkins (Scunthorpe) 58:37, Karen Ball (Ackworth) 69:08, Jamie Whittingham (Cardinal Heenan HS) 13:25 and Katherine Coupland (Harrogate HAC) 13:28.

In 2006 we reverted to the normal route, but with the wider start introduced in 2005. There were 532 finishers in the 10 mile race and a record 249 in the 2 mile. The winners were John Wanjohi (Doncaster AC) 56:24, Amy Green (Keighley & Craven) 66:50, Ross Blackburn (Ackworth RR) 11:32 and Holly Craig (Bingley AC) 13:31.

In 2007 we changed the start to be on the showfield rather than across the road so that runners warming up did not delay traffic coming to Harewood House. There were 469 finishers in the 10 mile race and 175 in the 2 mile. The winners were Darran Bilton (Leeds City) in a new course record of 52:12, Kate Nelson (Knavesmire) 65:45, Joseph Lofthouse (Masham) 13:45 and Megan Blackburn (Doncaster AC) 13:29.

In 2008 we had the same route. There were 505 finishers in the 10 mile race and 138 in the 2 mile. The winners were Pumlani Bangani (Salford) 56:30, Lisa Mawer (Bingley) 67:28, Eddy Robinson (Valley Striders), 12:51 Megan Blackburn (Doncaster AC) 13:30.

In 2009 there were 567 finishers in the 10 mile race and 149 in the 2 mile. The winners were Andrew Pearson (Longwood) 52:49, Karen Pickles (Pudsey Pacers) 67:28, Jake Worton (Wakefield) 11:18, Charmaine Porter (Jarrow & Hebburn) 12:55.

In 2010 it rained and rained. There were 364 finishers in the 10 mile race and 111 in the 2 mile. The winners were Tim Midgley (Bingley) 58:10, Pauline Munro (Bingley) 67:28, Dominic Owens (Carnegie) 12:41, Charmaine Porter (Jarrow & Hebburn) 13:14.

In 2011 we introduced a 5 mile race. Valley Striders support the Run England scheme for non-club runners and we thought these might be interested in something a bit longer than the 2 mile. But also, in 2010, we had one competitor taking over 3 hours for 10 miles, so we set a limit of 2hrs 30 mins for the 10 miles and anyone not reaching 3 miles in 45 mins would have been asked to run 5 miles instead. NB in the last 12 years only 2 competitors would have missed this cut-off and none missed it this year. There were 390 / 67 / 89 finishers in the 10 / 5 / 2 mile races. Winners were Pumlani Bangani (Salford H) 58.31, Gemma Smith (Kirkstall H) 67.23, Ben Pye (Wetherby R)(B15-16) 30.28, Poppy Moore (Wetherby R)(G15-16) 49.05, Dominic Owens (Leeds City) 12.03, Natalie Jo McGuire (Netherall Learning C) 12.55 (record)

In 2012 we changed the juniors to be in school year bands to be in line with the Leeds Race Series. There were 364 / 108 / 125 finishers in the 10 / 5 / 2 mile races. Winners were Daniel Jenkin (Durham City H) 59.36, Lisa Mawer (Wetherby R) 69.56, Peter Dobbs (UA) 34.54, Jasmine Laidler (Rothwell H) 39.33, Euan Brennan (Ilkley H) 12.27, Stella Cross (Wetherby Runners) 13.48

In 2013 again we will have the 10 mile, 5 mile and 2 mile races. Again there will be a limit of 2hrs 30 mins for the 10 miles and anyone not reaching 3 miles in 45 mins will be asked to run 5 miles instead.

From 2005, Valley Striders have been promoting the race, rather than just assisting. Their chosen charity is Lineham Farm Children's Centre at Eccup. The 10 mile race route runs within 1 mile of the Farm.

In 2008, one of our runners had a heart attack during the race at the 8 mile point in the country near Emmerdale. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance were called out and the actions of those that supported him till the Ambulance arrived and of the Ambulance itself, saved the man's life. For this reason, in 2009 we decided to share the race profits between Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We have continued with this since.

Two-thirds of the 10 mile route is on good quality footpaths, the rest on tarmac paths. We think our race should appeal to road runners wanting a taste of off-road, to cross-country runners wanting a warm-up for the winter season and to fell-runners who want to take in the views rather than having to think where to place their next foot!

The objective of the event is fivefold:

There will be a bottle of Daleside Brewery beer "Harewood Trail Ale" for all finishers in the 10 mile race. There will be good category prizes and spot prizes provided by "Up & Running".

In the 5 mile and 2 mile there will be medals for all finishers. Certificates will be sent to all children (16 years and under) and also to all adults raising or donating 10 above the enty fee.

We believe all entry fees to be good value for money. There is an opportunity to make additional donations which can be worth even more to Lineham Farm as they will be able to reclaim tax under the Gift Aid scheme.

The race is promoted by Valley Striders, who have organised their own Meanwood Trail Race for the last 17 years and organised and/or assisted with all previous 12 Harewood races.

The course was measured in 2000 and 2005 by Ken Kaiser, a UK Athletics Official Measurer, but, as is normal for multi-terrain events, we do not have a certificate for the course. We will have mile markers and a drinks station just after half-way in the 10 mile.

There are no planned changes to the route for 2012.

Also there is a combined junior race and adult fun run of 2 miles taking place before the 10 & 5 mile runners start. This is also measured and is mainly on tarmac footpaths. We hope the 10 & 5-mile runners come early to support this race.

We realise that the majority of regular race runners run for sponsorship at most once a year, maybe in the London Marathon or the Great North Run. But if you would like to be sponsored for our event, please tick the box on the entry form and we will send you a sponsorship form and some information about Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Bob Jackson

Race Secretary

Valley Striders

07775 898 558

Clare Beard

on behalf of

Lineham Farm Children's Centre

0113 281 7880

e-mail: harewood@valleystriders.org.uk  

website: http://www.valleystriders.org.uk   and/or   http://www.linehamfarm.co.uk