Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 11:25 PM
Subject: VS Update

Committee Meeting (All Welcome) Tuesday 7th March
As promised, just a small amount of business was done.  Most Striders were concentrating on the pie and peas supper, rice pudding, cakes and the surprise chocolate cake with candles (thanks, Sam!)
Paul Briscoe has received a letter from John Waterhouse, interim chair of the new Yorkshire and Humberside Region - this is one of the new nine regions of England Athletics which will replace North, Midlands and South from April 1.
Paul has written a personal reply which has also been reproduced on the ABAC website
John Waterhouse has offered to come to Striders to explain the new organisation.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Otherwise keep watching our website.
Entries are coming in with numbers at this stage well ahead of previous years.  Volunteers for marshalling are also coming in also with numbers at this stage well ahead of previous years.  We still need a couple of assistant section leaders to help lay out parts of the route, the more the merrier.  And is there anyone to help Eric Cusack build his bridge across the stream?  We also need a lot more marshals, so email me ASAP if you can help.  And thanks to all of you who have volunteered so far.
There will be a recce run on Tuesday 28 March starting at 6:30pm by running the first section of the race which goes round the woods to the North of Leos.  Striders arriving at the normal time for training will be able to pick us up as we run past the cricket pavilion just across the main rugby pitch.  New Striders who normally drive and run can join us for the first 2.5 miles down to Seven Arches, then it is less than a mile back to Leos.
The trial has been a success with 7 Striders successfully posting messages and several more Striders being able to read them.
Some Striders who use the Internet from work are unable to post messages because their work internet firewall prevents this, but this does not stop them reading messages.
The message-board is now open to everyone.  For details click on  You can choose whether you just read messages or also want to post them.  You can also choose whether or not you are notified when new messages are posted.  If you require more information, email Paul Briscoe
Commonwealth Games Marathon
As previously reported here, the women's marathon starts at 10:30 p.m. UK time on Saturday 18 March.
Coverage on BBC2 starts at 10:15 p.m., this then switches to BBC1 at 11:50 p.m.  But other sports are included in the schedule of programmes.
There is also coverage on BBCi from 10:20 p.m. to 01:30 a.m. of "Live Marathons".  Just how the coverage is split between the 3 channels and which marathon is shown (the men start 45 minutes after the women) is not stated.  But it seems your that best chance of cheering Tracey will be to have Freeview or Sky and to check out BBC2 and BBC1 from time to time.
Spen 20 Results (including Yorks 20 mile Championship)
The women were under the weather - Sam returned to base after 1 mile feeling unwell and Mary retired after 11 miles with icy feet, so it was up to the men to bring home trophies and prizes.
And so they did with Brian in 4th place but taking the Yorkshire Championship silver medal (1st and 3rd places were Lancastrians), John Uttley 1st M40, Bob Jackson 1st M55 (but awarded 1st M50 prize) and Brian/John/Adam winning the team prize.  Expect to see some Striders in fashionable Marks and Sparks gear in the next week or two (but I'm investing mine in a couple of bottles of champagne).
Here are the results (and for those softies running East Hull next week, these are the times to beat):

    4 Brian Hanley       121.14 
   14 John Uttley        133.32  PB ?
   15 Adam Parton        133.38  PB ?
   43 Eric Green         147.08  PB
   49 Ian Sanderson      147.57  PB
   50 Bob Jackson        148.17  
   54 Gary Sutherland    150.18  PB 
   78 Simon Redshaw      160.05  PB
  118 Paul Sanderson     177.47  PB (never run that far before)
NB grand prix points will be awarded after the East Hull results have been processed.

Yorkshire Vets Fell Championshsips
Congratulations to Bob Wilkes M65 champion and Sylvia Watson F55 champion.   GW was 2nd in his age category (which I'm not allowed to divulge).
Friskney Half Marathon
Jules finished 1st W in the Friskney (Lincolnshire) Half marathon last weekend, 22nd overall, in 88:20.
Her performance was 113% of the Athletics Weekly standard for her age group and this was the highest of all runners on the day.
Picture at
She won a nice engraved plate - picture
Congratulations to Lisa White (now Hodgson) who married Danny last Saturday, March 4th.
Baildon Boundary Way (April 2)
I know of a race number that is available and I have negotiated with the race organiser for a legal swap, so if anyone wants to run, email me in the next week.
Rothwell 10k (April 30)
The Rothwell 10k is now over 80% full, less than 200 entries still available.  Check  for details (you can enter online).
Tromso Marathon
Ross Anderson emailed me to say that he will be running the Tromso Marathon on June 17th.  The race starts at 8:30 in the evening but head-torches are not required as the sun does not set in Tromso between May 21st and July 23rd.
Any other Striders interested?   Details at
I've also been updating the website.  Now that I've moved it to , I have unlimited webspace (so I'm told), so we have the opportunity to include more information and particularly more photos. 
I am also developing an archive of results.  If you would like to help with this archive then please see the stuff I've uploaded so far, what we need are the positions and times of all Striders (and any past and future Striders), also if possible the times of the winning man and woman and the number of finishers.  If you can email these to me, I can upload them very quickly.
Any other ideas for items for inclusion on the website, please let me know.
Email distribution list
For information, there are actually 4 distribution lists - (1) a main list, (2) a limited list of members most of whom are on hotmail for whom emails with large distribution lists are rejected, (3) a list of prospective members, (4) Striders not on email receive printed copies from email buddies.  If you want to email all Striders, please send the information to me, and I will include it in the next V.S. Update.  Some Striders using email at work would prefer not to receive too many personal emails.  The new alternative is to use the Message Board - I can see which of you are sending messages but let me know how often you are looking ar the message board so that I can gauge the "coverage".