31 March 2005

2005 Update 8


The Trail Race is a week on Saturday (April 9) not this coming Saturday which is when Geoff thought it was (I wondered why he was panicking about marshals)

Thanks to everyone (about 25 of you) who came for the recce run on Tuesday - hope you all enjoyed it!

Still need about 8 marshals, let me know as soon as possible. Anyone needing to be away early can do car parking and be away at 10:45. Anyone not available early can do Meanwood Park and start at 10:30 (but prefer you to be there 10:00-10:15)

More details of when and where to meet in the next email early next week.

Did I say that there was a free bottle of beer for every marshal?


Anyone running London - here's a message from Jerry Watson "To anyone who would rather pick up their London Marathon number from Roundhay rather than London. I will be collecting my number on the Wednesday prior to the race. As you are allowed to pick up one other number in addition to your own, if anyone would like me to get theirs for them as opposed to fighting the potential scrum later in the week then please get in touch - 0113 2692526"

Anyone running London, let me know so I have a list to look out for (a) at the expo (b) on the start line (c) during the race (d) at the finish (e) in the results. But more importantly, a list of names for the Striders supporters to look out for would be useful!

Here's my list so far - Tracey Morris, Lisa Wilyman, Jules Barltrop on the women's elite start, then starting at the normal time - Nat Crossland, Tim Crossland, Mary Egan, Roy Flesher, Britt Folkerman (Laustsen) (from Denmark), Sam Guy, Mark Hoon (from USA), Bob Jackson, Adrian Knowles, George Little, Anne McCaffrey, Bobby Ndawula, Jayne South, Drew Taylor, Tim Towler, Tony Ward, Jerry Watson (in Thames Hare & Hounds vest). Anyone else?

Here's an email from Anne McCaffrey "I am fairly new to Valley Striders (autumn last year - have only run in the light once with the club and that was tonight!!) Having said to myself several times that I will never run more than 13 miles I have a charity place for the London Marathon! AARGH!! I am running for Meningitis Research Foundation - I chose this charity because my daughter (now 7) survived meningoccal septicaemia when she was 3 - thanks to the literature produced by the MRF which persuaded me to get her to hospital and not put her to bed for the night which would have had fatal results - she made a full recovery. I am hoping to raise 1500 for the charity and if anyone would like to help me out I would be very grateful - I am not far off the target but every little bit helps! I am not exactly a fast runner I will probably take 4.30hrs+ on the day but I will enjoy it and will not be upset when I am over taken by people pushing beds, carrying ladders or trays of drinks - as long as no one overtakes me in a full diving suit I'll be happy!!!-I am running on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the club at the moment and have peaked at 40 miles a week for a few weeks - now looking forward to tapering!! If you are happy to sponsor me just tap me on the shoulder on Tues or Thurs nights - Thanks Anne"

If you know Anne or Nat, or think MRF or NSPCC are good causes, or just have some spare money, please sponsor one or both of our Striders.


Congratulations to Gary Shipley who finished 1st vet and 3rd overall in a time of 16:52 only 9 seconds behind the winner. "A very tough course with a climb that makes the South Leeds 5 look and feel easy", said Gary. Also congratulations to Lou Gilchrist, 128th in 25:31. I hope she won't mind me saying she was the oldest of the 163 finishers (and so had 35 younger runners finish behind her).