Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 1:41 AM
Subject: Club Handicap / Harrogate Ringway / Chevin Chase / Job Vacancy / Vadim / Christmas Training

We've still not decided whether to keep the Club Handicap on 8th January, or move it back to the 15th so that we can run the Harrogate Ringway on 8th.  If I was betting on it I would suspect that the Handicap will stay on the 8th, but read on.  Because if there is sufficient interest in the recce run, we might be persuaded to move the Handicap.
What we plan to do is to have a training / recce run on the Ringway paths on Monday January 2nd.  You can come and run as many sections as you want - any one, any two, possibly three or even all five.  For each leg or pair of legs there is a more direct road route back to where you have started.  If you want to run more than one leg, the most suitable combinations are 1-2 or 3-4.  Running 1-2-3 is also an option and the return journey from 3 to the start is mostly downhill!
Leg 1 start 09:30 at Conyngham Hall car park, just by the bridge across the river as the A59 leaves Knaresborough town on the way to Harrogate.  Leg is just over 2 miles (but a bit uphill).  If you just want to run 1 leg the return road journey is 1 miles for a total of 3 miles.
Leg 2 from Moorlands Nurseries Garden Centre 3 miles.  If you do legs 1 and 2, total route distance is 6 miles and return road journey is 4 miles so you have a run of 10 miles.
Leg 3 start at A61 Leeds Road just at top of big hill going into Harrogate.  Start time is expected to be just after 10:30, so this is the time to be there if you fancy recceing the 3rd leg.  Leg is 4 miles, return journey 2 miles, so your run is just over 7 miles for this leg. NB there are 20 stiles on this leg.  If you want to run legs 1,2,3, route is 11 miles, return journey 4 miles for a total of 15.
Leg 4 start on Otley Road by Harlow Carr Gardens.  Start time is expected to be just after 11:20, so this is the time to be there if you fancy recceing the 4th leg.  Leg is 4 miles, return journey 3 miles, so your run is just under 8 miles for this leg.  If you want to do 3 and 4, route is 9 miles, return journey 3 miles for 12 miles.
Leg 5 start on A61 Harrogate to Ripon Road at bottom of hill about  mile on from where Skipton road goes off.  Start time is expected to just after 12:00, so this is the time to be there if you fancy recceing the 5th leg.  Leg is 5 miles, return journey is 4 miles, so your run is 9 miles for this leg.  NB we don't recommend 4 and 5 as the run back is uphill all the way!!
If you are interested, email or phone me 0113 289 2830 or 07775 898 558 so that I can keep you up to date with arrangements.  NB the leg start times are optimistic and we will run at the pace of the slowest on each leg!
I've had an e-mail from Lou at Up & Running at Headingley / West Park.
"We have vacancies for part-time and Saturday staff to work in our Headingley store.  Applicants must be interested in running.  Phone 0113 278 8866 or email  or call in the store"
Peter Cox has emailed me "The funeral service will be held at Lawnswood on 30th December at 9:40am. Olga has asked me to give an open invite to anyone in the club who would like to attend. Please let myself or Bob know."
Paul White has sent me a copy of the obituary on the Leeds University website.   If you cannot access this and would like a copy, please email me.
In the obituary it says  "The family have said that everyone who knew him is very welcome but have asked that flowers at the funeral be confined to those from the family. There will be a collection for a charity of their choice at the service".
We will be training on Tuesday 27th for a hill session.  The club is closed but I have a key to the changing room and the showers.  Normal service will be resumed on 3rd January for 3 * 10 minutes.
I know many of you receive these emails at work and probably won't be back at work till after the new year, so I'll wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year, and expect to see many of you on the 26th, one or two on the 27th and hopefully a few on the 2nd January.