Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 12:27 AM
Subject: V S Update - BMW, Pulse Race, Handicap results, etc

Runners Required for Bradford Millennium Way (Sunday 18 June) Closing Date Thursday 1 June
I think I have 9 men and 3 women, as follows
Steve Webb, Jerry Watson, Jules Barltrop, Bob Jackson, Sara Dyer, Eric Green, Sam Harris, Andrew Cutts, Mick Wrench, Tim Towler, Drew Taylor, Paul Sanderson.
(If any of you above are not available, let me know, and if anyone else has asked to be included but I've forgotten them, let me know too)
Anyway, out of that lot I have neither a mixed team nor a vets team, but I do have an A team.
But if we could get another 8 names BY NEXT WEDNESDAY, I could enter two teams.
Please email me or phone me 289 2830 if you are interested.
(Some details of the race are on the main page of our website )
Helpers required for Roundhay Pulse Race (Sunday 25 June)
There is a 3 mile fun run and 10k race in Roundhay Park. 
Valley Striders are, for the third year, providing the finishing administration - timekeepers, funnel marshals, recorders and race results.  We have also been asked for 6 marshals, so 16 in all.  If you're going to race the 10k, you can still help by marshalling the 3 mile, and, if you're quick, doing a bit of funnel-marshalling for the 10k as soon as you've finished.
All race profits go to the British Heart Foundation - a good cause.  If you are available to help, contact Mick Tinker  or  myself.
So far there's just Mick and myself, so please volunteer to help - you will be needed from 09:15 to 12:15, but if you can't manage the full 3 hours, we can fit you in.
Club Handicap 10k, Tuesday 23 May
 Race                       Race   Hand-   Run  Pts
  Pos                       Time    icap   Time
    1 Anthony Gledhill     54.16    5.00  49.16  73  
    2 Chris Gorney         54.22    5.00  49.22  72  
    3 Anne Worrall         54.27    2.45  51.42  68  
    4 Tracy Stewart        55.26    4.15  51.11  69  
    5 Alan Hutchinson      55.55   16.30  39.25  93  
    6 Mick Wrench          55.59   18.00  37.59  97  
    7 Mike Brown           56.05    8.15  47.50  75  
    8 Eric Green           56.06   16.00  40.06  89  
    9 Erica Hiorns         56.11   11.30  44.41  81  
   10 John Laird           56.22    6.15  50.07  71  
   11 Gary Sutherland      56.34   17.00  39.34  92  
   12 George Little        56.45   15.30  41.15  87  
   13 Steve Webb           56.58   21.15  35.43 100  
   14 Mal Smith            57.00   19.15  37.45  98  
   15 Simon Vallance       57.03   18.30  38.33  96  
   16 John Bucktrout       57.13    8.30  48.43  74  
   17 Roy Flesher          57.25   18.30  38.55  95  
   18 Paul Hunter          57.28   17.00  40.28  88  
   19 Mick Loftus          57.29   19.45  37.44  99  
   20 Andrew Cutts         57.38   18.15  39.23  94  
   21 Laura Clark          57.39   13.30  44.09  83  
   22 Russell Merrick      57.42   16.15  41.27  86  
   23 Carole Schofield     57.45   12.30  45.15  78  
   24 Paul White           57.46   14.45  43.01  84  
   25 Paul Furness         57.56   11.30  46.26  76  
   26 Ian Sanderson        58.05   18.15  39.50  90  
   27 Bob Jackson          58.41   16.15  42.26  85  
   28 Simon Redshaw        58.52   13.45  45.07  79  
   29 Stuart Rawnsley      59.19    8.30  50.49  70  
   30 Rob Bumstead         59.22   19.45  39.37  91  
   31 Bill McCaffrey       60.13   15.45  44.28  82  
   32 Patrick Barrett      60.53   14.45  46.08  77  
   33 Kathy Kaiser         61.03    9.15  51.48  67  
   33 Ken Kaiser           61.03    9.15  51.48  67  
   35 Rob Liddle           61.06   16.00  45.06  80  
   36 Mark Bean            67.48   11.30  56.18  66  
There were 36 finishers and later 36 pie and peas were eaten, not necessarily by the same 36 people as we had some marshals eating well-deserved meals after their supportive efforts.
Congratulations to Anthony on his first night with the Striders (he is now our newest member VLS00250) who estimated a time of 60 minutes, was handicapped for 50 minutes and actually ran 49:13.  He and Chris (VLS00249) said they'd never run as fast before.  Must have either been the attraction of being first in the queue for pie and peas or the threat of 34 more Striders thundering behind.  Anthony received the John Umpleby Cup.
Congratulations to Steve Webb for the fastest time on the night, a clear 2 minutes ahead of Mick Loftus and Mal Smith.  Steve claims to be a fell race expert so maybe he was the most successful at negotiating the mud and puddles round the Res.  But look!, Steve was also fastest Strider for the Esholt 5k road race series, I think he's been doing some secret speed training.
We had another Trophy to present, the Vadim Kuznetsov Trophy.  Vadim was a Strider from 2000 to 2004 and came to Tuesday or Thursday training about once a month.  He did not compete regularly, but did run the Leeds Half Marathon 4 times, for which he trained specifically.  He died just before Christmas and his wife Olga and son Simon gave the Striders a trophy which we decided to award for for the best performance at the Leeds Half Marathon.  At Paul White's suggestion (and agreed by approx 20 Striders at a committee meeting in March), this year we decided we would award it for the best age-graded performance.
The age graded percentage is a runner's time expressed as a percentage of the theoretical world best for a person of the same sex and age.  E.g., the theoretical world best for a half marathon for a man of 38 is 60 minutes.  If a man of 38 runs 80 minutes, his age-graded percentage is 60/80 * 100 = 75%.  There is a lot more on the website about age-grading.
For the Leeds Half, the leading age-graded positions were: Roy Flesher 83.3%, Bob Jackson 79.5%, John Uttley 78.1%, Paul White 77.8%, Alan Hutchinson 77.1%  (the rest of the percentages are on the website )
So it was Roy Flesher who received the engraved Russian tea-urn, flown in from Leningrad, from Simon Kuznetsov.  It has a little tap on the side and there was a suggestion that it could be filled with maxim and put out for our speed sessions, but Roy has taken it to put in his trophy cabinet for a year.
Any Other Marathon
Paul Sanderson ran 4:50:11 at White Peak Marathon, his first marathon
Grand Prix Positions
... are now updated on the website.  Ian Sanderson is the new overall leader, but watch out for Steve Webb who already has 6 perfect 100's.
Every Strider who runs a Grand Prix race scores points.  At the end of the year, Striders who have run 8 Grand Prix races are entitled to a "Grand Prix 2006" T-shirt.
The list of events is on the website, the next races are the Thirsk 10 mile on June 11th and the Summer Handicap ...
Summer Handicap
Will be Tuesday May 27, first runner off at 7:00 for a five and a quarter mile across fields to Eccup and Emmerdale, coming back along the Res. path.  And pie and peas confirmed.  There is a map of the route on the website
Other Race Results
Lordstones Wainstones fell race. 8m/2100' climb. Nr Stokesley, North York Moors. - from Madeleine Watson
Third race in the English fell championships. More like a trail race than a fell race. Very well organised, superb weather and again cracking views!

215 Laura Clark 84.27
255 Madeleine Watson 93.30
277 ran

Askern 10k
Congratulations to Vicky Whitehead who ran 35.45 at the Askern 10k on 17 May, finishing first lady and 18th overall.  (thanks to Tim Towler for reporting this)