Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 00:10 AM
Subject: V S Update - AGM Actions, GP events, Calderdale, Xmas meal, Cross Country, Results

This email is from my new computer with my reconstituted address book.  If you know of anyone who is on email but has not received this, please let me know.  NB there are 3 address lists, one for Hotmail addresses (there seems to be a limit on the number of people that can be copied on a hotmail email), one for the other Valley Striders members, and for potential new members and hangers-on!




Thanks to our new Secretary, Geoff Webster, for preparing a comprehensive set of minutes which have been emailed to everyone and will shortly appear on the website.  Steve Webb’s report which was read out at the meeting will also shortly appear on the website.


There were a few discussions where we ran out of time and we agreed to reconvene on a Tuesday evening


Tuesday 14 November – to discuss the registration of a number of Valley Striders members as Race Officials with UK Athletics.  Anyone who has marshalled, officiated at the race finish or administered entries or results of the Meanwood Trail, Harewood Trail or Pulse Race can be registered, so if you have, come along on 14 November to continue the discussions.


Tuesday 21 November – to discuss the events for the 2007 Grand Prix and the events that we plan to enter teams in 2007.  This meeting will be led by our 2 Grand Prix co-ordinators and our 4 Captains, but all club members are welcome to come along on 21 November to continue the discussions.


Membership Subscriptions If you are still owing your membership subscription for Sep 2006 – Aug 2007, please send a cheque for 10, payable to Valley Striders, to our new Treasurer, Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds LS14 1NX


Grand Prix


There are now just 3 races to go.  The latest points table is on the website.  Who will win the various categories?  Look at the table and get your bets on with William Hill.


Sunday 18 November – West Yorks XC at Wakefield – entries closed.  It is important that as many Striders as possible run the last 2 WYXC races as we have a chance of winning the John Smith Challenge Trophy for best placed team outside the top 3 mens and womens teams.


Sunday 25 November – Abbey Dash – entries closed – if you haven’t got your race pack or got the wrong one, you need to contact 020 7239 1922.  If you’re not running and are available to marshal, contact Geoff Webster.  The race charity is Help the Aged and we all will be one day.


Sunday 3 December – West Yorks XC at Guiseley – contact me if you want to run


Calderdale Way – Sunday 10 December 


(NB this message has already been sent by Paul Hunter to most Striders wimmin)


Geoff Webster is struggling to get enough Wimmin to commit themselves for the above race.


In years gone by the club has had some success in the Mixed Team event, last year we finished 3rd, just 8mins behind the leaders – surely we can do better than this and win the trophy!!!!


In the club we have at least a 50 wimmin members 15 of you have entered the cross country league - so can we find just 6 plus some reserves for this great event.


If interested phone Geoff on 0113 266 6288 or Mob 07779 757 352 – Don’t assume someone else will phone, please make yourselves available!!!!


Xmas meal – Friday 15 December


The date is Friday 15 December, the venue is Leo’s, the man taking bookings is Steve O’Callaghan, the price is not decided yet but certainly under 10.


Sport Direct Cross Country League – first race Sunday 17 December


I believe we have been accepted to participate in this league which is a series of 5 races the first one being at Woodkirk  on Sunday 17 December at 11a.m.   We need (at least) 8 men and (at least) 4 wimmin.  The other dates are 7 Jan, 28 Jan, 18 Feb and 4 Mar.


Cross Country dates for 2007


Thanks to John Hallas for collating the following information


Details of forthcoming X/C races are below.  As the closing date for both the Yorkshire and Northern are only a month away we will need to get some names organised.  The National X/C is at Sunderland this year and hopefully we can provide a team. This is a great race and a real experience for anyone who has never done one before


Yorkshire 6 Jan 2007 at Skipton start 1:30 (women) 2:15 (men) start 4.00 closing date 15 December


Northern 27 Jan 2007 at Heaton Park Manchester start ???? (women) 2:10 (men) 3.00 closing date 11 December.  (Heaton Park is very easy when travelling from Leeds - J18 M62 and turn left down the M60 and then off at next junction, then less than a mile.)


