Junior Sessions at Leos Summer 2020 – Rules, Dates, Sessions, Groups, Names

Updated Friday 3 July 23:00

This page contains the names of the junior members selected to attend each session and shows the group that they have been allocated to on that date and time.

Please email comments to juniors@valleystriders.org.uk

On 23 June we had 3 groups (15 runners). For the 30 June we added an extra group so had 10 runners,

For 7 July we will have a session of 4 groups at 17:30 and session of 4 groups at 18:15, therefore 40 runners will be take part. At the time of writing all places are filled. The runners for each group for each session are listed below.

At the foot of this page are our proposals for 14 and 21 July. There is a survey to fill in to say which dates you are available and what time you prefer. Please reply to the survey (there is one survey for those who have already attended a session, another survey if this will be your first session at Leos after lockdown) .

I’ve pencilled in names of leaders and assistants for each group, but subject to change.

Anyone not selected for a particular date should continue to train from home, these will continue to count for 25/50/100 training session medals

Coronavirus Restrictions and Implications

All our sessions comply with current restrictions and recommendations.

For our risk assessment click here


Just for your general information, here is the latest England Athletics guidance regarding training


The main restriction that affects us is that a group is limited to a coach/leader and 5 athletes. If this rule changes, we will review our plans. NB any reduction in the 2 metre rule has no effect on our plans.

Following our second session on 30 June we have reviewed the compliance again.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THAT AT NO TIME DO ANY GROUPS EXCEED 6 PEOPLE. This of course refers to the session groups (1 leader + 5 athletes), but also applies to the meeting places and the spectator areas. We have introduced some extra rules to cover these other groups. We have also introduced a rule that ensures that the assistants are not considered as part of a group. We want to be sure that if anyone did a spot check of our sessions, they would see a number of groups of 6, not 30+ people engaged in a common activity.

Meeting points and Activity Areas

General information

A leader and assistant will have been allocated to each group. Other parents should watch from the sidelines at least 5 metres from any activity.

Leaders should arrive early at the meeting point for their group.

Assistants should check in with their leader but then immediately go to the activity area of their first activity

Parents should take their children to their meeting point but (unless a leader) should then immediately leave their children otherwise the group-of-6 will be exceeded.

Parents can go to the viewing area behind the goalposts of the rugby pitch.

When the leader has their 5 junior runners, they should take their group to the first activity area and do warm-ups in this area (not using other areas of the rugby pitch or cricket pitch). NB for the later session the leader must check that their activity area is clear of the early session runners before taking the group across.

Everyone should stay 2 metres apart at the meeting point and in the activity areas. Children will be told how this works for each activity before starting each activity.

No-one should touch any equipment – Bob will be solely responsible for this including collecting the equipment after the session. Anyone who touches equipment should wash their hands and/or use the sanitizer provided.

Richard and Bob will co-ordinate the session, allowing 14 minutes for the first activity (to include warm-up), 8 minutes for the middle two and 10 minutes for the last one (to include cool down).

N.B. Toilets won’t be open.


The normal activities (and the activity area used) are listed below. They are all slightly modified versions of activities that we’ve done in the past in normal times. The diagrams also show the recommended position of the leader and the assistant.

  1. Bob’s circular (non contact) relays
  2. Eleanor’s (continuous) hills (between cricket and rugby pitch)
  3. Emma’s hills (sprint up, walk down)
  4. Bob’s pentathlon

For each session

  • Group 1 will start with Activity 1 and then do 2, 3 and 4 in turn
  • Group 2 will start with Activity 2 and then do 3, 4 and 1 in turn
  • Group 3 will start with Activity 3 and then do 4, 1 and 2 in turn
  • Group 4 will start with Activity 4 and then do 1, 2 and 3 in turn

Information for Leaders and Assistants

It is essential that leaders arrive on time as we cannot make substitutions during the session.

The group leaders will be responsible for the assembly, warm-up, all four activities and cool down for the 5 children that are allocated to them (this is a big change from “normal” sessions, where everyone would meet together, everyone might warm up together and each leader is responsible for an activity not for a group). 

The group leaders will also be responsible for two rules specific to CoVid – that the 2 metre rule is adhered to and that none of the group (including themselves) touch any stakes or any other equipment

Assistants must assist at a distance e.g. at changeover 2->3 in Bob’s relays, towards the far end of Eleanor’s hills, at the top of Emma’s hills and in the backwards running section of Bob’s pentathlon. Assistants must not actively lead the session otherwise this compromises the group-of-6.

