Junior Sessions at Leos Autumn 2020 – Rules, Dates, Sessions, Groups, Names

Updated Thursday 23rd September 23:00 – groups for 29th September now showing.

Confirmation and booking process as follows

  • I will publish groups and names (based on survey responses) by Friday noon
  • If you want a place you must confirm (via Facebook) by Monday 6pm (but preferably a lot earlier, PLEASE)
  • If you’ve confirmed your place but then need to cancel you can do so up to Monday 6pm with no penalty
  • I will publish the “final” list of groups and names late Monday evening
  • If you’ve confirmed your place but cancel after Monday 6pm you will have a lower priority for booking for the following week (e.g. if your session is overbooked you won’t get a place, but if a place then becomes free you will get it)
  • If you’ve confirmed your place but cancel less than 30 minutes before the start of your session (or you just don’t turn up), you won’t get a place for the following week.
  • Cancellations should be by Facebook post or by text to my mobile if you’re not on Facebook. Do not use email or Messenger to cancel.

A fourth survey – for 6/13/20/27 October – is now available at the foot of this page. If you want to attend on 6 October, you must fill in the survey by Wednesday 30 September 9pm.

This page contains the names of the junior members selected to attend each session and shows the group that they have been allocated to on that date and time.

Please email comments to juniors@valleystriders.org.uk

On 23 June we had 3 groups (15 runners). For 30 June we added an extra group so had 20 runners. These 35 had been invited on the basis of number of training and competitions during lockdown. For 7 July we moved the session to 6:15pm and added an extra session at 5:30pm so we had 40 runners, the same 35 plus 5 more.

We then invited all members to fill in a survey/questionnaire regarding availability for for 14 and 21 July. We had 40 runners at each session; all who had filled in the survey got at least one of the two dates.

We then invited all members to fill in a second survey regarding 28 July and 4 and 11 August. We had 40 runners at each session; all who filled in the survey got at least two of the three dates (unless on holiday!).

The third survey was for 18 and 25 August and 1 September. We had 40 on 18 August. 25 August was cancelled.

On 1 September we had a trial with an extra session at 4:45pm, we also added an extra activity.

These trials were successful so we will continue with 3 sessions and 5 groups at each session giving us a total capacity of 75.

We will continue with this while the current government restrictions continue, but we will investigate the implications of larger groups as this means we don’t need to be so precise in creating groups and is also a more friendly environment.

Attendance at sessions is strictly by invitation only.

Anyone not selected for a particular date should continue to train from home, these will continue to count for 25/50/100 training session medals

Coronavirus Restrictions and Implications

All our sessions comply with current restrictions and recommendations.

For our risk assessment click here


Just for your general information, here is the latest England Athletics guidance regarding training


The main restriction that affects us is that a group is limited to a coach/leader and 5 athletes. If this rule changes, we will review our plans. NB any reduction in the 2 metre rule has no effect on our plans.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THAT AT NO TIME DO ANY GROUPS EXCEED 6 PEOPLE. This of course refers to the session groups (1 leader + 5 athletes), but also applies to the meeting places and the spectator areas. We have introduced some extra rules to cover these other groups. We have also introduced a rule that ensures that the assistants are not considered as part of a group. We want to be sure that if anyone did a spot check of our sessions, they would see a number of groups of 6, not 30+ people engaged in a common activity.

The new rules for team sports announced on 22 September don’t appear to make any difference to our plans.

Meeting points and Activity Areas

General information

A leader and assistant will have been allocated to each group. Other parents should watch from the sidelines at least 5 metres from any activity.

Leaders should arrive early at the meeting point for their group.

Assistants should check in with their leader but then immediately go to the activity area of their first activity

Parents should take their children to their meeting point but (unless a leader) should then immediately leave their children otherwise the group-of-6 will be exceeded.

Parents can go to the viewing area behind the goalposts of the rugby pitch.

When the leader has their 5 junior runners, they should take their group to the first activity area and do warm-ups in this area (not using other areas of the rugby pitch or cricket pitch). NB for the later session the leader must check that their activity area is clear of the early session runners before taking the group across.

Everyone should stay 2 metres apart at the meeting point and in the activity areas. Children will be told how this works for each activity before starting each activity.

No-one should touch any equipment – Bob will be solely responsible for this including collecting the equipment after the session. Anyone who touches equipment should wash their hands and/or use the sanitizer provided.

Richard and Bob will co-ordinate the session, allowing 14 minutes for the first activity (to include warm-up), 8 minutes for the middle two and 10 minutes for the last one (to include cool down).

