Sent: Friday, June 16, 2006 12:13 AM
Subject: V S Update - Results, Hutch's birthday, Handicap, Pie'n'peas

Recent Grand Prix Results
Wharfedale Off-road Marathon
    6 Steve Webb         3:20:12
   12 Alison Bogie       3:39:34 1st W, course record !!
   15 Ross Anderson      4:05:12
   23 Dave Milner        4:24:42 (listed as Dave Nicholas)
   37 Bob Wilkes         4:50:42
   55 ran
Wharfedale Half marathon (not GP)
   56 Tony Haygarth      2:20:56
   82 Sara Dyer          2:31:48
  100 ran
Edinburgh marathon
Good Striders packing!
  452 George Little      3:29:56
  621 Bill Murphy        3:37:06
  661 Patrick Barrett    3:38:45
  757 Brendan Kitson     3:42:47
So the current placings in "Any Other Marathon" category now look like
    1 Tracey Morris      2:33:13      100 Melbourne       3  
    2 Roy Flesher        3:06:40       99 Blackpool      27  
    3 Eric Green         3:10:08       98 Blackpool      34  
    4 Steve Webb         3:20:12       97 Wharfedale      6  
    5 Bob Jackson        3:20:27       96 Blackpool      76  
    6 Michael Grant      3:23:09       95 Rotterdam    1241  
    7 Carmel Barker      3:25:24       94 Hamburg       112  
    8 Bill Murphy        3:27:05       93 Dumfries       48  
    9 Adam Parton        3:29:02       92 Blackpool     117  
    9 Gary Sutherland    3:29:02       92 Blackpool     117  
   11 George Little      3:29:56       90 Edinburgh     452   
   12 Bill Murphy        3:37:06          Edinburgh     621
   13 Patrick Barrett    3:38:45       89 Edinburgh     661  
   14 Alison Bogie       3:39:34       88 Wharfedale     12  
   15 Brendan Kitson     3:42:47       88 Edinburgh     757  
   16 Ross Anderson      4:05:12       87 Wharfedale     15  
   17 Kay Duggleby       4:18:59       86 Rotterdam    5605  
   18 Dave Milner        4:24:42       85 Wharfedale     23  
   19 Paul Sanderson     4:50:11       85 White Peak    190   
   20 Bob Wilkes         4:50:42       84 Wharfedale     37  
Before anyone points out another mistake, just to say that I have some errors on the website in this category, I will correct it over the weekend.
Next stop is Nottingham on 10th September, unless anyone has any plans to run a mid-summer marathon
Thirsk 10
Congratulations to Tracey and Sam, first and second in 28 degrees at Thirsk.  Surely they'll move it to the morning next year?
Julian, Andrew, Eric and Paul picked up a bottle of wine each for third men's team.  Sadly there were only 3 Striders ladies so no wine for them.
    9 Tracey Morris      1:00:56      100  
   21 Samantha Harris    1:05:26       99  
   28 Julian Bhowmick    1:06:46       98  
   45 Andrew Cutts       1:09:34       97  
   55 Eric Green         1:10:42       96  
   75 Paul White         1:13:47       95  
   90 Mick Tinker        1:16:26       94  
  143 Simon Redshaw      1:23:00       93  
  160 Erica Hiorns       1:24:42       92  
  228 John Laird         1:34:31       91  
  248 Mike Brown         1:38:20       90  
Tracey also featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post on Wednesday, opening a new I.T. room at Wigton Moor Primary School.  She was pictured cutting the ceremonial ribbon and then receiving a demonstration from one of the 11 year old pupils.  "I am probably the world's worst person on a computer.  I get my training programme from UK Athletics and haven't a clue how to reply to them", she said. 
Next GP races
Tue Jun 27 Handicap
Sat Jul  1 Settle Hills fell
Wed Jul  5 Hyde Park 5k
Sun Jul 16 Eccup 10mile
Sat Jul 22 Bishop Wilton half
Sun Jul 23 Pudsey 10k (road and good footpaths, hilly)
Sun Jul 30 Round Hill trail/fell
Climbing with Hilary
Harry Bates has written a wonderful story about Hilary, it is worth reading even if you never knew Hilary or don't know Harry.  The climbing in question is from Arthington to Bramhope up Creskeld Lane and I'm sure many of you know that!
Hutch is 49 years and 51 weeks old on June 27th
He writes:
Please can I order pie and baked beans for the handicap race.
The event will be one week before my 50th and as attendance will be highest on 27th rather than 4th July I would like to buy everyone there a drink to celebrate.
Please can you put the message out as it will be a further incentive to be there that evening.
Club handicap on June 27th
Prior to "Drinking with Alan" will be the "Trail" Handicap, first runner off at 7pm prompt from down by the Reservoir - the start is in front of the lodge.
Route is clockwise, along the field edge, over the stile, across the field to Eccup, turn right onto the road, through the village, turn left just before the farm, zig-zag to Emmerdale, turn right, back to the water treatment works, across, the dam, along the reservoir-side path and finish as usual by the gate.  Map at
Pie and peas (and drinks with Alan) back at Leos afterwards, please place your orders by Sunday evening (25th) stating whether you'd like meat pie or vegetarian pie and whether you'd like mushy peas or baked beans
Message from Lou at Up & Running West Park
To All Club Secretaries,
Please could you let your club members know that we have a Massive Sale on, with big reductions, for the next 2 weeks.
Many thanks,
Lou Cartledge
Up & Running
261 Otley Road, Leeds, LS16 5LQ
Tel: 0113 2788866
Pulse Race - June 25th
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered, we'll let you know details in the next day or so
We do need two more Striders to help from 07:00 to 09:00 to lay out the route, putting out warning signs and kilometre markers. 
So if you couldn't help because you were doing something in the morning (such as a long Sunday run!), then maybe you can help for just 2 hours and you've the rest of the day free