Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2006 11:40 PM
Subject: Meanwood Trail / Results from the weekend / London Marathon / Meanwood Trail

Meanwood Recce runs
Thanks to everyone who ran last week, I hope you enjoyed your run through the mud down the Trail.
We have another brief recce run this coming Tuesday, anyone interested in running the Junior Race route (1 mile), come along for 6:30 and we'll do this before going on to run the 3 by 10 minute session at Eccup Res
Meanwood Marshals
A full list of marshals, their positions and meeting times is at the end of this email.  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far.     (If you have volunteered and I've missed you off the list, please let me know!)  (If you're on my list and not available, also let me know!)
We still need about 6 more marshals.  This will give us contingency such that should an accident occur one person will be able to help the injured person while marshalling of the runners can continue
We also need 3 more to help lay out the course from 08:00 - this will be as assistant to one of the section leaders.  Help is needed
- 1 for Eric Cusack between the Ring Road and Seven Arches
- 2 for Paul Hunter / Julian Bhowmick / Mick Tinker / Eric Green to layout the area around Leos.
Marshals will be provided with
- yellow jackets
- a map  (quite small, bring glasses if necessary! or download your section from the website)
- information sheet to read and/or hand out to spectators
- phone numbers in case of emergency
- estimated time of arrival of first runner
Please bring your mobile phone (if you have one), also bring welly boots or walking boots if you are marshalling between Leos and the Ring Road.
NB marshals allocated to Meanwood Park will be meeting at the north end of the park (near Parkside Road) but if possible should park the Meanwood end and walk through to reduce the number of cars near the road crossing.
Baildon Boundary Way
Conditions were boggy to put it mildly.  At the end of the race, there was a longer queue to wash shoes under the tap than there was for the T shirts.
 25 Mick Wrench       96.04
 26 Simon Vallance    96.24
 30 Richard King      97.36
 34 Ross Anderson     99.20
 39 Andrew Cutts     100.33
 55 Alan Hutchinson  103.11
 58 Mick Tinker      104.30
 59 Bob Jackson      104.56
 66 Rob Liddle       106.40  (swallowed too much mud)
 93 Laura Clark      112.08  4th W under-35 but no prize (shame!)
 95 Eric Green       112.11
166 Peter Lambert    123.12  1st M70 (congratulations)
 53 Mike Robins      102.52
 56 Alison Bogie     103.22  2nd W (congratulations)
181 Tracy Almond     126.29
345 Jim Towers       174.48 (jet-lag from Australia)
346 Lyn Eden         174.51 (ditto)
Ackworth half marathon
I did find results on the website for this race which was also the Inter-counties championships
 11 Brian Hanley     72.01  and 4th in Yorks champs
137 Adam Parton      88.24
217 Paul White       93.55
220 Gary Surtherland 94.02
261 Carmel Barker    97.32
287 Simon Redshaw    99.42
292 Eric Hiorns     100.00
383 Peter Stevenson 107.01
 97 Peter Johnson    84.05  1st M55
South Leeds 5 (March 25)
Peter Lambert ran 38:06 to win the MV70+ category by a clear 8 minutes.  Mick Helm the race organiser had given him race number 70.
In the younger age categories, Peter Johnson was first MV55-59 in 30:08 and in the process beat all the MV50's too.  He was 22nd overall.  It was quite close as the next MV55's were 9 seconds and 23 seconds behind.  4th MV55 in 33:13 was Terry Lonergan, and 8th MV55 in 36:28 was Tony Haygarth.
There was one other Strider who started - this was Joyce the Voice Lambert who was the official starter for the race!
Room to let  (message from Sam and Mary Harris)
Me and my mum are both going to have to pull out of London   I'm still not feeling great and am doing very little running at the moment and my mum is still injured.  Before we cancel the hotel we have booked I want to check that no one else wants it.  Could you mention it on the next VS email or mention it to anyone you know who might still need accommodation the night before London.  The details are
- Holiday Inn Express in Greenwich
- 50 each for twin bedded room with shower including breakfast
- Walking distance from the start.
I believe this just leaves Jules representing Striders on the Championship women start (i.e. 9a.m.) but we will also be supporting Alison Bogie who also has to get up early for this start.
Leeds Half Marathon
Note that this race closes on 19 April - get your entries in soon!
Before the race - thanks to...