Other parents should watch from the sidelines. Please observe as we may call on you for help in future weeks!

Tuesday 23 June 18:05 Completed

The junior members attending this and the 30 June session were selected on the basis of the number of activities (training from home and weekend events) that they’d taken part in during lockdown.

Group 1 (leader Steve Hunter, assistant Pascale Fotherby) : Aiden Thornton, Daniel Fotherby, Lars Hunter, Matt Sedgley, Michael Fotherby
Group 2 (leader Sarah Kingston, assistant Oliver Thornton) : Abigail Kingston, Alannah Thornton, Freya Hunter, Keira Sykes, Rebecca Kingston
Group 3 (leader Nick Smith, assistant Adam Nabozny) : Alfie Jones, Edward Nabozny, Luke Mackreth, Jamie Walker, Tom Mackreth

Tuesday 30 June 18:05 Completed

Group 1 (leader Hannah Corne, assistant Warren Dennison): Bertie Bell, Florence Bell, Kirsten Reid, Mary Venning, Sarah Dennison
Group 2 (leader Nick Smith, assistants Claire Sadler & Nicola Hartley) : Caitlyn Hartley, Jessica Guthrie, Jorgie Hartley, Kate Irvine, Lily Sadler
Group 3 (leader Jon Smith, assistant Vicki Johnstone) : Jamie Smith, Joseph Whitehouse, Marcus Johnstone, Sammy Whitehouse, William Barton
Group 4 (leader Alex Gostling, assistant Carol Reid) : Alfie Jones, Benjamin Gostling, Ewan Reid, James Gostling, Toby Walker

Tuesday 7 July 17:30 prompt

The junior members attending this and the 18:15 session were selected on the basis of the number of activities (training from home and weekend events) that they’d taken part in during lockdown.

Group 1 (leader Claire Sadler, assistant Lisa Jones)
Joseph Whitehouse
Junior Barclay
Oliver Lubiecki
Ripley Barclay
Sammy Whitehouse

Group 2 (leader Warren Dennison, assistant Nicola Hartley)
Caitlyn Hartley
Jessica Guthrie
Jorgie Hartley
Lily Sadler
Sarah Dennison

Group 3 (leader Sarah Kingston, assistant Karen Sykes)
Abigail Kingston
Alannah Thornton
Freya Hunter
Keira Sykes
Rebecca Kingston

Group 4 (leader Steve Hunter, assistant Jon Smith)
Aiden Thornton
Alice Bonner
Darcey Mollitt
Jamie Smith
Lars Hunter

Tuesday 7 July 18:15 prompt

Group 1 (leader Carol Reid, assistant Hannah Corne)
Bertie Bell
Florence Bell
Kirsten Reid
Mary Venning
Kate Irvine

Group 2 (leader Vicki Johnstone, assistant Zoe Riley)
Ewan Reid
Frankie Riley
Gus Cawcutt
Marcus Johnstone
William Barton

Group 3 (leader Richard Irvine, assistant Neil Sedgley)
Edward Nabozny
Evie Rose
Luke Mackreth
Matt Sedgley
Toby Walker

Group 4 (leader Adam Nabozny, assistant Emma Rose)
Isaac Rose,
Jamie Walker
Sam Warden
Tom Mackreth
William Nabozny

Tuesday 14 July and Tuesday 21 July

On each date, there will be 2 sessions (the first at 17:30 the second at 18:15), each session consisting of 4 groups, each group consisting of 5 athletes.

There is a survey/questionnaire to ALL parents

  • to choose a date (14th, 21st, no preference, or can’t attend either)
  • to choose a session time (17:30, 18:15 or no preference)
  • whether they would be willing to help with a group (and if they did, whether they would or wouldn’t want their own child to be in their group!)

If we have 80 or fewer applications, everyone will get at least one session.

If we have 81 or more applications, we will select based on number of competitive events (e.g. local races and Pecos) in the last 12 months plus the number of lockdown activities.

Survey and to book for 14 or 21 July,

if you attended one of the pilot sessions on 23 June or 30 June, please click this link


if you didn’t attend any of the pilot sessions, please click this link


Places for 14 July session will be allocated on Thursday 9 July – please respond by Wednesday 8 July 8pm