Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 11:22 PM
Subject: Leeds Country Way - team changes / reserves desperately required

Teams are now (currently) as follows.   Runners marked ** are new to the squads.  Runners marked * have changed teams and/or legs.
I now have no reserves whatsover.  If you have two legs and nothing booked for Sunday, please email or phone me
Included are estimated start times.  Numbers will be handed out to one runner on each leg and will be handed out at the start of each leg, preferably in exchange for 6.  Please bring 4 safety pins!
Men - Team 76
 A1 0800  M    MICK         LOFTUS          
 A1       M    MICK         WRENCH          
 A2 0920  M    ROB          BUMSTEAD        
 A2       MV   DREW         TAYLOR          
 A3 1040  MV   ROY          FLESHER         
 A3       MV   PETER        JOHNSON       * 
 A4 1200  MV   ANDREW       CUTTS           
 A4       MV   ALAN         HUTCHINSON      
 A5 1320  M    ROSS         ANDERSON        
 A5       MV   STEVE        WEBB            
 A6 1440  MV   SIMON        VALLANCE        
 A6       MV   JERRY        WATSON          
Women - team 77
 L1 0800  L    JULES        BARLTROP        
 L1       L    SAM          GUY             
 L2 0925  LV   MIVVY        TEKCHANDANI     
 L2       LV   DAWN         MORLEY          
 L3 1055  L    LAURA        CLARK           
 L3       LV   ERICA        HIORNS        * 2
 L4 1225  L    HAYLEY       PALMER          
 L4       L    MADDIE       GEDDES-BARTON   
 L5 1400  LV   CAROLE       SCHOFIELD       
 L5       LV   CARMEL       BARKER          
 L6 1525  LV   LIZ          BALL            
 L6       LV   SARA         DYER          * 
Vets - team 78
 V1 0800  MV   PAUL         HUNTER          
 V1       MV   MARTIN       HORBURY         
 V2 0921  MV   IAN          PLACE           
 V2       MV   DAVID        BARTON       ** 
 V3 1055  MV   MICK         TINKER          
 V3       MV   TIM          TOWLER        * 
 V4 1220  MV   BOB          JACKSON         
 V4       MV   ERIC         GREEN         * 
 V5 1350  MV   JOHN         HALLAS          
 V5       MV   PAUL         WHITE           
 V6 1510  MV   MARK         HUNTER          
 V6       MV   ALISTAIR     FALE            

"D" - team 79 (+ NB cut-off leg 6 is 1530)
 D1 0800  MV   PETER        LAMBERT         
 D1       LV   MARY         EGAN            
 D2 0935  MV   TONY         WARD            
 D2       M    BOBBY        NDAWULA       * 
 D3 1115  MV   STEVE        O'CALLAGHAN     
 D3       MV   MIKE         O'CALLAGHAN  **
 D4 1245  M    IAN          SANDERSON       
 D4       M    RICHARD      KING            
 D5 1415  LV   KAY          DUGGLEBY        
 D5       LV   TRACY        STEWART         
 D6 1530+ LV   MADELEINE    WATSON          
 D6       M    SIMON        REDSHAW      **