Juniors Training from Home 2021

Saturday 6th March to Sunday 14th March

If you didn’t run in the Leeds Junior Clubs virtual race last month, your TFH run this week must be a practice for the next race (20-28 March), you need to do a measured run for the same number or minutes as your age in years, see Virtual Events for Junior Clubs 2020-2021 – Valley Striders. If you need help on how to do this, please see the notes and/or email juniors@valleystriders.org.uk – we’re keen for even more to take part in what is expected to be the final virtual race in this series (if Boris allows junior races to restart).

If you did run in the Leeds Junior Clubs virtual race last month, thank you and well done; either do a practice or do one of the normal sessions listed below.

Trophies for winning VS teams

Here’s the information about our normal “Training From Home” sessions.

  • There are some options. Whichever one you choose, do a 5 minute warm-up before the main activity and a 2 minute stretch/cooldown after it.
  • School years 1 to 6, choose from (a) 8 minutes of hill reps, speedy uphill and slow jog downhill (b) 10 minute even-paced hard run (junior parkrun speed and effort) (c) 15 minute session round a football pitch or similar sized rectangle, doing sprints along the short sides and steady jogging along the long sides.
  • School years 7 to 12 (a) 12 minutes of hill reps (b) 15 minute even-paced hard run (c) 25 minute session round a rectangle as above.
  • Your run will count towards your 25/50/100 attendance medals, so, after you’ve done your run, please reply with some details of your run and/or your GPS track (Strava or similar).
  • Just to clarify, it would be nice if emailed a Strava trace, but if you don’t have technology, just give a description e.g. “jogged from home with mum to Oakwood Clock (5 minutes) and did the football pitch reps (15 mins) round the first football pitch on Soldiers Fields – hard work because a bit hilly and very wet”.
  • NB you can do your “Training From Home” session any time between Saturday and Wednesday, whenever suits you.
  • NB “Training From Home” sessions are open to all junior members aged under 18, and to all prospective members (i.e. those on our waiting list)

Tuesday Training Sessions are cancelled till further notice. For information about our Covid-secure sessions that we ran from June to December 2020, see