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Directions to Far Moss (LS17 7NT)
new 2 Jan 17

Where are we?
Streetmap small scale showing HQ at Far Moss

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large scale
Smithy Mills
(Sunday morning)

LS16 8EZ
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large scale
Far Moss
(Tuesday evening)

LS17 7NT
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Scott Hall
(Thursday evening)

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2nd Tuesday in month training at Leeds Met a.k.a. Carnegie a.k.a. Beckett Park LS6 3QS
Carnegie Athletics Track (opens in new tab)
/ map for parking meet at Indoor Sports Centre 7:00p.m. ready to run

GETTING TO FAR MOSS BY BUS. (Click for Leeds bus network map)

Bus numbers 7A takes you to within 150 metres of our clubhouse X7 take you to within 500 metres of our clubhouse. NB don’t catch a 7 or 7S! (Click for 7A Timetable)

  • Both buses start from the centre of Leeds in Infirmary Street - bust stop "E".
  • The buses go up Scott Hall Road, then (slightly different routes) to King Lane, cross the Ring Road, and continue up King Lane past the Park & Ride at Allerton High School.
  • About three-quarters of a mile further up King Lane, look out for a playground and an open field on the left hand side and a new Tesco Local on the right.
  • The X7 bus will continue up King Lane. Get off immediately!! (the stop is just after a zebra crossing and opposite a road junction, Lloyd's pharmacy is on the corner) Cross the road and walk up The Avenue for 350 metres. You are now looking for a street sign for Far Moss, this is the SIXTH street on the right hand side. But instead count streets on the left hand side. The first left is 200 metres up and is "The Grove" and the second left is a further 150 metres and is "The Lane". (Another way of identifying this corner is that there is a red post box exactly on the corner)
  • The 7A bus turns right off King Lane onto The Avenue. Don't get off immediately the bus turns the corner, get off at the next stop, "The Lane", which is next to a red pillar box.
  • So, having travelled on foot or bus up "The Avenue", and come to the red pillar box with "The Lane" on the left, the road you want, "Far Moss", is on the opposite side of the "The Avenue".
  • Walk to the end of Far Moss (150 metres) and Far Moss Sports Club is straight ahead
  • Services as at August 2014
    ServiceInfirmary StThe Avenue

Bus numbers 51 and 55 take you to within 3/4 mile of our clubhouse, however they go along Oatland Lane so are more suitable for anyone living near the University. (Click for 51 Timetable or for 55 Timetable)
  • These buses leave from The Headrow in the Centre of Leeds
  • The buses go up Oatland Lane, down Melville Road and then up Meanwood Road
  • NB the 51 goes along Church Lane and Tongue Lane, the 55 along Stonegate Road
  • Both terminate at Moor Allerton Shopping Centre.
  • Walk up to King Lane and turn left
  • Walk for about 3/4 mile until you see a playground on your left and a parade of shops on your right
  • Almost immediately you’ll see a small car park. Turn left down the rutted drive signposted Alwoodley Cricket Club and Leodiensian Rugby Club (“Leos”). We are at the end of the drive.
  • The buses leave The Headrow bus stop H6 (near where it crosses Briggate?) about every 15 minutes and take 45 minutes.
  • Allow 20 minutes for the walk from Moor Allerton Shopping Centre to Far Moss