Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 9:32 AM
Subject: VS Update - Urgent Reminders, Results, Less Urgent Reminders

Just for once this email does not mention the Harewood Trail race, except to say that the up-to-date list of marshals and VACANCIES is on the website
Urgent / New Reminders
London Marathon Good-for-Age
Reminder that applications need to be in by 6 October (see London Marathon website for details)
Calderdale Way Sunday 10 Decmber
We have entered two teams of 12.  Contact Geoff 266 6288 if you want to run.  NB its 3.50 per person so start saving now!
Cross Country
Location of the first race is Salendine Nook High School,417490&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf
The nearest exit off the M62 is J24, there is no exit from J23 Westbound
The women's race starts at 13:45, the men's race at 14:15.  The course is described as "suitable for spikes or studs"
If anyone is interested in car-sharing, contact me by email, including your suggested meeting point and I'll put people in touch with each other.  Better still, use the message board!!  
Roundhay Off road 5 mile
  3 Dave Middlemas
  9 Elika Tasker      1st W
 10 Andrew Cutts      1st M40 but beaten by 2 M50's
 11 Bob Jackson       3rd M50
 12 Rick Mather       (Elika's partner, Oldham & Royton H)
 14 Dan Murray        (new member?)
 17 Dave Morley
 34 Mivvy Tekchandani
 41 Ken Kaiser
 54 Kathy Kaiser
 73 Louise Cleghorn
129 finishers
Horsforth 10k
 15 John Uttley      38:43
124 Peter Lambert    48:19
350 finishers
Selby Half Marathon (VS GP)
                                    GP Points
 26 Ian Sanderson    1:21:25          100
 49 Drew Taylor      1:26:45           99
 62 Roy Flesher      1:28:12   M50/2   98
 79 Paul White       1:31:10   M55/3   97
 85 Eric Green       1:32:08           96
151 Carmel Barker    1:38:33           95
155 Erica Hiorns     1:38:49           94
209 Bob Wilkes       1:44:42   M65/2   93
314 Paul Sanderson   1:56:17           92
pics from Colin Barker and Mark Hunter are now on the Valley Striders website,
Good Shepherd Classic 15m 2000' BL Mytholmroyd

      Ross Anderson     2:20
      John Hallas       2:40
Great North Run
   85 Tracey Morris     1:13:06  12th W  P.B.
 2186 Dan Murray        1:39:52
13836 Tracy Stewart     2:05:55
26159 Louise Cleghorn   2:28:06
The winning womens time was relatively slow, over 70 minutes, so for Tracey 1 to get a PB was a great run.  Tracy 2 has had achilles problems in the weeks prior to the race, which recurred and she had to walk/jog the last 3 miles.  Were there any more Striders?
Kirkstall 10k - unofficial results
      Richard King      40:01
      Tim Towler        40:02
      Andy Thorpe       40:20
Were there any more Striders?
Loch Ness Marathon - unofficial results
      Jules Barltrop    3:02:something
Jules was 4th W behind three foreigners, a Kenyan, a Pole and a Scot (oops maybe a Scot in Scotland isn't foreign)
Less Urgent Reminders
Abbey Dash (26 November) entries  available online at
Chevin Chase (26 December) entries  available at
Brass Monkey Half Marathon entries  are closed.  If you sent off your entry form on the Monday you got in, Tuesday was too late
Snake Lane (25 February) entries  also fills fast, entry form on John Schofield's website
There is now a full list of Dates on the website
Spikes wanted Just wondered if anyone has any spare/old spikes size 5 1/2-6 ish - Caz Farrow
See you Sunday!!!