Sent: 19 November 2006 23:34
Subject: V S Update - Key dates, XC results, Fell dates, Grading of officials


Key Dates


Tuesday 21 November – 8:30pm – discussion of Grand Prix events for 2007 and Captain’s roles – everyone welcome


Tuesday 28 November – 8:30pm – continue discussion of registration of race officials – everyone welcome – see the discussion document at the end of this email (thanks to Jerry Watson)


Sunday 3 December – final cross-country – we have a good chance of winning the J E Smith trophy, let’s get our best team out


Friday 15 December – Christmas meal at Leo’s – 7pm for 7:30pm, £9 cheque payable to “S. O’Callaghan”, contact Steve on 267-7779 or


Sunday 17 December – first race in Sport Direct cross country league


Sunday 31 December - Winter Handicap 5 miles, meet by Res at 11:00


The Dates page on the website has been updated with lots more events


Cross Country results


Women finished 5th team, our highest place this year

                                    GP pts

   20 Caz Farrow         0:21:24       97           

   33 Laura Clark        0:22:18       96          

   37 Karen Wright       0:22:29       93          

   38 Anna Costello      0:22:35       91          

   40 Carole Schofield   0:22:44       91          

   79 Sylvia Watson      0:27:16       85          

   88 Lyn Eden           0:30:23       84          


Men finished 14th team

   48 Steve Webb         0:34:39      100          

   71 Jerry Watson       0:35:53       99          

   92 Drew Taylor        0:36:58       99          

  106 Ian Sanderson      0:37:39       98          

  157 Bob Jackson        0:40:53       95           

  161 Dave Morley        0:41:03       94          

  164 Mick Tinker        0:41:12       92          

  191 Mark Hunter        0:44:08       90          

  193 Eric Green         0:44:26       89          

  199 Jim Towers         0:45:10       88          

  207 Bob Wilkes         0:47:39       88          

  208 Geoff Webster      0:48:08       87          

  213 Paul Sanderson     0:49:01       86          


Abbey Dash race number


Have you read the 13 rules why you should not borrow someone else’s race number?


If you have and you comply with the conditions and you want to run in Paul Hunter’s number, contact Paul


Some Fell Races you may care to try (from Madeleine Watson)


I made a comment about not seeing many Valley Striders at races I’ve been to recently, and I got the response that I didn’t tell people where I was going. So here is my list until the end of the year. Hope to see some of you there. Happy to share lifts if it would help. Madeleine


Sun 26 Nov – Rivock Edge, Keighley

Sun 3 Dec – XC, Guiseley

Sun 10 Dec – Calderdale Way relay

Sun 17 Dec – The Stoop, Haworth

Tues 26 Dec – Chevin Chase

Sun 31 Dec – Auld Lang Syne, Haworth


Next year’s English Fell Championships (from Madeleine Watson)


In case you’re in planning mode, below are English championship races for 2007. It would be good to get teams out – 5 men, 4 vet 40 men, 3 vet 50 men, 3 women. Some of these require pre-entry. And some are more suitable for people new to fell running than others. The championship is based on the best 4 out of 6, with one at each distance (short, medium, long) if you do have 4 races. You enter the individual races and the points are allocated by the FRA statistician (which has been me for the last 3 years, but is about to change). There are a different number of people who get points depending on your age (eg first 50 men, first 40 men over 40, first 30 women). Contact Geoff or Madeleine for more details. Or look on the FRA website –


Sunday 18th March – Edale Skyline, Derbyshire. Long. 21miles/ 4500’ climb

Sunday 22nd April – Paddy’s Pole, Lancs. short  4.5miles/ 1100’ climb

Saturday 19th May – Fairfield Horseshoe, Lakes. Medium 9 miles/3000’ climb 

Saturday 2nd June – Duddon Valley, Lakes. Long 20 miles/6000’  climb

Saturday 18th August – Weasdale Horseshoe, Lakes. Medium. 8 miles/2000’ climb

Saturday 6th October – Great Whernside, Kettlewell. Short. 4 miles /1555’ climb


Grading Of Officials For Endurance Races (from Jerry Watson)


UK Athletics (UKA) changed the rules in April 2006 regarding the officials needed for races, although on the very first page of the rule book it does say that final decisions have not yet been taken! For those who are interested I have copied rules as published below. For those that would like to see the full rule book then it can be downloaded from the UK Athletics website (under the tab of ‘Competition’) or purchased from the UKA bookshop. However for those who want an abridged version read on.


There have always been qualified officials in track and field, but endurance events have escaped. Not for much longer! UKA are now extending the idea of qualified officials across all disciplines including x-country, road and trail – the Fell runners got themselves organised and have a stay of execution. There are now new ‘Levels’ of officials (as opposed to Grades!), and UKA are working on getting all the processes behind supporting these Levels and the hoops you have to jump through to qualify. This is relevant to Valley Striders because we put on two races classed as Endurance (Meanwood and Harewood). UKA have not yet announced how many qualified officials an event needs, nor what level they have to be. However it is in our interest to have qualified officials, as to ensure the validity of the insurance we get from UKA for our races we have to show that qualified officials are looking after the unqualified helpers.   


“Why now?” and “Why me?” I hear you ask. Well, the rule book came out in April, but as with all good organisations UKA issued the rules before the processes were in place to support the rule changes. So as yet there is not a syllabus in place in order to qualify Endurance Officials. UKA’s way around this is (look at rule 4.2) that until at least 31 December 2006 clubs can recommend to county associations those they think are suitably qualified. So, by filling out a form (the club has copies but it can also be downloaded from the main page of the North of England Athletic Association web site) and the form being signed by race organiser / club secretary and sent to the Yorkshire County Athletics Association you can become a grade 2 official.


Grade 3 is slightly more stringent and will need support from the county so will require a bit more work.


My guess is that once UKA get more organised to get these pieces of paper there will be a course and a log book to log all your experience before you can qualify, hence the idea to act now if you can.


So why might you want to want to do this?

  • It will give the club more flexibility when it comes to putting on events
  • It is at its easiest to qualify now
  • You may want to move up the levels of officialdom at some point in the future.

Of course you may think this is all bureaucracy and you want nothing more to do with it. There is also a risk of your name being on a list and perhaps being asked by other clubs to help them, but I’m guessing there. Please note that not having the qualification does not stop you helping out in future, it just means that in the event of a problem the race organiser would have to show you to be acting under the guidance of a qualified person.


The forms were at the club on Tuesday 14th and we plan to have a filling out session on Tuesday 28th after the run for those that want to do this. I am not an expert by any means on this but if you have questions then please contact me at:


Jerry Watson (  


The rules are laid out in the Rules, from page 171 (Adobe page 180) onwards


Postscript from Bob


Our current plan is to register at level 2 all Striders who have marshalled or officiated in any way at two or more of our races in the last 4 years, and to register at level 3 all Striders who have supervised (e.g. team leader) or held a technical position (e.g. timekeeper) at two or more of our races in the last 4 years.


More details will follow after our November 28th meeting.  You don’t need to attend to be registered, but if you are interested and wish to participate in the discussions, then come along!