Junior Membership fees for 1 Sep 18 to 31 Aug 19 and payment for Peco


This message is for to parents of juniors who were members between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 or paid for temporary membership for July/August 2018 or paid for temporary membership for September/October 2018.


This is to invite all of you to renew your membership for the year to 31 August 2018.


Last year (1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018)


The standard membership fee for 1 Sept 2017 to 31 August 2018 was 33. This included payment of entry fees for running a number of selected local races.


Accounts for 2017/18 are yet to be finalised but are likely to show that junior section made a profit of 248. More details of the accounts are available on request. Most of the profit from last year has already been spent on coaching courses in October 2018.


Current year (1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019)


The standard membership fee for Valley Striders juniors for 2018/19 will be 39


Our expenses include
- All training sessions at Leos (VS pay Leos 4000p.a. and 50% is allocated to juniors to include maintenance of the rugby field and floodlights)
- All training sessions at GSAL
- Junior awards and medals
- Contribution to entry fees for "higher" competition (e.g. Northern and Yorkshire Relays)
- Payment for coaches to go on courses
- Payment for equipment


We will continue the scheme that the club pay for our members who run in local events. The events covered for 2018/19 will be
- Peco Cross-country League (5 races) (see details below)
- Peco Junior Relay
- Meanwood Valley Trail junior races
- Pudsey junior races
- Eccup junior races
- Golden Acre Junior Relay
- We may add other events to this list

Race entry scheme


The payment for races was introduced last year, the reasons being that we want to encourage our juniors to take part in competitive events and we want to encourage our juniors to put on a Valley Striders vest and attend as a group at selected local events. The events we've selected are inclusive to all i.e. all age groups and all abilities.


For some of the races, e.g. Peco, Meanwood Trail and relays, we will pay the race fees. For other races, parents will pay the race fees and we will refund these to those who run.


Note that there will not be a refund of any part of membership fees if juniors don't take part in some or all of our listed races.


Peco Entries


Regarding Peco, entries must be via the Racebest website and we have a discount code to be applied at check-out which means you will not have to pay.


The entry page is https://racebest.com/races/ct5eh and the discount code is VSJ18.


If you use this feature we hope you run at least 2 races. Otherwise the club will be charged entry fees that could have been used on club development.


Closing date for entering the Peco series is 15 November.


Discounts and additions


The standard membership rate is 39
- For those who have come in on temporary membership since 1 September and already paid 5, they can credit this against the membership fee and pay 34.
- For those who ran Pudsey junior race in June 2018 and/or Eccup junior race in July 2018 and paid their own entry fees, the membership fee for 2018/19 is reduced by 3 per race run.
- For those that intend to come to less than 10 training sessions in the year, the membership fee is reduced by 10.
- For those aged 11 years or over and competing in any of West Yorks track and field, York track and field, West Yorks cross country league, Yorkshire cross country, Northern cross country and England cross country, then England Athletics affiliation is required; we will ask you for the 15 affiliation fee when it is needed, no need to pay now.




Please pay, before 15 November, to "AC Membership"
- Sort Code: 53-70-00
- A/c Number: 72143878
- Reference to include your name


If you have any queries about the rate to pay, please email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk




Bob Jackson & Richard Irvine


Additional Topics


Junior club vests


We are now holding a stock of junior vests and T-shirts with the Valley Striders logo. You will be able to try and buy on a Tuesday evening, starting from 6 November. The cost is 12. Items that are out of stock should be available within 7 days. We would like all juniors to wear V S vests or T-shirts when competing in races.


Tuesday start time


Just a reminder that we start at 6pm on a Tuesday. We need to vacate the rugby pitch at 7pm to allow the rugby club to train and we want to make best use of the time available. Please note that those arriving after 6:15pm risk being excluded from the first activity because we may have already allocated people to teams.


Responsible adult


Please note that it is a condition of membership that every junior must have a responsible adult who remains on site while our junior sessions are taking place. NB included in our definition of "on site" is taking part in the beginners/improvers session (but not going on any other run).




We could not have these sessions without the parents who volunteer. Some volunteer every week (thank you) but we ask all parents to make themselves available to volunteer at least once a month.




Food after Tuesday training will be available on 20 November, more details to follow.


Facebook group


All parents of junior members are recommended to join a closed Facebook Group specifically for them


We will use this to communicate urgent messages (e.g. late changes to training sessions due to weather) when we don't have access to the auto email system.