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Subject: Committee Meetings / Results / Next Events / Help wanted


The first committee meeting  took place a week last Tuesday, 18 Striders attended

The theme of the meeting was improving communication.

ABAC / UK Athletics - Paul gave us an update - due to the block vote of ABAC clubs, the closure of AAA of England has at least been postponed to allow further discussion and involvement of the clubs.

Meanwood Trail.  Alan Hutchinson volunteered to be chief marshal.  Most our regular section leaders were at the meeting and volunteered to take their places again this year. (Thank you!).    Please could ALL Valley Striders make themselves available on Saturday 8th April to support the race, we need at least 60 of you to marshal or for other duties.  Your start time will be between 9:30 and 10:15, depending on where you are marshalling (if you volunteer early you can choose your place).  We would also like a few of you to start 08:00 to 08:30 to help lay out the route - you will be given expert instruction and then will be qualified to lead a section next year.  Reply by email if you can help in any way.

Team Race Diary  A calendar of events (team races and relays) that we regularly enter was discussed and a few events added.  Team managers were appointed for those events in the near future.  This calendar is now on the website .  Team managers are required for the remaining events and deputy team managers are required for all events, please apply if you are interested!   If there is an event you are interested in running, contact the team manager for details.

Team Manager's Checklist  A checklist for Team Managers was discussed.  This was to help newcomers to the position know what was required when.  It was agreed that we should ask team members for race entry fees at around the time the entries were submitted, and only as a last resort collect the money on the race day or afterwards.

Vadim Kuznetsov Trophy  - we discussed what this should be awarded for - watch this space!

Email Message Board - Paul Briscoe suggested this as a way of intercommunication between Striders.  We will be setting up a trial for those that attended the meeting and see how this goes for two weeks with feedback at the next meeting.  If you would like to be included in the trial, please email me.


The main topic of discussion will be the Meanwood Trail Race.  We will also review the year planner and have feedback from the message board trial.  Business should take no longer than 20 minutes.

This will be combined with the buying of drinks for all present by your Publicity Secretary who will recently have run his first race in his new age-group. 

This will also be a pie and peas night, book these by return email to - choose whether meat or vegetarian pie, and choose whether accompanied by peas or beans.

Note that you do not need to participate in the Committee Meeting (all welcome) to have either the pie'n'peas or the free drink.


Liversedge half marathon

Several Striders getting in early marathon training included

   18 John Uttley        84.02  for London
   47 Adam Parton        91.09  for fun?

   64 Howard Jeffrey     93.53  for fun?
   97 Michael Grant      98.23  for Rotterdam
  169 Simon Redshaw     105.15  for London
  301 Kay Duggleby      120.20  for Rotterdam
  368 Sheila Grant      129.56  for Rotterdam    


Rombalds Stride trail

22 or 23 miles (depending on whether you chose a pioneering route (i.e. got lost) or not)

   10 Steve Webb         182.14 100
   13 Mick Loftus        182.51  99
   26 Alan Hutchinson    195.44  98 PB
   27 Simon Vallance     197.52  97
   60 Dave Milner        218.14  96
   66 Bob Jackson        222.27  96
   68 Alison Bogie       224.38  95
  111 Geoff Webster      252.13  95

Dewsbury 10k

Yorkshire team champions were Tracey (3rd W), Vicky (6th W) and Sam (7th W) - CONGRATULATIONS

And several Striders achieved PBs, apologies if I've missed some.

   16 Brian Hanley        32.52 100
   40 Tracey Morris       35.06  99
   58 Vicky Whitehead     36.28  98
   81 Sam Harris          37.47  97
  111 Adam Parton         38.39  96
  117 Richard King        38.49  95
  174 Tim Towler          40.32  94
  181 Roy Flesher         40.40  93
  196 Eric Green          40.57  92
  204 Paul White          41.06  91
  207 Jules Barltrop      41.09  90
  219 Mark Hunter         41.29  89
  221 Mick Tinker         41.33  88
  235 Bill Mccaffrey      41.44  87
  260 Carmel Barker       42.04  86 PB
  373 Paul Sanderson      44.48  85
  386 Tony Haygarth       45.09  84
  444 John Bucktrout      46.31  83 PB
  493 Paul Morris         47.35  82
  517 Lisa White          48.05  81 PB
  542 Emma Jenkins        48.33  80 PB
  554 Maddy Illingworth   48.59  79
  762 Anne Mccaffrey      54.52  78
  775 Matt Watkins        55.38  77

Up-to-date Grand Prix positions (including your groups for this year) on

Blackburn 10k

Lou Gilchrist ran 51:39 to finish 199th out of 301 runners, 29th out of 76 women.  She was the only W70, so won her age category, but also beat all 5 W60's, 3 of 4 W55's and 3 of 4 W50's.

Sylvia won Yorkshire Womens Cross Country title (W55 age group)

Sylvia finished 45th out of 73 in the race and was first in her age category

In the M30-M49 race, Jerry was 65th (23rd M45), Julian 69th (9th M35, yes M35 is now a vets category), Paul Hunter 79th (39th M40) and John Hallas 101st (43rd M45) of 118 runners

In the M50-69 race, Bob Wilkes was 83rd (5th M65) and Geoff 85th (14th M60)

Torremolinos half marathon

Peter Lambert, aged 70 years and 1 day, ran 1:41:47 to finish 361/756 and  2nd out of 10 in his age group (Veterano F)


Tim Crossland

... has been running recently for Northern Ireland (30th/80 in the UK Cross Challenge at Cardiff) and for Leeds City (25th/579 in the Northern Cross Country, just out of the counting positions in the Leeds winning team)


Yorkshire Vets Race Series

The Yorkshire Vets (YVAA) organise 20 events through the year.  Having had a V.S. committee meeting where one of the main subjects of discussion was communication, I apologise because you will receive this email after the first race in this series has taken place.  But there are 18 more.

10 are a series of events only open to members of clubs affiliated to YVAA.  These are generally mixed terrain of 5 or 6 miles.  There is a series championship for the best performance over 6 races.  The first race was Sunday 12 Feb.  The second race is Sunday 5 March from Pudsey.

6 are championship events held in conjunction with standard road races - 10k at Rothwell, 5k at Esholt, 5 mile at Haworth, 10 mile at Eccup, 1/2 marathon at Bridlington, 15 mile at Holmfirth.  Coincidentally, 3 of these are also Striders GP Events

The other 4 events are the cross-country (also just gone, see results above), the fell championship at Meltham (Apr 9), the relays at Esholt (Jul 23) and track/field at Spen (Sep 24)

Full details are on  

Our team managers are Sylvia and Geoff 266-6288

Wadsworth Trog

The fell race calendar published by email showed the Wadsworth Trog in March but was in fact last Sunday (JH, GW, SW, SW and MW had spotted this fact and did compete).  I believe the rest of the dates to be correct - the corrected list is on the Striders website.

Next GP and FC races

The next Fell Championship race is the Noonstone on March 4th.  (NB for those of you training for the Lyke Wake, there is also the Trollers Trot 25 miler the same day).  for full (corrected) Fell Championship calendar

The next Grand Prix race is the Spen 20 on March 12th, followed by the East Hull 20 on March 19th.  for full Grand Prix calendar

12-stage and 6-stage relays

The Northern events usually clash with the Meanwood Trail Race but this year are two weeks earlier, on Saturday 25 March at Heaton Park Manchester.  On the North side of M/c - only 2 miles from the M62/M60, very easy to get to.  If you are interested, contact team managers Brian Hanley  and Sam Harris .  Entries must be in by 1st March so please act quickly!!


Lift wanted for Ackworth half marathon

Message from Clare Doherty  (potential new Strider?)

I live in Leeds and Iím entered for the Ackworth half marathon on April 2nd. I donít drive and, as itís an early start Iím asking if there is anyone from the club also running who would be willing to give me lift from Leeds. Iím very amateur and would expect a club runner to finish way before me. But I donít expect anyone to hang around waiting for me afterwards. Getting back shouldnít be too much of a problem, itís getting there at that time of the morning that Iím most concerned about. Okay thanks, Clare

Query re calf injuries

Message from John Blundell

Hi Bob....I wonder if you could enquire among running colleagues for knowledge of calf injuries and how they should be treated. I was running (on a treadmill) on Dec 1 (2005) and had to pull up when the left calf developed what felt like cramp. It was probably a type of muscle spasm but left a soreness. 10 days rest (with daily walking) did no good so I stopped running for a month (but with daily walking of at least 4 miles) and have seen the physio 3 times. When I tried to run again 2 days ago, the problem returned after 1 mile. Needless to say, quality of life is  reduced. I wonder if others have experienced  this type of injury and what the prognosis might be.
Thanks a lot, John
Kathmandu Marathon
I've been spammed with information about the Kathmandu marathon, but some of you may find it interesting so here's the website
For Ironmen Bill Murphy and Paul Furness ...
Here's a link you may find interesting
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Three Peaks Race Entry Forms (message from Mick Loftus)

Three Peaks Forms are now available for this year's race for those who have qualified (or think that they can persuade the organisers that they deserve an entry) at

See you on March 7th if not before