Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 11:59 PM
Subject: Harewood Trail / Cross Country / Special General Meeting / Lineham Farm Open Day / Meanwood Trail

82 thank yous!   Thank you to 55 Striders, 15 family and friends and 12 Lineham Farm volunteers who helped on or before the Trail Race yesterday.
There were 538 finishers in the 10 mile race (down 71 from last year) and 242 finishers in the 2 mile race (up 64 from last year), so not quite a record, but the second best in 7 years.  After last year's 4 injuries we were slightly concerned about the numbers that the 10 mile course could take and so put the entry fees up to "ensure" that numbers did not increase, and this worked to plan!  We received many compliments at the end about the route and the marshalling, including one on behalf of the 30 Stainland Lions for whom it was a Grand Prix event!
This year St John had a quiet time with only one case to treat.  But four runners went off course in the 2 mile and two sets of runners went off course in the 10 mile. Thankfully over 99% of the runners managed to complete the designated routes.
While it is fresh in your memory, I would be very grateful for feedback from everyone who marshalled / helped
- where did you marshal? (was it different from the plan?)
- were there any incidents in your area?
- any comments from walkers, horseriders, car drivers or runners?
- did you get smiles or moans from the runners?
- should there have been extra marshals in your area? (or were there too many?)
- do you have any other suggestions for next time?
I am forecasting that the event has raised just over 3,500 for Lineham Farm.  Lisa from Lineham has emailed me "It's tremendous! Thank you so much. We are very excited about it!" 

For the 40 Striders entered for the West Yorkshire Cross Country League - for those that intend to run on Saturday ...
The race is on the Knavesmire Racecourse at York.  Start time is 13:45 for women (approx 5.5km), 14:15 for men (approx 9.5km)
The race HQ is on the football pitches opposite the racecourse near the junction of Tadcaster Road (the old A64) and Knavesmire Road (the road that runs towards the Grandstand).  However there is no parking on either Tadcaster Road or Knavesmire Road.  You are advised to park at the far end of Knavesmire Road near the Grandstand.
Please bring 6 for Mivvy and John.
More details of the race series on
Two issues were left outstanding after our AGM two weeks ago
England Athletics Proposal - is the club for or against the Foster Report proposal for reform of the organisation of athletics in England?  If you would like some short background reading before next Tuesday's SGM, then please let me know and I will email you two Word documents and a PDF.
Women's kit - Sam Harris brought to the AGM information on two alternative suppliers of women's vests,  Subsequently Tracey and Jules have information about kit from Adidas, and Sara has information about ranges available from Terry Lonergan.  We need to review the available ranges but also discuss the implications of any change of design and of holding stock.
Lineham Farm have an open day so if you would like to visit the Farm, see the facilities used by the children, enjoy some refreshment and also have a tour of the rare animal breeds, nature trail and wetlands area (recently opened by David Bellamy), put this date in your diary - open from 11am to 4pm.
Please also book this date in your diary to support our other race - it will be its 10th year.  I know that quite a few Striders work Saturdays so it is up to the rest of us to ensure that the event runs smoothly. 
At the AGM we discussed which charity should be the beneficiary of the profits from the race, the concensus was for a local charity, the three suggestions that received more than one vote were Wheatfields, Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Lineham Farm.  If you have any suggestions of your own, please let me know and then I will put it to an email ballot.
Also, I know it's a long time off, but can you let me know your likely availability for 25th March - are you "probably available", "probably not" or "too soon to know"?