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London Marathon
Good luck to everyone running London on Sunday
For those spectating on the roadside (or on TV) there will be two Striders on the women's championship start, Jules Barltrop is the one you'll recognise, Kirsten Jackson (no relation) is the one you won't.  Kirsten has travelled 10,500 miles from Melbourne for the race and she will have an official Striders vest (with the logo complying to UKA rules) organised by Max Jones.  Max also tells me that her race number is 355 and she will be wearing her favourite red shorts rather than the official Striders black.
Guiseley Gallop 16/04/06
 54 Andrew Cutts       42.36
 80 Bob Jackson        44.31 (1st M55)
122 George Little      47.21
125 Tony Haygarth      47.42 (3rd M55)
179 Patrick Barrett    50.23
205 Sue Sunderland     51.29 (3rd F45)
213 Peter Lambert      52.06 (1st M70)
295 Madeleine Watson   56.41
381 Sara Dyer          61.05
529 ran
Patrick is the newest Strider having come training with us last Tuesday (11th) and he joined Striders on the morning of the race!
Sue also came training with us last Tuesday (11th), she won a prize at the Meanwood Trail, and then although out of the prizes at Guiseley, won the trophy for 1st W45 for the Airedale Triple Trail series - congratulations!
Salford 10k 14/04/06
  3 Brian Hanley       32.17 (3rd!)
 59 Roy Flesher        37.20 (3rd M50)
312 Lou Gilchrist      49.15 (1st F70, but see below)
420 ran
(report from Max)

In today’s Salford 10k, Lou Gilchrist was 1st F70; there were no F65s in it; 1st F60, by over 6 minutes; and 1st F55 by over a minute; 5th F50; and 4th F45.


After the race, a bloke who had seen her finish came up to her and said “Your girl had a good run in the Commonwealth Games, didn’t she?”


Which was (a) sharp-eyed of him and (b) quite apt, too, ’coz Lou’s run today was  90.5% Age-Graded, i.e. also of international class, as was Tracey’s 92.0% in Melbourne and her 91.1% when she ran her PB of 33:22 in Salford in 2004.


There is an unusual factor to bear in mind, though, which is that owing to a late course change the distance was not certified. Lou thought that if anything it was long, but I've asked the Salford Club Secretary to get it checked properly and to let everyone know. 


Rotterdam Marathon 09/04/06
1241 Michael Grant   3:23:09 
5605 Kay Duggleby    4:18:59
7137 ran
Michael and Kay have currently earned themselves 99 and 98 grand prix points in the "Any Other Marathon" category, but there are still 8 months left in the year for these times to be beaten.  The current leader in this category is Mrs Morris at Melbourne.
Wakefield 10k (addendum)
  41 Peter Johnson   36:46  (2nd M55)
Next Grand Prix Events
Sun 23 Apr London marathon
Sun 30 Apr Rothwell 10k (race full)
Wed  3 May Esholt 5k (also 10 and 17 May, best time to count)
           NB the first race is also the Yorks Vets 5k Championship
           NB postal entries close on 24 April (you must pre-enter for Y.Vets)
Sun  7 May Leeds Half (entries closed)
Tue  9 May Jack Bloor fell race
Tue 23 May probable date for Spring Handicap
Sun 11 Jun Thirsk 10 mile
Bradford Millennium Way Relay  Sunday 18 June
This is for teams of 10 running in pairs, total distance 48 miles so an average of 9.6 miles per leg.  The best bit about the race is that it is nowhere near Bradford - the route is from Bingley to Oxenhope (near Haworth) to Laycock (near Keighley) to Silsden to Ilkley back to Bingley.  Secondly, it is very scenic (this is good, too).  Thirdly (this you may or may not like), it is quite hilly (but not fell-racing steep).
The race started in 2002, we have entered 2 teams every year and won the mixed team prize every year.
I won't tell you any more now, there is an excellent website at 
Let me know if you'd like to run.  Your only commitment is that you must recce your route at least once before race day.  The first few who put their names forward will be guaranteed a run, the rest will depend on getting a number of runners that is divisible by 10.
Lyke Wake Race Saturday 8 July
Alan Hutchinson still looking for one or two more to make a team or two for this race.  If you need to ask the distance , it's too far for you, but if you are interested, email Alan
Website Updates
There are 5 new pics of Tracey at Melbourne - taken by Mark Hetherington.   (Mark has been an intercontinental traveller in the last month - he came back from Melbourne, helped at our Trail Race 10 days ago, then last Monday ran the Boston Marathon in 3:12:35 for some second claim "any other marathon" points)
The Results Archive section has been updated recently and now contains most results from races in our Grand Prix from 1989 - 2006, and every year is indexed.  I am now hoping for YOU ALL to send more results from your own archives - ideally by email and ideally in the same format as those on the website.
Remember the new website address is   When you get to the Valley Striders homepage, the information that has been updated recently is highlighted in red.
Meanwood Trail Race - Beer!
I now have bottles of beer for everyone who marshalled, please come and collect from me at Leos.  I also have copies of the latest issue of "Life on Lineham Farm" magazine - there is a paragraph and a picture of our Harewood Trail Race last year.