All parents must remain on or by the rugby pitch while the sessions are going on. This is because the leaders and assistants are not allowed to come within 2 metres of any child (other than their own). So if contact is needed, be it to attend to an injury or to tie shoelaces, the parent must do this.

N.B. Toilets won’t be open. If they are open and you use them, you must notify Bob or Richard so you are included in the Track & Trace sent in by Leos


The normal activities (and the activity area used) are listed below. They are all slightly modified versions of activities that we’ve done in the past in normal times. The diagrams also show the recommended position of the leader and the assistant.

  1. Bob’s circular (non contact) relays
  2. Eleanor’s (continuous) hills (between cricket and rugby pitch)
  3. “Outer Circle and Inner Circle”
  4. Emma’s hills (sprint up, walk down)
  5. Bob’s pentathlon

For each session

  • Group 1 will start with Activity 1 and then do 2, 3 and 4 in turn
  • Group 2 will start with Activity 2 and then do 3, 4 and 5 in turn
  • Group 3 will start with Activity 3 and then do 4, 5 and 1 in turn
  • Group 4 will start with Activity 4 and then do 5, 1 and 2 in turn
  • Group 5 will start with Activity 5 and then do 1, 2 and 3 in turn

Information for Leaders

Please could leaders arrive at least 5 minutes early (and preferably 10 minutes early) to assemble their group and give advice to newcomers.

It is essential that leaders arrive on time as we cannot make substitutions during the session without breaking the “group-of-6” limit..

The group leaders will be responsible for the assembly, warm-up, all four activities and cool down for the 5 children that are allocated to them (this is a big change from “normal” sessions, where everyone would meet together, everyone might warm up together and each leader is responsible for an activity not for a group). 

The group leaders will also be responsible for two rules specific to CoVid – that the 2 metre rule is adhered to and that none of the group (including themselves) touch any stakes or any other equipment

Group leaders should have read the 5 activity diagrams prior to coming to familiarise themselves with the arrangements for each activity.

Information for Assistants

From 15 September we are trialling a new system for assistants.

If you look at the layout plan, you will see that the parents’ area has been extended into the narrow practice pitch at the far end of Bob’s pentathlon and that there is a new small parents’ area at the far end of Eleanor’s hills (the hills from the cricket pitch)

We are asking two parents to volunteer for these two areas and specifically look after the safety for Bob’s pentathlon and Eleanor’s hills for the full duration of the session.

  • On the Pentathlon, stand towards the top of the backwards running section to ensure the children head in the right direction and run safely; also observe the dips and sideways running
  • On the Hills from the Cricket Pitch, stand near the third Up (this is just before the last floodlight post), watch that the children go round all posts (this ensures they go straight up and down the hills), watch that they go round all posts at the end so that the return route is well away from outbound, ask any interlopers (e.g. dog-walkers) to walk down the line of cones that marks the boundaries (not down the middle of the activity as one did at a previous session)
  • Also generally give encouragement!

Assistants must assist at a distance. They must not actively lead the session otherwise this compromises the group-of-6.

We will not be using Assistants on the other 3 activities

  • On the Circular Relays – observe the changeovers at 1->2, 2->3 and 3->4
  • On “Outer and Inner”, the assistant should watch that everyone runs outside their line of cones. Also the assistant should watch the order of finishing to help if the leader is in doubt.
  • On the Hills on the Rugby pitch, ensure everyone turns when the first shouts “turn”

Information for Other Parents

It is essential that all parents are quickly accessible in case of need by their child, be it to help tie their shoelace, dress a cut or respond to a major injury. We do not have someone who has been delegated the responsibility as CoVid first aid (with full PPE) – we feel it unfair to ask a parent to do this when whatever needs doing can be done by the child’s parent.

Other parents must watch from the sidelines. Please observe as we may call on you for help in future weeks!

In bad weather, parents may sit in their cars but if so must be in the west car park (between the club house and the rugby field), not in the main car park.

Tuesday 29 September

Note that there will be 3 sessions – 4:45, 5:30 and 6:15

Now that we have 5 activities and less of a space between them, it is essential that

  • the leader ensures that he/she and their athletes remain in the area of their activity and do not wander off for drinks etc
  • all other parents remain on the edge of the rugby pitch, or, if in their cars, their cars must be in the west car park (nearest to the junior activities) so we can find you easily in case of emergency
  • also, when meeting up near the clubhouse before the session starts, juniors must only go to the group they are allocated to, and parents must not go to any group unless they are to be a leader or assistant


  • Because with this organisation we are keeping within groups of 6. If subsequently one of the group shows signs of Coronavirus, we only need to consider isolation for that group of 6.
  • But if groups get bigger and/or intermingle, then if subsequently one one of a group shows signs of Coronavirus, then everyone involved in the session/timeslot (potentially 25 juniors and maybe 20 parents) will need to isolate.

