Sent: 27 November 2006 23:33
Subject: V S Update - dates, London marathon, Abbey Dash, 2007 Grand Prix




West Yorkshire Cross Country at Guiseley on Sunday 3 December.  In the J E Smith Challenge Trophy for teams not in the medal positions, we are third behind Knavesmire and Scunthorpe, but Kanvesmire are currently in 3rd place in the mens team and Scunthorpe in 3rd place in the women’s team.  So providing they retain their positions, they will not be eligible and we will win the trophy.  BUT, OTLEY are only 43 points behind us.  We must put out our BEST TEAM in order to stay ahead of Otley.


Pie and Peas night on Tuesday 5 December.  Order meat or veg. pie with mushy peas or beans to this email address by Sunday night 3rd December at the latest.  I’ll update the lists page on the website with orders.


Entries for the Yorkshire XC Championship (Sat 6 Jan) and the Northerns (Sat 27 Jan), close early in December, we will fill out the entry forms on Tuesday 5th, so if you want to run in either or both of these, then email me on or before Monday 4th.  NB entry fees are £3 and £4 but I can’t remember which way round, so just send a cheque for £7.  Check your entry on the lists page .


Calderdale Way on 10 December, we have two teams but some reserves would be useful, phone Geoff on 266 6288


Xmas meal on 15 December, bookings to Steve O’Callaghan £9 per person, cheques payable to Steve.


Future Races Get your entry forms in as soon as possible for Chevin Chase, Dewsbury 10k and Baildon Boundary Way, all of these fill fast.  And are Grand Prix events, too.


The first Sport Direct race is on Sunday 17 December, details to follow.  Let’s have a big club entry for the first race, you can do your Xmas shopping in the afternoon.


Winter Handicap confirmed to be Sunday 31 December, 11:00 from the Res, then back to Leo’s afterwards.


London Marathon Club Entries


We have received our allocation of club entries for the London Marathon, we have 3 places again.


These will go to Mivvy Tekchandani, Hayley Palmer and Kay Duggleby, who were unsuccessful in the 2004 draw.  However if any of them do not wish to run or if any of them get places in the London Marathon ballot, then there will be place(s) open to other Striders. 


So, if you receive a rejection, let me know before Thursday 14 December and I will put your name in the draw to be made at Club Christmas Do and Presentation Night.


Flora London Marathon Running Club Partner scheme


Valley Striders have been accepted into this scheme, whereby our club details we will be listed on the Marathon website and hopefully people running the London Marathon who are not members of a club will find our entry and will come to us for training sessions and advice (and hopefully join the club, too!)


London Marathon Pace Run


3 years ago we supported a Runners World pace run from Harewood House.  This was a 16 mile route (2 laps of 8 miles) and there were about 5 groups of runners at various paces from 7 minute miling to 11 minute miling to get people used to running a long distance at a steady pace in preparation for the marathon.


2 years ago we were due to put on the same event but it was cancelled due to bad weather. 


This year we have been invited to do it again.  If you think would like to help organise this or you think you would like to be a pace leader for a group of runners, then let me know IMMEDIATELY, as I need to gauge numbers so that we can let Runners World know whether we want to do this or not.


Grand Prix 2006


Only one race to go, now. If you have run in 8 or more GP events could you please let Paul White

( know whether or not you wish to buy a t-shirt for £8 (nb group winners get one free).  Please state size required ie Small, Medium or Large.   (I’ll have a medium, please, Paul)


Abbey Dash Results


There were 23 first claim Striders, 5 second claim Striders, 4 friends and another 3918 runners up and down Kirkstall Road on Sunday morning.