English National 10 March 2007 at Sunderland on. No details as yet. The main requirement for entry is that we have entered a team (but not necessarily raced) at the Northern Champs




Withins Skyline (GP & FC)


   24 Steve Webb         0:47:26      100   A 40         

   36 Dave Middlemas     0:48:56       99   U            

  197 Geoff Webster      1:03:47       98   D 50         

  204 Mark Hunter        1:04:31       97   C 40          

  232 Erica Hiorns       1:08:26       96   D LV         


Cross Country at Bodington (GP)


   16 Elika Tasker       0:24:09       97   U L        

   27 Caz Farrow         0:24:59       93   U L        

   45 Carole Schofield   0:26:09       91   C LV       

   51 Karen Wright       0:26:40       88   U L        

   59 Anna Costello      0:27:07       87   2 L        

   68 Hayley Palmer      0:27:47       86   C L        

  101 Sylvia Watson      0:31:42       81   D LV       

  113 Lyn Eden           0:35:35       80   2 LV       


   41 Steve Webb         0:32:53      100   A 40       

   82 Drew Taylor        0:34:43       99   A 40       

  105 Jerry Watson       0:35:42       98   2 40       

  108 Ian Sanderson      0:35:47       98   B          

  129 Steve Morley       0:36:52       96   U          

  136 Alan Hutchinson    0:37:03       95   B 40       

  143 Tim Towler         0:37:25       94   B 40       

  144 Paul Hunter        0:37:35       92   B 40       

  169 Bob Jackson        0:39:17       90   B 50       

  171 Mick Tinker        0:39:22       89   B 50       

  192 Tony Haygarth      0:40:48       87   D 50       

  206 Simon Redshaw      0:42:14       85   D          

  213 Geoff Webster      0:43:35       84   D 50       

  218 Paul Sanderson     0:44:42       83   C          

  219 Bob Wilkes         0:44:51       82   C 50       

  220 Jim Towers         0:45:12       81   2 50       


OMM Original Mountain Marathon (formerly known as KIMM)


Our ultra-distance trail-running season, which had its high at the Lyke Wake Race, finished on a low at OMM.  We had 4 entrants and no finishers this year.  Mick Wrench had flu, so neither he nor his partner Mick Loftus went to Galloway.  Laura Clark and her partner survived one day which was half a day longer than Ross Anderson and his partner.  All the routes were tougher than normal; in the elite class, only 19 pairs finished of 62 starting.


Guy Fawkes 10 mile at Ripley


  101 Alison Bogie        1:09:28

  102 Richard King        1:09:32

  115 Steve Trout         1:10:34 (first run as Strider)

  189 Dan Murray          1:14:41

  212 Laura Clark         1:16:01

  251 Simon Redshaw       1:17:43 PB

  287 Bill Murphy         1:18:58

  344 Hayley Palmer       1:20:55

  353 Peter Lambert       1:21:28

  584 Kay Duggleby        1:30:24


Last but not least


Burley Bridge Hike 21 miles (GP)


Congratulations to Caz Farrow who is the first name on the Valley striders roll-of-honour 2006/7 for being first woman at the Burley Bridge Hike.


    2 Steve Webb         2:54:00      100   A 40       

    4 Simon Vallance     3:04:00       99   A 40       

    4 Mick Wrench        3:04:00       99   A          

    7 Andrew Cutts       3:07:00       97   A 40       

    7 Paul Hunter        3:07:00       97   B 40       

   13 Caz Farrow         3:19:00       95   B L        

   15 Bob Jackson        3:21:00       94   B 50       

   21 Geoff Webster      3:43:00       93   D 50       

   55 Madeleine Watson   4:21:00       92   U LV        

   64 Sara Dyer          4:38:00       91   E LV       

   85 Alan Hutchinson    5:09:00       90   B 40