Meanwood Valley Trail Race

Start and finish at Old Leodiensians' Rugby Club, Crag Lane, Off King Lane, Alwoodley.

Refer to map for references in brackets

The race starts in the field [Start] to the North of the Clubhouse and takes one and a quarter laps of this field [W][S][E][N][W], exitting at [S] via [10] to Stairfoot Lane [11] then through the woods [12] and a field [12A-12B] and more woods [13-17] to the North of Old Leo's passing the entrance to Leo's on King Lane [18], across the recreation ground to Buckstone Road [19] and then follows the path [20-21] almost to the crosspaths at the "Slavering Baby" spring. From here, the runners follow paths near the back of Buckstone Housing Estate and down to the Seven Arches aqueduct [21-38]. From Seven Arches, the route follows the Meanwood Valley Trail waymarked path which then leads to the tunnel under the Ring Road at Bywater Farm [47-48].

From Bywater Farm, the runners cross Smithy Mills Lane / Parkside Road [60-61] (this road has restricted access and/but will be well marshalled) and go through the gate to take the path into the woods towards Meanwood Park. After 100 yards [62] they turn sharp left to climb the hill following the path [62-68] that passes close by the Myrtle Cricket Ground [69]. From this point, the route descends into the wood [70-71] and then follows a path up again [72-73] to emerge at the top North East corner of Meanwood Park [74]

The route will be marked to cross the Park avoiding the childrenís playground and car park [75]. It will cross the beck on one of the small stone bridges [76] (avoiding the main pedestrian bridges) and re-cross the beck on another stone bridge [78] nearer to Hustlerís Row. The route will then reenter the woods via the footpath by Hustlerís Row [79] from where the runners start to re-trace their steps, continuing directly back through the woods [80-81] to the road crossing [82-83], then under the tunnel and past Bywater Farm.

The route then retraces the outward route past Seven Arches, past the Buckstone, and back to the "Slavering Baby" [48-30]. At this point the route rejoins the Meanwood Trail proper [90] for about 600 yards [91-94], passing one of the Leo's cricket pitches on the right, then bears right to come back near to the starting field [95]. However the runners go straight across the path and up Adel Crag [96], so that the field is approached from the North [97-99]. The final part of the route is three-quarters of a lap of the field [N][W][S] to the Finish.

The route will be well marshalled and marked throughout.

The Meanwood Valley Trail Race is organised by Valley Striders