Valley Striders Juniors

Our junior training sessions are every Tuesday at 6pm.  These are usually at Leo’s, but occasionally at the Grammar School at Leeds, and are led by qualified running leaders or coaches.

Sessions are split into three groups:

(a) school years 2 to 4

(b) school years 5 to 6

(c) school years 7 and above.

There may sometimes a 4th group of experienced juniors (mostly over 10).  Faster runners may move up one group.

The objectives of our junior sessions are:

  • for your children to enjoy their running / athletics.
  • to give opportunities for your children to improve – via the training sessions and supporting them into competition

The official minimum age for joining is 8, but younger runners who have brothers and sisters or friends in the club may try the sessions and the coaches will then discuss the situation with the parents.

Please note however that parents or guardians must stay on site for the duration of the session, or nominate another adult to be responsible for their child.

They are encouraged to help out, and are welcome to join in!  Or, they may also choose to take part in the adult beginners and improvers group which runs at the same time close by.

Finally, we encourage our older juniors to move up the ranks and become full adult members, and to help them do this safely and successfully we have introduced a Young Adults policy which you can read here.

If you’d like to know more about our junior section, send us a message by clicking on the button below and someone will get back to you.