Special mention to

  • Dave Middlemas, first Strider home and 100 Grand Prix Points
  • Mary Egan, 4th W50-59, but sadly no prize
  • Steve Trout, Dan Murray and Melanie Watson gaining their first Grand Prix points
  • Gary Sutherland awarded 1st W45-49, is there something you’re not telling us, Gary
  • Dan Murray for getting himself the most accurate position on the start line (he was 543 actual finish and 542 on chip time)
  • Bobby Nduwala for being much too sportsmanlike at the start, it took him 5 minutes to get through and then he picked up 429 positions (or maybe he was just late arriving)
  • Peter Johnson for 1st V55-59 and getting his picture in the Evening Post, but you’d have looked much better in a Striders vest, Peter


 Chip                       Chip   G.P    Gun     Gun  

  Pos                       Time   Pts    Pos    Time  

  139 Dave Middlemas     0:36:11   100    137   36.16   B          

  149 Martin Horbury     0:36:28    99    151   36.36   X 40       

  155 Peter Johnson      0:36:32    99    153   36.37   P 50       

  174 Jon Willingham     0:37:02    99    172   37.07   P          

  180 Drew Taylor        0:37:13    99    177   37.20   A 40       

  184 Mark Hetherington  0:37:16    98    181   37:28   P

  217 John Uttley        0:37:48    98    209   37.57   B 40       

  235 Gary Sutherland    0:38:08    97    230   38.19   C 40       

  236 Ian Sanderson      0:38:08    96    241   38.24   B          

  260 Andy Thorpe        0:38:40    95    259   39.06   B          

  261 Howard Jeffrey     0:38:41    94    251   38.55   2 50       

  275 Simon Vallance     0:39:01    94    264   39.11   A 40       

  333 Eric Green         0:39:54    93    322   40.21   B 40       

  380 Bob Jackson        0:40:40    92    357   40.54   B 50       

  408 Steve Trout        0:41:03    91    378   41.23   U          

  447 Jonny Harrison     0:41:27    90    415   41.54   2          

  460 Mick Tinker        0:41:37    90    406   41.46   B 50       

  476 Dave Morley        0:41:49    89    416   41.55   U          

  528 Anna Costello      0:42:18    88    522   43.22   2 L        

  542 Dan Murray         0:42:25    88    543   43.32   U          

  640 Carmel Barker      0:43:23    87    603   44.22   C LV       

  692 Mary Egan          0:43:52    86    757   45.57   D LV       

  706 Simon Redshaw      0:43:58    85    652   44.51   D          

  970 Leroy Sutton       0:45:54    84   1172   49.19   U 40       

  985 Dave Milner        0:46:02    83    806   46.31   2 40       

 1001 Bobby Ndawula      0:46:09    83   1430   51.26   C          

 1042 Paul Sanderson     0:46:25    82    959   47.44   C          

 1642 John Wallace       0:49:58    81   1843   54.30   U          

 1669 Lisa Hodgson       0:50:09    80   1548   52.16   U L        

 1818 Melanie Gray       0:51:09    79   2035   55.41   P LV       

 1878 Anne Worrall       0:51:30    79   1721   53.38   U LV       

 2132 Max Jones          0:53:11    78   1822   54.24   2 50       

 3781 Melanie Watson     1:10:42    78   3760   74.40   U L        


The website has been updated with the latest positions.


Grand Prix Format for 2007


We have decided to stay with the same format but added two new features. 


  • The format is still 31 races – 6 short, 6 medium, 5 long, 6 fell and trail, 4 cross country, 4 handicap. 
  • In the short races we have lost Pudsey 10k and added the Wetherby 10k
  • In the medium races we have lost the Bishop Wilton half and added ??? (was to have been Snake Lane but that is already full)
  • In the long races we have lost Rombalds Stride and added Wharfedale off road marathon
  • In the cross country we now have the 3rd and 5th Sport Direct races (Jan 28 and March 4) and the 1st and 3rd West Yorkshire (October/November)
  • In trail and fell we have lost Settle Hills and added Norland Moor


Madeleine Watson has suggested that the Grand Prix should be awarded on a handicap basis.  We have decided to retain the current format of overall men’s and women’s champions, 3 vets category prizes and 4 group, but in addition we will award a T-shirt to the handicap winner. 


Alan Hutchinson has proposed a scheme whereby we award certificates to club members who achieve prescribed times at a variety of distances.  There might be 4 levels of performance – elite, gold, silver, bronze.  We would use the age-graded tables to determine the required times e.g. elite might be 90%, gold 80%, silver 70%, bronze 60%.  This system would apply to all races run, not just Grand Prix.


We’ll publish more on these two new features in a later V S Update.