Notes on the Age-Grading for the Harewood 10 mile Trail Race

Age-Graded Tables enable the comparison of performances at different events and/or different ages by comparing the performance with the (theoretical) world best for that event/age. The tables opposite show the event standards for the 10 mile road race for men and women for ages 17 to 72.

The times for the Harewood 10mile Trail Race have then been converted to percentages and then to a ranking calculated based on these percentages. This shows Richard Gay's time to be the most outstanding performance on this basis.

90%+ is considered world class, 80%+ national class, 70%+ regional class and 60%+ local class. However the calculations for the Harewood 10 are based on a 10mile world record of 44min 40secs. It is highly unlikely that anyone (even Haile Gebrselassie) could ever run 44:40 on the Harewood Trail Course. You could probably allow yourselves an extra 3% to 5% for the nature of the course!

The Age-Graded Tables used were the 1994 edition compiled by the World Association of Veteran Athletes and published by National Masters News.

There is more information on Age-Grading on the Valley Striders web-site.