Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 12:16 AM
Subject: V S Update - showers, relays, grand prix etc

Good news and bad news
The good news is that the men's bathroom at Leo's is being completely renovated with the bath being replaced by at least 12 shower heads.  In addition, the hot water will now be powered by gas from new underground Calor gas storage which will be a lot cheaper to run.  There is also good news that after this work is done, the shower enclosures in the ladies / refs changing area will also be refurbished.
Shower refurbishment has been under discussion ever since I joined the club 20+ years ago but previously has been limited to Eric Cusack or Steve O'Callaghan turning up with a wrench (no not a Mick Wrench) to "adjust" the hot/cold mix settings! 
But now, not only is it agreed, but work has started as those who turned up at Leos on Tuesday can testify - there was a hole 30 feet long, 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep ready for the gas tank(s) to be installed.
The bad news is that the work will cost 20,000.  The rugby club will pay 5000 and they are receiving a grant of 5000 from the Rugby Football Union.  The other "tenants" are being asked to make up the rest and Valley Striders have been asked to contribute 1000 towards this. 
My initial thoughts are to raise the club subscription for 2006/7 by 5 - this will bring in 500-600, the rest will be covered by our bank balance (currently standing at about 500).  At the September 2007 AGM we would be likely to maintain the subs at the same level to replenish our balance but of course if we had a sudden influx of members next year (attracted by the excellent showers) then we might be able to make some reduction.
Another method would be to make a charge for Tuesday training. If we did this we would need to devise a rota of Striders to collect the money. 
We need to decide this in the next 2-4 weeks as we are already asking our new members to pay to August 2007, so please let me have your comments.
And more immediately, I need to tell you that the existing showers will be out of action for 3-4 weeks from the middle of July - I don't know the precise date.
It's definitely the Relay season.  Unfortunately I missed getting a reminder to you about the Danefield Relay which was tonight, but coming up soon are
Yorkshire Veterans Relays - Sunday 23 July at Esholt  ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY JULY 13
There will be 6 categories, all starting at 11:00
Over 35 men - teams of 4
Over 40 men - teams of 4
Over 50 men - teams of 3
Over 60 men - teams of 3
Over 35 women - teams of 3
Over 45 women - teams of 3
Each leg is 2.5 miles - it is a slightly shortened version of the Esholt 5k route.
We don't have to enter a team in every category, so for example if we have two over-50 men and one over-60, they could be an over-50 team.
I realise that there are two Grand Prix races the same weekend, but let's see if we can get a few teams entered for this.  Geoff and Sylvia are in charge but they are on holiday next week when the entry forms have to be sent off so email me if you'd like to run.  I must know by next Tuesday so that I can get the entry form in.
And it's only 2 per person!!
Golden Acre Park Relay - Wednesday 26 July
I've mentioned this several times before, but here's another reminder - , teams of 3, 2.5 miles per leg, 10 per team, lots of fun!
Leeds Country Way Relay - Sunday 3 September
Following my last email and the flyers that Paul Furness handed out at the Club Handicap, we now have 15 runners, so are steadily on our way to our target of 48 to make 4 teams
As Paul wrote on his flyer, this is the most popular relay event for the Striders.  In fact it is now the most popular annual event for Striders. For the last 3 years we have had 4 teams of 12 runners (no other club has had 4 teams any year), and the turnout of 48 Striders is more than for Leeds Half, more than for Abbey Dash and more than for Club Handicaps.  So if you want to find out more, contact Paul or myself or talk to other Striders.
It is important that we have a good list of names by the middle of this month so we can work out how many teams to enter and plan some recce runs.  Because the relay is during holiday season it is not always possible to organise recces in the week before the race.
Help Wanted
to hand out Harewood Trail entry forms at local races over the next 3 months.  Please contact me if you can help at
Please note in your diary Sunday 8 October for the Harewood Trail Race - please make yourself available to marshal if you can!
Thanks to the 12 Striders who helped at the Pulse Race!
Voting for Yorks & Humber Region of new England Athletics
We have been asked to vote to select representatives for the new Yorks & Humber Region of new England Athletics
The document has about 10 lines on each candidate but beware is over 1Mb
Note that the candidates include Mike Moss, organiser of the Bradford Millennium Way Relay, and Tim Cock, organiser of Yorkshire Vets.
