Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 11:58 PM
Subject: V S Update - Showers, LCW and Results

You will remember in the emails a few weeks ago that Valley Striders have been asked to contribute 1,000 towards the refurbishment of the showers.  I received nearly 20 replies - the almost unanimous (but occasionally slightly reluctant) vote was in favour of raising the subs by 5 and then looking to source the other approx. 400 by alternative means.
Two weeks is a long time in Striders time.  There has been a significant change of circumstances.  Just over a week ago, there came through the post a cheque for 500 being a donation to the Showers Fund.  With the comment that raising the subs might cause many of our "social" members to desert.  I have already written the letter of gratitude.
Bearing in mind the conditions of the donation, we are now trying not to raise the subs.  I have discussed this with Danny the Treasurer and there is enough in club funds to provide the remaining 500.  However this does indirectly affect the subs as whatever is in club funds has been raised from past subscriptions.  Or to put it another way, we would be more likely to have to raise the subs next year if we spend the funds this year.
Therefore we have decided to ask for donations (of much smaller amounts than 500, of course) up to and including AGM day. 
For example donations of 10 @ 20, 10 @ 10 and 10 @ 5 would give us 350 and leave only a deficit of 150.
And for example 12 @ 20, 16 @ 10 and 20 @ 5 would give us the 500 we need and in no way affect subscriptions.
And if we did raise a surplus, we could always put it towards a contingency fund for refitting the cubicles in the ladies showers (which, as Geoff will tell you, are not in a happy state)
Regarding the alternative means
- no-one volunteered to collect the money on Tuesday nights (in fact several asked not to be included on the rota)
- although taking some profit from one of our races sounds a good idea, we receive a lot of extra donations (over 600 last year) which I believe is only because the entry form says "All Profits to Lineham Farm", so taking a cut for V.S. would be counter-productive.
- we are still looking at options such as a sweepstake.
If you would like to make a donation to the Showers Fund, please send a cheque, payable to Valley Striders, to Danny Burnham, 3 Wyncroft Grove, Bramhope, Leeds, LS16 9DG
Leeds Country Way
We have 51 runners signed up for the Leeds Country Way i.e. 4 teams of 12 plus 3 reserves.  46 runners have been allocated to teams, the other 2 spaces are awaiting review of "form".
A team: (Vets) (1) Julian Bhowmick, Paul Hunter, (2) Drew Taylor, Simon Vallance, (3) Roy Flesher, John Uttley, (4) Jerry Watson, Steve Webb, (5) Andrew Cutts, Alan Hutchinson, (6) Tracey Morris, Tim Towler
Ladies team: (1) Jules Barltrop, Sam Harris, (2) Kay Duggleby, Mivvy Tekchandani, (3) Elika Tasker, AN Other, (4) Laura Clark, Hayley Palmer, (5) Carmel Barker, Carole Scholfield, (6) Sam Guy, Erica Hiorns
B team: (1) Mick Loftus, Mick Wrench, (2) Bob Jackson, Adam Parton, (3) Eric Green, Mick Tinker, (4) Richard King, Ian Sanderson, (5) Andy Thorpe, Paul White, (6) Joel Giddings, Dave Middlemas
C team: (1) Patrick Barrett, Paul Sanderson, (2) Paul Furness, John Laird, (3) Ian Place, Simon Redshaw, (4) Sylvia Watson, Geoff Webster, (5) Stuart Rawnsley, Tracy Stewart, (6) Penny Sanders, AN Other
Awaiting declaration of form - Vicky Whitehead
Reserves: Rob Liddle, John Wallace, Maddy Illingworth, Sara Dyer, Mary Egan
More reserves: Keith Cluderay, Steve O'Callaghan
Possibles: Rob Bumstead, John Hallas, Niels Laustsen, George Little
A list of contact phone numbers has now been sent out for each leg so that recces can be arranged, ideally with partners but otherwise with other Striders running the same leg.  Race information is on    Note that some routes have changed!
If you're on this list but no longer available, let me know!  If you're not on this list and have already said you want to run, let me know urgently.  If you're not on this list but want to be put on the reserves list, let me know.
Please contact Paul Furness 269-8231  or myself 289-2830.
Eccup 10 mile incorporating Yorkshire Vets championships and also a GP event
    3 Tracey Morris      0:56:22   100   1st W, YV W35 champ, 1st W team
   33 John Uttley        1:04:07    99   PB        
   40 Ian Sanderson      1:04:48    98             
   41 Roy Flesher        1:04:50    97   YV M50 3rd        
   52 Howard Jeffrey     1:05:57    96   
   57 Richard King       1:06:25    96              
   60 Eric Green         1:07:09    95          
   85 Paul White         1:11:36    94          
   86 Jules Barltrop     1:11:50    93   7th W (prize!), 1st W team        
  101 Mick Tinker        1:12:16    92           
  105 George Little      1:12:49    91           
  141 Gary Sutherland    1:16:12    90          
  145 Carole Schofield   1:16:50    89   1st W team        
  166 Patrick Barrett    1:18:57    88           
  199 Simon Redshaw      1:20:55    87            
  244 Paul Sanderson     1:24:18    86             
  273 Lou Gilchrist      1:26:26    85   2nd W55, YV W70 champion        
  296 John Bucktrout     1:28:07    84           
  344 Max Jones          1:36:57    83   YV M75 champion   

Tracey did not have an easy run, not only did she have to battle to the line to stay ahead of Leeds City's Sean Cotter and take 3rd place overall (!), but just one minute behind her was fellow Commonwealth Games marathon runner Sue Partridge who took 6th place overall.
Striders took home a good collection of four Yorks Vets trophies, the women's team prize and a few more Up and Running vouchers.
Settle Hill fell race (GP and Fell Championship)
Did any Strider run?
Pudsey 10k (GP)
    3 Brian Hanley       0:35:48      100   prize
   29 Julian Bhowmick    0:41:29       99   3rd M40
   37 Roy Flesher        0:42:21       98   1st M50, bottle of wine
   58 Alison Bogie       0:44:20       97   2nd W, prize
   74 Mick Tinker        0:45:41       97   3rd M50
  127 Simon Redshaw      0:49:44       96
  130 Paul Sanderson     0:49:56       95
  162 Erica Hiorns       0:51:25       94
  212 John Laird         0:54:33       93
  330 Sheila Grant       1:04:29       92
Bishop Wilton Half Marathon (GP)
      Eric Green         1:34   100
      Peter Stevenson    2:03    99
Yorkshire Vets Relays
M40 Team
   Eric Green        15:51
   Gary Sutherland   15:04
   Drew Taylor       14:19
   Simon Vallance    14:44  
   TOTAL             59:58  9th/14
1.Rotherham 2.Holmfirth 3.Keighley
M50 Team
   Paul White        16:25
   Bob Jackson       15:47
   Alan Hutchinson   15:47
   TOTAL             47:59  10th/18
1.City of Sheffield 2.Holmfirth 3.Rotherham
Golden Acre Park Relay
There were 51 teams this year, up 11 from last, and Striders were represented in 5 of these, up 1 from last.
12 Valley Vets       Paul Hunter       17:12
                     Andrew Cutts      17:08
                     Alan Hutchinson   17:57
                     TOTAL             52:17
25 Arcadia Striders  Simon Redshaw     19:22
                     Eric Green        19:31
                     Bob Jackson       18:35
                     TOTAL             57:28
27 Mixed Valley      Andy Thorpe       18:09
                     Erica Hiorns      21:06
                     Steve Dixon       19:29
                     TOTAL             58:44
33 Abbey Valley      Jack Bobson       18:32
                     Mark Hetherington 18:11
                     Hetta Morath      24:41
                     TOTAL             61:24
36 Towler Striders   Dan Towler        19:39
                     Carole Towler     24:09
                     Tim Towler        19:41
                     TOTAL             63:29
Round Hill Fell Race (GP and Fell Championship)
Striders finishing order
    1 Steve Webb               100   4th overall
    2 Julian Bhowmick           99
    3 Andrew Cutts              98
    4 John Hallas               97
    5 Bob Wilkes                96
    6 Peter Stevenson           95
    7 Geoff Webster             94
    8 Sylvia Watson             93
Full results awaited
Harrogate 10k
      Bob Jackson     42-ish minutes    2nd M55 (prize)
      Max Jones       57-ish minutes    2nd M70 (no prize)
Forthcoming Events
Wed 2 Aug 1930 - Hyde Park 5k
Sat 12 Aug - Women's marathon at European Championships at Gothenburg.  Good luck to Tracey!  My information is that it starts at 12:10 and Gothenburg is 1 hour ahead of UK.  BBC transmissions from the championships are from 1100-1700 UK time so they have no excuse not to cover the marathon.
Sun 3 Sep 0800 - LCW
Wed 6 Sep 1915  - Hyde Park 5k NB earlier start time
Tue 12 Sep 1900 - Autumn Handicap 10k, 7pm prompt start, pie and peas
Sun 17 Sep 0930 - Cancer Research 10k at Harewood, 10 volunteers required please
Sun 17 Sep 1400 - Wetherby 10k new race (not in GP)
Tue 26 Sep 2030 - Provisional date for AGM, pie and peas
Sun 8 Oct 1000 - Harewood Trail - 70 volunteers required please