Sam and Mary - entries processing
Erica Hiorns - label writing
Eric Cusack - pick up stakes and banners from Guiseley
Andrew Cutts - 9 a.m. on Friday morning April 7th to take delivery of 4 portaloos
Simon Redshaw - Gardening, trimming back a few long briars at the back of the cricket pitch behind the Myrtle
After the race - volunteer required...
Monday 10 April - await collection of portaloos
On the day
Chief Marshal
Race Admin
STEVE WEBB (late entries & results)
Jo Briscoe (late entries & results)
Sara Dyer (late entries)
Mary Harris (late entries)
Sam Harris (late entries)
Joyce Lambert (key storage)
Pat Umpleby (drinks)
Bob Jackson (results and presentations)
Car Parking also Senior Race Marshalling near King Lane meet 08:00
PAUL FURNESS   (also beer)
Chris Sawyer then 16 for senior race then also beer
Andrew Cutts
Tracy Stewart then 17 for senior race
Lisa Hodgson then 18 for senior race
Danny Hodgson then 18 for senior race
Gary Sutherland then 19 for senior race
Max Jones   (also timekeeping)
Course Layout - Start and Finish also woods to North-east of Leos
Start and Finish
KEN KAISER (referee)
JERRY WATSON (chief finish marshal)
Eileen Crosfill (timekeeper)
Mick Tinker (timekeeper)
Max Jones (tape recorder)
Sam Harris (recorder)
Mary Harris (recorder)
Eric Green (recorder) also 15 for start of senior race
Debbi Wagman
Junior Race also Senior Race meet front of Leos 0930  (NB new numbered map on website)
PAUL HUNTER (section leader and route checker)
8  Pat Cutts  also 10 start senior race also 96 end senior race
93 Drew Taylor also 20 start senior race also 93 end senior race
94 Carolyn Cutts also 10 start senior race also 94 end senior race
95 Robert Cutts also 10 start senior race also 95 end senior race
11 JULIAN BHOWMICK also 11 start senior race
12 Peter Lambert also 12 start senior race also 97 end senior race
98 Rachael Wilson also 13 start senior race also 98 end senior race
99 Mick Loftus also 14 start senior race also 99 end senior race
100 Anne McCaffrey also 100 start senior race also 100 end senior race
101 Mivvy Tekchandani
102 Paul Briscoe (lap splitter)
102 Jules Barltrop also assisting finish senior race
Senior Race start
102 Paul & Jules (see above)
101 Mivvy
100 Anne
102 Paul & Jules
10 Robert, Carolyn and Pat
11 Julian
12 Peter
13 Rachael
14 Mick L
15 Eric G
16 Chris
17 Tracy
18 Lisa & Danny
19 Gary
19A Drew

South of Leos to Seven Arches and Return meet front of Leos 10:00 prompt
20 Carole Schofield   (92 on way back)
21 KATHY KAISER  (91 on way back)
30 Mary Egan (out and back)
31 Peter Stevenson (out and back)
32 Harry Bates (out and back)
33 Jenny Bates (out and back)
34 John Bucktrout (out and back)
35 Michelle Smith (out and back)
36 Caroline Jameson (out and back)
37 Nick Brown (out and back)
38 Alistair Fale (out and back)
Seven Arches to Ring Road and Return (meet Smithy Mills / Parkside Road 10:10)
40 Richard King (out) 39 (back)
41 Rob Bumstead (out) 42 (back)
43 Brian Hanley (out and back)
44 ERIC CUSACK (out and back)
45 Tim Towler (out and back)
46 Simon Vallance (out and back)
47 Paul Sanderson (out and back)
Smithy Mills / Parkside Road Road Crossing
60 STEVE O'CALLAGHAN (out and back)  (also to lay out half of Meanwood Park)
60 KEITH CLUDERAY  (out and back) (also to lay out half of Meanwood Park)
60 John Umpleby (out and back)
Meanwood Park (meet Smithy Mills / Parkside Road 10:10 - but park Meanwood Park if possible)
62 Dave Middlemas (out and back)
65 Danny Burnham
66 Laura Clark
70 Tony Haygarth
71 Mick Wrench
72 Emma Wrench
73 tba
74 John Blundell
75 Roy Flesher
78 Mark Hunter or Erica Hiorns
79 Matt Watkins
Ring Road to Seven Arches
see above
Seven Arches to South of Leos
see above
End of Senior race
93 Drew
94 Carolyn
95 Robert
96 Pat
97 Peter
98 Rachael
99 Mick
100 Anne
101 Mivvy
102 Jules