Note that there are no assistants shown in the lists below. We have amended the system for assistants. Please read the section on Information for Assistants and please volunteer if you would like to do this

29 SEPTEMBER Afternoon Session: 4:45 to 5:25

Warm-up 4:47,  Activity 1 4:51
Activity 2 4:59, Activity 3 5:07
Activity 4: 5:15,   Cool: 5:23,   Off: 5:25

Assistants (Eleanor’s Hills) Lucy Holt, Nancy Rudkin
Assistants (Bob’s Pentathlon) G or H Pawley, Jamie Pick

GROUP 1 (Clare Taylor)
James Gostling
Josh Holt
Theo Marshall-Brown
Sam Taylor
Jamie Youngs
GROUP 2 (Alex Gostling)
Benjamin Gostling
Soren Pailor
Harry Pick
Ralph Rudkin
Aiden Thornton
GROUP 3 (Josie Rothera)
Quinn Rothera
Ayla Thornton
this group only has 2 members
GROUP 4 (Alex Monaghan)
Alice Bonner
Clem Pailor
Josie Pawley
Elsie Taylor
Alannah Thornton
GROUP 5 (Bob Jackson)
Sarah Dennison
Zoe Holt
Eve Rothera
Ella Youngs

29 SEPTEMBER Early Session: 5:30 to 6:10

Warm-up 5:32,  Activity 1 5:36
Activity 2 5:44, Activity 3 5:52
Activity 4: 6:00,   Cool: 6:08,   Off: 6:10

Assistants on Eleanor’s hills : Richard Mollitt, Jon Smith
Assistants on Bob’s pentathlon: Nicola Hartley, Lisa Jones

GROUP 1 (Ade Whitehouse)
Ripley Barclay
William Barton
Jamie Smith
Joseph Whitehouse
Sammy Whitehouse
GROUP 2 (Hannah Corne)
Junior Barclay
Bertie Bell
Jake Doyle-Woods
Ewan Reid
Arthur Venning
GROUP 3 (Claire Sadler)
Jorgie Hartley
Darcey Mollitt
Lily Sadler
Christa Shackleton
Keira Sykes
GROUP 4 (Carol Reid)
Grace Black
Caitlyn Hartley
Kirsten Reid
Georgie Ward
Natalie Ward
GROUP 5 (Tom Venning)
Eve Barton
Florence Bell
Imogen Burton
Edie Doyle-Woods
Mary Venning

29 SEPTEMBER Late Session: 6:15 to 6:55

Warm-up: 6:17,  Activity 1: 6:21
Activity 2: 6:29, Activity 3: 6:37
Activity 4: 6:45,   Cool: 6:53,   Off: 6:55

Assistants on Eleanor’s hills : Pascale Fotherby, Steve Hunter
Assistants on Bob’s pentathlon: Sarah Whittle, Carys Lippiatt

GROUP 1 (Vicki Johnstone)
Gus Cawcutt
Marcus Johnstone
Felix Linley
Griff Lippiatt
Sam Preston
GROUP 2 (Suzie Shenderey)
Daniel Fotherby
Michael Fotherby
Iestyn Lippiatt
Matt Sedgley
Ben Shenderey
GROUP 3 (Zoe Riley)
Seth Bolton
Lars Hunter
Edward Nabozny
Frankie Riley
James Whittle
GROUP 4 (Adam Nabozny)
Kate Irvine
Ella Jobson
Oliver Lubiecki
Luke Mackreth
Sam Mackreth
GROUP 5 (Emma Rose)
Freya Hunter
Abigail Kingston
Rebecca Kingston
Evie Rose
Emily Whittle

Survey and to book for 6/13/20/27 October

We have recently nearly doubled capacity by introducing an additional session / timeslot at 16:45 and a 5th activity

There is new survey/questionnaire (the fifth survey) to ALL parents

  • which dates you are available?
  • which of the 3 timeslots (16:45, 17:30, 18:15) are feasible for you and which do you prefer
  • are you willing to lead a group or assist with a group?

We now have 80 juniors who have taken part in at least one session since lockdown. If we can fill all 25 places on the “afternoon” timeslot then we can fit nearly everyone in!.

if your child’s surname is A to L, please click this link

if your child’s surname is M to Z, please click this link

If you want to attend on 6 October you must fill in the survey by Wednesday 30 September 9pm.