Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 2:24 PM
Subject: Fw: Results from Melbourne and Hull; Meanwood Trail information

Commonwealth Games Marathon
What a fantastic run by Tracey!  She ran her two half marathons in the race faster than both of the two half marathons leading up to the race.  It seems that she will be one of the few athletes at the Games not to be too disappointed at finishing fourth.  Dan Robinson, being interviewed after he finished third, said he felt in really good form but was pleased that there weren't another 4 or 5 other runners also on good form.  What a shame there were 3 other runners on good form in the women's race.
My information is that Tracey, having watched the closing ceremony, is now on a 10 day holiday in Australia before returning to the UK.  Perhaps we can have a pie and peas night to welcome her back.  Or maybe we can do better than that!
East Hull 20
    3 Brian Hanley       115.56 100  
   37 Julian Bhowmick    137.38  97  never run this far before
   43 Ian Sanderson      139.05  96  PB
   60 Eric Green         141.59  95  PB
   94 Michael Grant      150.23  92  
  170 Paul White         170.25  90  never run this far before
  171 Natalie Crossland  170.26  89  never run 20m race before
  229 Kay Duggleby       186.07  87  
  254 Sheila Grant       193.01  86 
Spen 20 results with revised GP points
    4 Brian Hanley       121.14      better time at Hull
   14 John Uttley        133.32  99   
   15 Adam Parton        133.38  98   
   43 Eric Green         147.08      better time at Hull 
   49 Ian Sanderson      147.57      better time at Hull 
   50 Bob Jackson        148.17  94   
   54 Gary Sutherland    150.18  93   
   78 Simon Redshaw      160.05  91   
  118 Paul Sanderson     177.47  88  
Fleet Half Marathon
2nd Tim Crossland 1:10:05 and first in the Armed Services championships
Meanwood Trail Recce Run
6:30 start for slow group but all welcome - we will go to the start field behind Leo's and then run the one mile loop round the woods to the North of Leos and then come back to Leo's to pick up the others
6:45 start for everyone - we will aim for the cricket pavilion and then run very steadily together the one mile plus down to Seven Arches
From Seven Arches we'll then split into three groups
- slow group return to Leos by reverse route
- medium group to go down to Meanwood Park and then return
- fast group to do full lap of Meanwood Park and return
Help Wanted before the race
Is anyone free at 9 a.m. on Friday morning April 7th to take delivery of 4 portaloos being delivered to Leos'.  No previous experience necessary!
Is anyone free to do 20 minutes gardening, trimming back a few long briars at the back of the cricket pitch behind the Myrtle?  You'll need a strong pair of secateurs.
Meanwood Trail Marshals
We still need about 10 more marshals.  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far.   This list shows the teams for each section - the next email will have precise marshalling positions and time to meet.    (If you have volunteered and I've missed you off the list, please let me know!)  (If you're on my list and not available, also let me know!)
Chief Marshal
Race Admin
Jo Briscoe
Sara Dyer
Mary Harris
Sam Harris
Joyce Lambert
Pat Umpleby
Car Parking also Senior Race Marshalling near King Lane
PAUL FURNESS   (also beer)
Chris Sawyer   (also beer)
Andrew Cutts
Lisa Hodgson
Danny Hodgson
Tracy Stewart
Gary Sutherland
Max Jones   (also timekeeping)
Start and Finish
Jerry Watson
Eileen Crosfill
Max Jones
Mick Tinker
Eric Green
Debbi Wagman
Junior Race also Senior Race
Eric Green
Pat Cutts
Robert Cutts
Jules Barltrop
Peter Lambert
Mick Loftus
South of Leos to Seven Arches and Return
Mary Egan
Peter Stevenson
Carole Schofield
John Bucktrout
Harry Bates
Jenny Bates
Rachael Wilson
Nick Brown
Seven Arches to Ring Road and Return (meet Smithy Mills / Parkside Road)
Rob Bumstead
Brian Hanley
Simon Vallance
Smithy Mills / Parkside Road Road Crossing
John Umpleby
Meanwood Park (meet Smithy Mills / Parkside Road)
Dave Middlemas
Danny Burnham
Laura Clark
Tim Towler
Mick Wrench
Emma Wrench
Hayley Palmer
Roy Flesher
Mark Hunter / Erica Hiorns
Matt Watkins