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Subject: V S Update

HELP WANTED  message from Alison Barratt a.k.a. Mrs Simon Vallance
Five Roundhay Primary Schools Family Fun Run (all proceeds shared between Gledhow, Kerr Mackie, Moor Allerton, Roundhay St Johns and Talbot Primary Schools)
We are organising a family fun run in Roundhay Park to promote healthy attitudes towards exercise, and anyone can join in.  The run has been organised by a few volunteers and we currently have over 500 runners in our 1k and 5k runs. 
As most of the people participating or involved in the fun run have very young families we are finding it difficult to find enough marshals for the event.  If anyone is able to help with the marshalling in Roundhay Park between 9.30 and 12.00 on Saturday 10th of June we would be very happy to hear from you. 
If you are able to help please call the event phone line on 07888 731782.  If you leave your details, Sonja, who is organising the marshals, will get back to you.
Equally, if you would like to participate yourselves you can enter on the day (1k at 10:00, 5k at 11:00).  Please note that all children under 14 must run with a participating adult.
Thank you
Alison (Mrs Simon Vallance)
HELP WANTED for Mick Tinker and Bob Jackson
Roundhay Pulse Race (proceeds to British Heart Foundation) on Sunday 25 June
We have 9 of the 16 marshals to help with this race, so 7 more wanted 09:00 to 12:30, please, for another good cause
As predicted, the Blackpool Marathon made some impact on the placings in "Any Other Marathon" in the Grand Prix, which now reads
                    Time  Pts Race          Pos
Tracey Morris      153.13 100 Melbourne       3     
Roy Flesher        186.40  99 Blackpool      27     
Eric Green         190.08  98 Blackpool      34     
Bob Jackson        200.27  97 Blackpool      76     
Michael Grant      203.09  96 Rotterdam    1241     
Carmel Barker      205.24  95 Hamburg       112     
Bill Murphy        207.05  94 Dumfries       48     
Adam Parton        209.02  93 Blackpool     117     
Gary Sutherland    209.02  93 Blackpool     117     
Kay Duggleby       225.59  91 Rotterdam    5605     
Paul Sanderson     290.11  90 White Peak    190     
Congratulations to Roy for 2nd M50 and Eric for his PB.  Were these the first marathons for Adam and Gary?  In which case, two more PBs.  It was generally hot, and when we got some shade along the sea wall the concrete was an unforgiving surface to run on.
Commiserations to me (4th M55, just out of the prizes), I would have been better just running through the finish of the half marathon as my half way time of 1:35 would have earned me 2nd M55 in the half.  Incidentally the leading M55 was 6th overall in 2:46:08 - his name was Peter Johnston.
Congratulations to Howard Jeffrey, 1st M50 in the half marathon in 1:27:52
There were 627 finishers in the full marathon 1364 in the half. Sadly this will be the last full marathon as the race cannot afford the charges by the police and council to close the roads for such a length of time.
This Sunday, June 11th at 2pm, Thirsk 10 mile.  Entries on day are not eligible for prizes but are eligible for Grand Prix points
Tuesday June 27th at 7pm, Club trail handicap, about 5 and a half miles from Eccup Reservoir clockwise along paths to Emmerdale and back round the Res.  Please get your pie and peas orders in by Sunday 25 June, remembering to select either meat or vegetarian pie, and select mushy peas or baked beans.
OTHER RESULTS  (and some good Striders placings)
Newby Hall 10k
 11 Peter Johnson     38.38  1st M50
 19 Howard Jeffrey    40.44  2nd M50
 28 Liz Day           41.50  1st W
112 Mike Brown        49.57
365 ran
Wigginton 10k
 11 Peter Johnson     37:01  1st M50
 16 Roy Flesher       38:04  2nd M50
 31 Eric Green        40:22
 88 Peter Lambert     47:40  1st M70
206 ran
Sale 5
Lou Gilchrist 1st W70 37:57
Hopefully, many of you will remember Alf from his appearances in  the "Victor" comic from the 1960's through to the 1990's & remember his  adventures with nostalgia.

If you want a trip down memory lane, link to

Thanks to everyone who put me right about my last email saying that the club handicap would be May 27 when I should have said June.  I got twice as many replies as for a normal email so perhaps I should put a delibrte mistke in every email.   Particular thanks to Eric who in very big writing said "not much time to recover from the last one".  Paul White has told me that he did do the Handicap route on 27 May and claimed the 100 points - unfortunately CSI Eccup has not managed to unearth any evidence.