Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2006 11:15 PM
Subject: VS Update - LCW successes and results, Forthcoming Events (summary), some more results

Leeds Country Way - Successes and Thanks
A very successful day at the Leeds Country Way for the Valley Striders!
Not the least is that of the 48 commemorative pots, I now only have 8 in the back of my car.  Also quite a lot of 6.50's are on their way to me.  (NB I still have 8 pots from 2005, this is your very last chance before they are recycled)
The handing out of pots from the back of my car has made space for 15 trophies ... and another 3 have already been taken away by Erica and Sam
- veterans winners trophy (1)
- a trophy for each member of that team (12)
- ladies runners-up trophy (1)
- fastest ladies pair on leg 6 for Erica and Sam (2)
- fastest mixed pair on leg 5 for Tracy and Tony (2)
So congratulations to them and to the other 32 runners who once again represented the club with most teams in the Leeds Country Way
And particular thanks to Paul for jointly organising our teams and going on at least 6 recces
And more thanks to
- the reserves called up at late notice
- the reserves on standby
- the supporters including Stuart Rawnsley
- the team chauffeurs and chauffeuses
- the runners, particularly those running their legs for the first time.
Unofficial results are at the end of this email
Forthcoming events (summary)
Celebrate the opening of the new showers on Tuesday 5 September
Run Hyde Park 5k on Wed 6 September (grand prix points at stake)
Reminder for Club Handicap on Tuesday 12 September, have you placed your meal order yet, if so, you'll find it at
Still need 8 marshals for the Cancer Research 10k at Harewood on Sunday 17 September, with free bacon sandwiches.
September 23 is closing date for entries for West Yorks XC, only 6 gets you 4 races, if you've already put your name forward, you'll find it at
Still need 55 marshals for Harewood Trail race on Sunday 8 October, if you've already put your name forward, you'll find it at
Steve Webb has been successful in recruiting a team for the Fell Relay Championships.  If you want to support (and NB each leg returns to the start point so it's not a relay like LCW), the event is Saturday 14 October, but NB clashes with 1st West Yorks XC
Some more Results
Bill Murphy has competed in two Ironman triathlons in the last 3 months, including 12:28 (that's hours and minutes) at the UK Championships at Sherborne, where he took 3 seconds (!!!!) off his PB.  Read his race reports at
Tracey finished 3rd at the Liverpool 5k today in 16:35 (10 seconds behind Tegla Laroupe, I'm told), looking on good form for the Great North Run
Leeds Country Way Results
The following results are awaiting confirmation, I do not yet have final positions for the B and C teams
A1    Julian     Bhowmick       1:23:04
A1    Paul       Hunter        
A2    Gary       Shipley        1:22:51
A2    Drew       Taylor        
A3    Eric       Green          1:22:20
A3    John       Uttley
A4    Simon      Vallance       1:21:17 (4th fastest men)
A4    Steve      Webb          
A5    Andrew     Cutts          1:11:30
A5    Alan       Hutchinson    
A6    Gary       Sutherland     1:11:11
A6    Tim        Towler        
                                7:52:13 (6th overall, 1st vets)
B1    Mick       Loftus         1:25:27
B1    Mick       Wrench        
B2    Rob        Bumstead       1:27:25
B2    Bob        Jackson       
B3    Bill       Murphy         1:24:28
B3    Mick       Tinker        
B4    Richard    King           1:26:08
B4    Ian        Sanderson     
B5    Andy       Thorpe         1:15:52
B5    Paul       White         
B6    John       Hallas         1:12:38
B6    Dave       Middlemas     
C1    Patrick    Barrett        1:38:17
C1    Paul       Sanderson     
C2    Paul       Furness        1:58:03
C2    Simon      Redshaw       
C3    John       Laird          1:38:39
C3    John       Wallace       
C4    Rob        Liddle         1:37:06
C4    Geoff      Webster       
C5    Tony       Haygarth       1:31:44 (fastest mixed pair)
C5    Tracy      Stewart       
C6    Penny      Sanders        1:34:37 (4th fastest ladies)
C6    Sylvia     Watson        
L1    Jules      Barltrop       1:37:17 (2nd fastest ladies)
L1    Samantha   Harris        
L2    Elika      Tasker         1:52:10 (3rd fastest ladies)
L2    Mivvy      Tekchandani   
L3    Kay        Duggleby       1:45:15
L3    Mary       Egan          
L4    Laura      Clark          1:39:29 (2nd fastest ladies)
L4    Hayley     Palmer        
L5    Carmel     Barker         1:21:02 (2nd fastest ladies)
L5    Carole     Schofield     
L6    Sam        Davies         1:18:35 (fastest ladies on leg)
L6    Erica      Hiorns        
                                9:33:48 (ladies runners-up)
NB Congratulations also to Alison Bogie who with Naomi was fastest ladies pair on leg 3
Our womens team were 30 minutes behind Horsforth but 13 ahead of C.A. and 23 ahead of Abbey.