Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 8:49 AM
Subject: VS Update : Meanwood / Wakefield / Garburn

Meanwood Trail Race
THANK YOU to 61 (yes sixty one) Striders and 9 friends/family of Striders who assisted with the race on Saturday.  I hope you've all thawed out by now.  Please put your hands together and congratulate yourselves on an incident-free race with record numbers of competitors and record profits for Lineham Farm.
Junior race - 38 finishers in 1 mile, 21 finishers in 2 miles.  Senior race - 338 finishers
Success for Striders came in the junior races with Josephine Mather-Hunter 1st girl 7-8, Oliver Watson 2nd boy 9-10 and Gavin Taylor 2nd boy 9-10.   In the senior race, Andrew Cutts finished 47th (he has now run 9 of the 11 races) (NB 3 of the Cutts family were marshals) and new member Tal Spiegel was 82nd.
Race profit estimate 700.  Plus we received 500 in donations with the entries, most of which will be subject to Gift Aid (adding 28%) so we have cleared 1300 for Lineham Farm.  Also in our "costs" is a 100 donation to St John Ambulance which is itself a charity.
For those of you that didn't get your complementary souvenir bottle of beer for marshalling, these will be available at Leo's on Tuesday 18th and 25th.
A final thank you goes to the weather, I think we got the only half-decent 3 hours of the weekend.
Wakefield 10k
 67 Roy Flesher      38.07 (3rd M50)
133 Eric Green       41.01
351 Peter Lambert    46.33 (1st M70)
411 Mike Brown       48.00
481 Peter Stevenson  49.26
548 Lou Gilchrist    50.47 (1st F70)
844 Michelle Smith   57.17
NB Lou not only beat the 4 ladies over 60, she also beat all but 4 of the 16 ladies over 50.
Garburn Trail Race  (message from Mark Hetherington)

Abbey are running a coach over to the Lake District on Sunday June 4th for the Garburn Trail Race. We will probably have several spare places on out coach and would be happy to take any Striders who would like to come (cost: 5 per head). We plan to leave at about 6.30am and return early evening (after several beers). There are about 150 places left in the race (as of Saturday): entry forms at:

If anyone would like a place on our coach, please contact Roger Wilson at: