Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 11:19 PM
Subject: More dates, some reminders, LCW details

Leeds Country Way details for runners and supporters - see below
Cut off dates for team entries
This Friday, September 1st, for Yorkshire County Relays at Don Valley on Sat 16 Sept.  Teams of 4 women (2 miles) and 6 men (4 miles).  Email me before Wednesday 11 p.m. if you want to run
Next Monday, September 4th, for National Fell Relays (details in last week's email) on Sat 14 Oct.  Teams of 6.  NB you need experience of an "A" category fell race.  Contact Steve Webb 01943 871606 before Friday 10p.m. if you want to run.
Dates omitted from the last email
Sun 24 Sep 1100 Selby half marathon (Grand Prix)
Sun 22 Oct 1130 Withins Skyline fell race (approx 7 miles) (Grand Prix)
Sat ?? Nov  0800 Burley Bridge Hike (approx 21 miles, usually 1st Sat in November) (Grand Prix)
Date Correction - Yorkshireman is Sunday 10 September, not 17th
Handicap Tuesday 12 September
Reminder 7pm very prompt start, 10k round res to Eccup and back, map on the website, , but we hope to have a couple of marshals.  Pie and peas afterwards, orders (meat or veg pie, peas or beans) to me by Sunday, I already have 9 orders!
West Yorks XC Entries
Needed by 23 Sep, I already have 10 entries!
Harewood Trail Race
Sunday 8 October, I already have 11 marshals, need 59 more!
Leeds Country Way supporters information
Spectators and supporters welcome - the most popular place is at Golden Acre Park for the start of leg 5 (see handover times below), the other changeover points are as follows
start - Garforth Leisure Centre
1-2 - Stanley on the Rothwell to Wakefield Road
2-3 - Scotchman Lane, Morley
3-4 - Thornbury Roundabount on the Leeds - Bradford Road
4-5 - Golden Acre Park - just by the tunnel
5-6 - Scarcroft, one mile down Thorner Lane (Thorner Lane is opposite the Bracken Fox pub)
Leeds Country Way runners information
Estimated (earliest) start times as follows.  We recommend you meet your partner at the end point about an hour before you are due to start running, this gives 30 mins to drive, 20 minutes to get ready and 10 minutes to wonder whether your incoming pair will be early.  You may want to meet up with another pair at the finish and so drive one car back to the start with four aboard.
Entry fees are 6.50 per person, could someone on each leg (preferably someone who is going to be at the club the following Tuesday) collect this for as many people as possible.  Cheques payable to Valley Striders please, cash will do nicely, too!
We will try to get race numbers to at least one member of each pair, or at the worst get the numbers to one runner on each leg.  Further details to follow.  Bring 4 safety pins.  Anyone without a V S vest??
I think these are the earliest times, that's a challenge to prove me wrong!  Times will be somewhat slower if it is particularly hot or wet.  Note that if these times are achieved, all teams will get their batons round, but there are cut-off times of 14.30 at Golden Acre and 15.30 at Scarcroft.
Food at the finish at Garforth Sports Centre - keep your race number!
Team 113 Valley Striders A (Vets)
A1    JULIAN     BHOWMICK        8.00
A1    PAUL       HUNTER          8.00
A2    TRACEY     MORRIS          9.18
A2    DREW       TAYLOR          9.18
A3    ROY        FLESHER        10.27
A3    JOHN       UTTLEY         10.27
A4    SIMON      VALLANCE       11.33
A4    STEVE      WEBB           11.33
A5    ANDREW     CUTTS          12.49
A5    ALAN       HUTCHINSON     12.49
A6    GARY       SUTHERLAND     13.58
A6    TIM        TOWLER         13.58
Team 114 Valley Striders B (Open)
B1    MICK       LOFTUS          8.00
B1    MICK       WRENCH          8.00
B2    ROB        BUMSTEAD        9.15
B2    BOB        JACKSON         9.15
B3    ERIC       GREEN          10.33
B3    MICK       TINKER         10.33
B4    RICHARD    KING           11.45
B4    IAN        SANDERSON      11.45
B5    ANDY       THORPE         13.02
B5    PAUL       WHITE          13.02
B6    JOHN       HALLAS         14.15
B6    DAVE       MIDDLEMAS      14.15
Team 115 Valley Striders C (Open)
C1    PATRICK    BARRETT         8.00
C1    PAUL       SANDERSON       8.00
C2    PAUL       FURNESS         9.32
C2    SIMON      REDSHAW         9.32
C3    JOHN       LAIRD          10.57
C3    JOHN       WALLACE        10.57
C4    ROB        LIDDLE         12.24
C4    GEOFF      WEBSTER        12.24
C5    STUART     RAWNSLEY       14.00
C5    TRACY      STEWART        14.00
C6    PENNY      SANDERS        15.29
C6    SYLVIA     WATSON         15.29
Team 116 Valley Striders Ladies
L1    JULES      BARLTROP        8.00
L1    SAMANTHA   HARRIS          8.00
L2    ELIKA      TASKER          9.22
L2    MIVVY      TEKCHANDANI     9.22
L3    KAY        DUGGLEBY       10.48
L3    MARY       EGAN           10.48
L4    LAURA      CLARK          12.14
L4    HAYLEY     PALMER         12.14
L5    CARMEL     BARKER         13.40
L5    CAROLE     SCHOFIELD      13.40
L6    SAM        DAVIES         14.55
L6    ERICA      HIORNS         14.55
P.S. Please check NOW with your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc that they don't have any SURPRISES planned for you this weekend.  One of our number (no longer on the above list) had just come back from a recce run and mentioned the date of the race to his wife.  Her shocked expression was due to the fact that she had secretly booked a weekend away for them both.
See you all on Sunday (runners and supporters)