Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 11:58 PM
Subject: VS Update - Handicap Reminder, Relays, Results, BMW victory

REMINDER - Club Handicap / Pie and Peas / Hutch's drinks on Tuesday 27 June
Club Handicap will start prompt at 7pm by the lodge by the Reservoir.  The route is approximately 5.4 miles, a circular route (clockwise) out to Emmerdale and back round the Res.
Pie and peas must be ordered by Sunday evening by email or phone 289-2830 - please state whether meat or vegetarian pie and whether mushy peas or baked beans.  36 people partook last month - highly recommended.
Alan Hutchinson will be buying drinks in advance of his 50th birthday.  You don't have to order those now!
LEEDS COUNTRY WAY RELAY - Sunday 3 September
Following our success in the Bradford Millennium Way relay (see below), we are now recruiting for the LCW Relay.  For the last 2 years we have have 4 teams of 12 runners - that is about all the fully fit Striders and a few half-fit ones as well.  The scheme has been to enter a mens team, a womens team, a vets team (M40/W35) and a 4th team consisting of those too slow for the men or women and/or too young for the vets team.  Providing we can fill 4 teams, the first 12 who put their names forward are, whatever speed, GUARANTEED a place in a team.
NB it will be necessary to recce the route before the race, more details in the next email
GOLDEN ACRE PARK RELAY - Wednesday 26 July
Get yourselves organised into teams of 3 for this event, you each run 2.5 miles on a circuit of Golden Acre Park, great practice for LCW and a really friendly evening.  Just register on the night 10 per team, look out on the Abbey Runners website a week before the race and you will be able to download an entry form so you can fill it in and save queueing on the night. 
Otley 10 (quite warm, very hilly)
 42 John Uttley    65:58  4th M45
 74 Eric Green     70:25
121 Bill Murphy    74:33
180 Peter Lambert  82:18  1st M70
248 Mike Brown     91:04
Wheldrake 10k (warm)
  9 Sam Harris     38:01  1st W, CONGRATULATIONS
 23 Eric Green     41:12  13th M40-49, there are a lot of them about
 50 Paul Sanderson 45:03
The Valley Striders team finished 4th in 6:18:30.  This beat the Striders previous best total time by 23 minutes, was only 6 mins slower than previous course record for open teams, set a new vets record by 8 minutes, now sits sixth on the all-time open rankings.
I was presented with the Vets Shield by two runners from New Zealand.  Paul Hamblyn finished in 4th place in the final of the 1500m (3:39:38) at the Commonwealth Games at Melbourne this year.  Dale Summerville represented NZ in the world cross country championships in France in 2005.  They ran leg 4 for the "St Bedes and Friends" team, knocking 7 minutes off the previous course record.
Also congrats to Chapel Allerton (including Alison and Jonny) who won the mixed team trophy.  Their time was the 4th fastest ever by a mixed team, slower than our 2003 and 2004 times but faster than our 2002 and 2005.
Leg                Pos/Time On Leg
                   Pos/Time Cumulative
1   Drew Taylor       5  1:20:14
    Steve Webb        5  1:20:14
    - beat previous record for vets time on leg by 4 minutes
    - vets record today was set by Martin Horbury now with Keighley
2   Bob Jackson      11  1:22:04
    Ian Sanderson     7  2:42:18
    - 2nd fastest ever Striders time for leg
3   Jerry Watson      2  0:56:17      
    Mick Wrench       3  3:38:35  
    - fastest ever vets time for leg and second fastest ever open time for leg
4   Andrew Cutts     12  1:13:24   
    Alan Hutchinson   7  4:51:59
    - only two mins slower than previous fastest ever open time for leg
5   Rob Bumstead     11  1:26:31
    Tim Towler        4  6:18:30
    - 2nd fastest ever Striders time for leg
Overall Results
 1  Pudsey/Bramley       5:36:57   beat course record by 36 minutes
 2  Bingley              5:57:46
 3  Pudsey Pacers        6:08:52
 4  Valley Striders      6:18:30   first vets
20  Bingley Harriers     7:14:01   first ladies
23  Chapel Allerton A    7:23:46   first mixed
31  Chapel Allerton B    8:01:35
40  teams completed
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered, we now have sufficient marshals, no excuse for others of you not to run unless you're saving yourselves for the Club Handicap!
See you all next Tuesday