Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 8:28 AM
Subject: V S Update - Leeds, Lineham, Rothwell, Esholt

Leeds Half Marathon
Good luck to everyone running on Sunday, see you on the start line, and after the finish, too!
Good luck to everyone spectating on Sunday, the weather forecast is great for runners (but not so good for spectators)
I have had an email from Physcap who are the charity benefiting from the race, they are in need of marshals, if you are available to stand out for what could be 2 hours (if you are towards the end of the race), then let me know.
Lineham Farm Open Day
This Sunday 11a.m. to 3p.m - come and see where the 1400 that we raised from Meanwood Trail will be used.
To get there, go up King Lane past Leos, aiming for Golden Acre, then instead of bearing off left towards Bramhope, keep going for another 50 yards, then turn right, it will be signposted from there.
Rothwell 10k
Congratulations to Peter Lambert who was 1st M70 and also won the trophy for 1st M70 in the Yorks Vets Championships.  There were a lot of fast grey-haired people running and consequently no other Striders figured in the prize lists.

   31 Martin Horbury      35.45 100   2                       
   50 Peter Johnson       36.34 100   2  2nd M55
   56 Jon Willingham      37.05 100   2                       
   69 Roy Flesher         37.31 100   B                       
   74 Ian Sanderson       37.45  99   A                       
   84 Richard King        38.06  98   B                       
  116 Bob Jackson         39.18  97   B                       
  144 Eric Green          40.04  96   B  PB                     
  160 Howard Jeffrey      40.41  95   2                      
  174 Mick Tinker         41.04  95   B                        
  176 Mark Hunter         41.11  94   C  PB                     
  210 George Little       42.15  93   B                       
  236 Paul Sanderson      43.27  92   C                       
  246 Erica Hiorns        43.42  91   D  PB                    
  273 Tony Haygarth       44.12  90   D                       
  325 Peter Lambert       46.01  89   D  1st M70 and Yorks Vets Champion                      
  340 John Bucktrout      46.15  88   E                       
  365 Bob Wilkes          47.12  87   C                       
  412 Julia Bhowmick      48.40  86   B  (explanation to follow)
  415 Peter Stevenson     48.45  85   D                       
Note that Grand Prix points are only awarded to first claim Striders, our second claim members are denoted by "2" and receive points equivalent to the Strider in that position.
Esholt 5k
Another Yorks Vets Championships Race.  When I was young, my grandparents used to go the local Over-60's club on a Wednesday afternoon and play dominoes and whist.  These days it appears that Wednesday evening is when all the old people go road racing.  No prizes at all for Striders!
   27 Steve Webb          17.16 100    A     
   48 Jon Willingham      18.04  99    2     
   50 Julian Bhowmick     18.06  99    B     
   54 Ian Sanderson       18.12  98    A     
   59 Adam Parton         18.19  97    U     
   70 Chris Booker        18.39  96    2     
   77 Andrew Cutts        18.50  96    A     
  105 Bob Jackson         19.33  95    B     
  117 Eric Green          19.48  94    B   PB
  141 Hayley Palmer       20.35  93    C     
  149 Laura Clark         20.46  92    C     
  154 Carole Schofield    20.56  91    C     
  163 Malcolm Coles       21.08  90    2     
  236 Bob Wilkes          23.34  90    C     
  253 Sara Dyer           24.09  89    E     
  290 Michelle Smith      25.40  88    U      
Grand Prix points are awarded for the best time over the 3 race series (3/10/17 May) so two more opportunities for other Striders to appear on this list
London Marathon
Sorry, I missed from the last set of results Jerry Watson who emailed me:
"I was there - 3:06:30 - personal worst!   Despite being within one second of Hutch at 10km I didn't see him (its the vest - Valley Striders need a new one, it just doesn't show up. We should canvas club opinion immediately!).  And despite being experienced at these things I still could not stick to my intended pace which meant a big blow up at around 19 (blaming it on my shoes being too tight, can't be not enough training) before picking things back together to zoom (ok, so its all relative) back past Hutch with a mile to go."
Bob Wilkes emailed me
"Drew featured continually centre screen on a 20 second TV shot of The Mall and 'Valley Striders' very clearly showing"
so if you look on your video tape at about 9:45a.m. plus 2hrs50mins = 12:35p.m. you should see Drew