Pass your comments to Paul Briscoe who will be sending off the club vote in a week's time.
Club Handicap Result
 Race                       Race   Hand-   Run  Pts  
  Pos                       Time    icap   Time       
    1 Jonny Harrison       43.55   11.45  32.10  92  2
    2 John Laird           45.13    5.15  39.58  75  
    3 Paul Furness         45.51    9.15  36.36  80  
    4 Anna Costello        45.56    8.45  37.11  77  2
    5 John Wallace         46.28    6.45  39.43  76  
    6 Mick Wrench          46.32   16.00  30.32  97  
    7 Alan Hutchinson      46.44   14.30  32.14  92  
    8 Andrew Cutts         46.52   15.45  31.07  96  
    9 Simon Vallance       47.00   16.45  30.15  98  
   10 Carole Schofield     47.04   10.45  36.19  81  
   11 Paul Hunter          47.13   14.45  32.28  90  
   12 Joel Giddings        47.23   14.15  33.08  89  
   13 Stuart Rawnsley      47.26    6.45  40.41  73  
   14 Jules Barltrop       47.31   12.15  35.16  85  
   15 Paul Sanderson       47.33   11.15  36.18  82  
   16 Steve Webb           47.34   18.15  29.19  99  
   17 Ian Place            47.44   10.30  37.14  77  
   18 Roy Flesher          47.46   16.00  31.46  93  
   19 Ian Sanderson        47.48   16.15  31.33  94  
   20 Karen Feeney         47.57    6.45  41.12  72  
   21 Bob Jackson          48.03   14.00  34.03  87  
   22 Richard King         48.12   15.45  32.27  91  
   23 Simon Redshaw        48.16   11.30  36.46  78  
   24 Mark Hunter          48.18   13.00  35.18  84  
   25 Brian Hanley         48.24   20.00  28.24 100  
   26 Mick Loftus          48.27   17.15  31.12  95  
   27 Hayley Palmer        48.32   12.15  36.17  83  
   28 Tim Towler           48.42   14.45  33.57  88  
   29 Jerry Watson         49.03   18.15  30.48  96  2
   30 Peter Lambert        49.08    8.45  40.23  74  
   31 Eric Green           49.11   14.15  34.56  86  
   32 Sara Dyer            50.08    5.30  44.38  71  
   33 Bill Mccaffrey       50.32   13.50  36.42  79  
   34 Danny Burnham        53.00    7.15  45.45  70  
   34 Mark Bean            53.00    5.15  47.45  69  
   36 Amanda Pearce        57.58    5.15  52.43  68  
Congratulations to Jonny, a clear winner and well-deserved.  His racing form was 1:40 at Brass Monkey and 1:36 at Leeds, so he was obviously improving.  But perhaps we should have tested a sample afterwards because his time on the handicap route was alongside Richard and Alan who were in the 1:22 to 1:26 range at Leeds.  Better still we should have got some inside information beforehand from Dave Milner his trainer at Chapel Allerton.
The Thursday squad was well represented in positions 2, 3 and 5.  And making his last run in Leeds before emigrating to the Lake District was Mark Bean (good luck!)
And congratulations to Brian Hanley, fastest on the night.
Usual thanks to Mike and Eileen for timekeeping, to Jonny for handing out the numbers after he'd finished and to Ken and Kathy for marshalling.
Finally, thanks to Tony for the food, 38 pie and peas were eaten which is a greater number than handicap runners!  What a recommendation for the chef that some club members turn up just for the food!
Coming soon
Results for Settle Hills Fell Race and Hyde Park 5k (both Grand Prix) and a few other races in your next V S Update
The Eccup 10 is a week Sunday (16th) - pre-entries need to be in by 8 July.  Last year the race did not take entries on the day.
Other GP events this month are Bishop Wilton Half Marathon (Sat 22nd), Pudsey 10k (Sun 23rd) and Round Hill (fell/trail - 8 miles) (Sun 30th)
Good luck to Mick, Mick, Ross, Pam, Sara and Simon running the Lyke Wake on Saturday!