Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2006 11:55 PM
Subject: Final reminder for cross-country and pie/peas, Tracey win at Wetherby, etc

Cross Country
Yes, this is your FINAL reminder for cross-country, I must post off the list on names on Saturday night, so your cut-off is 9pm Saturday.
The races are
Sat 14 Oct @ Huddersfield
Sun 29 Oct @ Adel
Sun 19 Nov @ Wakefield
Sun 3 Dec @ Guiseley
Races for women are between 5km and 6km, start time 1:30 pm, men's races between 9km and 10km, start time 2:15pm.
My current list is at the foot of this email, please check you are included!
I will keep the list on the website up to date
Pie and Peas and Harewood Marshals Meeting Tuesday 25 September
We'll have a brief discussion (no more than 15 minutes) of marshalling arrangements next Tuesday evening and pie and peas will be served, please book by Sunday evening.
My current list is at the foot of this email, please check you are included!
Harewood 10mile Marshals Sunday 8 October
We're intending to allocate jobs and positions next Tuesday, so if you think you will be available to marshal, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible, including your preferred location.
We have 42 names so far, so we do need another 28.  We have 380 runners so far, so it will be a successful event for the numbers of runners and for the profit for Lineham Farm ... providing we have enough marshals that we don't lose anyone on the route.
We have had to put back the AGM one week to Tuesday 24 October.  Please amend your diaries accordingly.
Great North Run
David Barton and his family are unable to run so there are 4 running numbers available (1 man V50, 3 women various ages).  If you want to run, and understand the 13 rules of why you shouldn't take someone else's number then contact David on 278-9629.
Mileta 10k (hilly)
 35 Eric Green       42:34
 70 Peter Lambert    48:53 (1st M70)
Wetherby 10k (roads and footpaths)
  6 Tracey Morris    35:25 (1st W)
 21 Tim Towler       40:38
 24 Alison Bogie     41:19 (3rd W)
 31 Mick Tinker      42:08
 32 Bob Jackson      42:15
 37 Eric Green       42:32
119 Carole Towler    54:40
202 finished
Tracey also won a 100 bonus for finishing below 35:30
There was a battle amongst the Arcadia Striders where Mick beat Bob for the second time in a week.  They both overtook Eric just after 8km, but Eric had also run the Mileta 10k in the morning so had an excuse for tiring.  Carole Towler finished just over half-way amongst a group of club runners, c'mon Carole, put your 10 down and get your Striders vest.
Cross Country List (37 so far)
Alistair Fale
Andy Thorpe       paid
Anna Costello
Bob Jackson       paid
Bob Wilkes
Carole Schofield  paid
Caz Farrow        paid
Dave Morley       paid
Dawn Morley       paid
Drew Taylor       paid
Eric Green        paid
Geoff Webster
Hayley Palmer
Ian Sanderson     paid
Jerry Watson      paid
John Hallas       paid
John Wallace      paid
Julian Bhowmick   paid
Kathy Kaiser      paid
Laura Clark
Madeleine Watson  paid
Mark Hunter       paid
Mick Tinker       paid
Mick Wrench       paid
Mivvy Tekchandani
Paul Hunter       paid
Paul Sanderson    paid
Richard King      paid
Rob Bumstead      paid
Sara Dyer         paid
Simon Redshaw     paid
Simon Vallance    paid
Steve Webb        paid
Steve Morley      paid
Sylvia Watson
Tim Towler        paid
Tony Haygarth     paid

Pie and Peas List 25 September
Andrew Cutts      M P
Bob Jackson       V B
Gary Sutherland   M P
John Wallace      M P
John Umpleby      M P
Pat Umpleby       M P
Paul Hunter       M P
Simon Redshaw     M P