Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 1:02 AM
Subject: Abbey Dash, Club vests, Guiseley x-c, Christmas do, Chevin Chase and other things

Abbey Dash
Congratulations to Tracey (3rd W, 1st W35), to Mary (2nd W45) and to everyone who ran a PB and to everyone who was pleased with their time, and to everyone else too as I'm sure we were one of the best represented clubs with 30 runners.
I'm showing the results in chip time sequence, which is how the Grand Prix points are awarded, but you can take a look at the gun times too, and see who started a little too far back (Paul Sanderson, Bob Wilyman, Anne McCaffrey) and to see who was sneaking up at the front of the start (we'll let Mary off on this count as last year she started too far back and finished outside the top two W45's, this year she gained a place by lurking behind Sam at the start).  Tim Towler was running with Tracey's sister, but I'm not sure whether she was running in a borrowed number?

 Chip                      Chip       Gun   Gun
  Pos                      Time       Pos  Time
  36 Brian Hanley        32.50 100    37 32.54 A        
  76 Tracey Morris       35.13  99    76 35.15 A     LV 
  78 Drew Taylor         35.21  98    79 35.26 A     40 
 162 Sam Harris          37.22  97   158 37.27 A     L  
 185 Mick Loftus         38.03  96   176 38.09 A        
 191 Richard King        38.09  95   195 38.38 B        
 202 Julian Bhowmick     38.28  94   207 38.49 B        
 203 Ian Sanderson       38.28  93   208 38.50 B        
 211 Simon Vallance      38.36  92   200 38.42 B        
 243 Andrew Cutts        39.05  91   242 39.26 A     40 
 278 Jules Barltrop      39.47  90   262 39.51 B     L  
 288 Bob Jackson         39.56  89   281 40.16 B     50 
 291 Mary Harris         39.59  88   269 40.06 C     LV 
 312 Eric Green          40.20  87   291 40.30 C     40 
 320 Bill Mccaffrey      40.26  86   309 40.47 C        
 413 Bobby Ndawula       41.40  85   372 41.53 C        
 430 Michael Grant       41.51  84   422 42.32 B     40 
 431 Mick Tinker         41.52  83   398 42.15 B     50 
 434 Laura Clark         41.56  82   423 42.32 C     L  
 477 Carmel Barker       42.19  81   462 43.00 D     LV 
 559 Paul Bunton         43.08  80   527 43.51 U        
 579 Steve Dixon         43.21  79   514 43.42 C     50 
 756 Paul Leary          44.56  78   647 45.12 U        
 858 Paul Sanderson      45.45  77  1023 48.38 D        
1214 John Bucktrout      48.21  76  1362 51.36 E     50
1412 Kay Duggleby        49.47  75  1387 51.55 E     LV 
1688 Tim Towler          51.39  74  1408 52.05 A     40
1918 Bob Wilyman         53.23  73  2210 58.16 U     50
2023 Anne Mccaffrey      54.06  72  2234 58.24 E     L 
2178 Sheila Grant        55.08  71  2069 57.12 E     LV 
Anyone missing from these results?  Please let me know!
Second claim and friends - congrats to Peter Johnson, 1st M55

 144 Peter Johnson       36.57  97   144 37.03  
 172 Mark Hetherington   37.51  96   180 38.12         
 399 Dave Milner         41.29  85   390 42.08  
 502 Jane Whitley        42.37  80   453 42.53 
 508 Alison Bogie        42.39  80   487 43.15   
 473 Howard Jeffrey      42.18  81   420 42.31 
 630 Johnny Harrison     43.55  78   587 44.36       
1656 Melanie Gray        51.26  74  1726 54.18 

Roundhay 5


A few Striders running here, congratulations to Lou Gilchrist who won the W65 prize.  There were only two in the category but she did have the satisfaction of beating all the 6 M70's (she too is over-70)

Club Vests (message from Sara)

“The Complete Runner” (Terry Lonergan) has stocks of Fastrax Valley Striders kit as before.  There is a panelled mesh style and also a non-mesh fabric option for about £12.  However there have been some concerns expressed about the styling and quality of these vests and in addition the lettering is illegal (“Striders” too big according to AAA/UKA rules) and the shop showed no interest in changing the artwork.


In response to this we now have an alternative supplier in Ilkley.  “Dobson and Robinson” can supply Viga vests in male and female styles for £10 including the lettering and there is a crop top option.  The vests are similar to Ilkley Harriers, but panel-free as our vest is single (white) colour.  The lettering is computer generated and printed individually so is more flexible.  I will wear one of these to the 4th WYXC – on mine the “Striders” is legal and the same size as the “Valley”.  As the printing is done individually you will need to give a couple of days notice to D&R, but I am happy to pick up any prepared vests for people as I pass through Ilkley 2 or 3 times a week.


Contact address: Dobson and Robinson (Duncan), 46 The Grove, Ilkley, LS29 9EE, 01943 608549


Male sizes:        32” 34” 36” 39” 42” 45”            £10

Female sizes:     32” 35” 38” 40”                         £10

Crop tops:         10, 12, 14, 16                            £12

Prices include lettering.


Sara  01943 871606

Thank you, Sara, for all the research you've done
Cross Country on Sunday
Nunroyd Park is on the main A65 road from Leeds via Kirkstall and Rawdon that then goes on to Guiseley and Ilkley.  It's on the right hand side about three quarters of a mile after the JCT600 roundabout and just before Guiseley Retail Park. If you get to Morrisons in Guiseley you've gone 600 yards too far.  The A65 can be quite busy even on a Sunday so allow plenty of time. 
NB for those living on the North side of Leeds Ring Road, there is a quick route via Bramhope Village, across to Carlton, and down into Guiseley past Aireborough leisure centre but not recommended on an icy day
If you have been entered, please come and run, we have a chance of winning the John Smith trophy.
Help Required  at the Cross Country, to hand out Meanwood Trail entry forms to the runners in the junior races.  They start at 12:00 so it means arriving about 90 mins earlier than usual.  Please email me if you can help, this is a good chance to advertise the race to the juniors
Calderdale Way Relay
I think we may have 2 full teams of 12, but if you want to stand by as reserve, phone Geoff on 266-6288
Christmas meal & presentation evening (Friday 16 December)
Still places available, contact Steve O on 267-7779, £9 per person, excellent value for money, partners welcome!
Chevin Chase (Monday 26 December)
Will be the first race of the 2006 Grand Prix.  I entered last Friday and got my number today, so there are still entries available, but mine was number 715, so enter soon.
I will publish the full list of races for 2006 in the next email (this one is getting long already)
Harrogate Ringway
Date is still to be decided, possibly Monday 2nd January.  There are 5 legs, each of 3 to 5 miles.  Make up a team with your training companions or contact me if you'd like to run.  Teams of all abilities are welcome, and you can get a good hot lunch at the pub at the end of the relay.
Message from Emma Jenkins
Please could you also put an advert in your next valley striders email for me?  I would like to talk to any hill-walkers, mountaineers, or mountain marathoners, etc, who would be interested, or willing to help me with my PhD research. I am looking at the comfort performance of clothing for these sports and would value your input. Please contact

Message from Elika Tasker
Do you know anyone that is a gym instructor or can do good programmes at the gym for runners. I am a member of Virgin in town and at Kirkstall but the instructors arent brill really but the gym is good and near work.  and
See you Sunday!