6 February 2005

2005 Update 4

BRASS MONKEY (23 Jan) - Late news

Paul Briscoe might not be racing these days, but his sister Sue Busittil of Thirsk & Sowerby H took 3rd W35 prize in 1:26:58 and her husband Walter ran 1:23:50.


New member Peter Stevenson ran 52:29 on this hilly course.

ROMBALDS STRIDE 25 (actually nearer 23) - SATURDAY 5 FEBRUARY

The 2 day mountain marathon men (Steve Webb, the two Micks, and Simon) were elsewhere, so were the hardened fell runners (Geoff, Andrew, Sara, Sylvia) and so it was left to Bob (I don't mind fell running as long as there are cakes on the way round and somewhere for a decent shower afterwards) Jackson to claim 100 Grand Prix points. Rob Bumstead was suffering from lack of training after flu and Eric Cusack was on only his third run of 2005. Times - Bob 3:24, Rob 3:32, Eric 4:55


Congratulations to Tracey who won the race for the 2nd year. She reversed placings with her fellow Olympic athlete Anna Pichrtova who had finished four seconds ahead of her in the marathon in Athens. She also presented the prizes, but first she was presented with her prize by the race organiser - 200 and a "romantic night at Alder House". But it won't be for a month, as Tracey leaves this Tuesday for three weeks in Boulder Colorado for some altitude training with Steve Jones and other British olympic athletes.

Sam was back from injury in her first race this year, and Vicky was back from injury in her first race for 9 months, they picked up the team prize. Unfortunately, no romantic nights for them, just 5 vouchers for the mill shops in Batley (it will cost more than 5 in petrol to get there).

Mary was another with a 5 mill shop voucher for first W45. But she was pleased with a PB by 3 minutes.

And most of the rest of us took advantage of the good running conditions for good times.

A few "hopefully-soon-to-join Striders" are also listed - I hope I spotted you all. And I think I worked out all the number swaps and mis-recordings.

   23 Tracey Morris       33.43
   46 Drew Taylor         35.38
   64 Mal Smith           36.25
   92 Sam Harris          37.18
   96 Vicky Whitehead     37.29
  129 Simon Vallance      38.20
  184 Tim Towler          39.33
  185 George Little       39.34
  197 Mary Harris         39.51
  223 Roy Flesher         40.28
  236 Julian Bhowmick     40.50
  256 Mick Tinker         41.18
  283 Eric Green          41.51
  284 Bob Jackson         41.53
  418 Hayley Palmer       45.05
  562 Paul Sanderson      48.32
  584 John Bucktrout      48.59
  737 Emma Jenkins        52.54
  753 Anne McCaffrey      53.25
  822 Jane Speight        55.41

2nd claim and friends
  106 Jon Willingham      37.47
  271 Johnny Harrison     41.39
  635 Melanie Gray        50.08


See the latest VS News. Everyone is welcome to come along, just for a social run of 1 lap (8 miles), one-and-a-half (13), or 2 laps (16 miles). If you are interested, let me know. I'll send out more information later this week to those who have already "signed up"