Sent: 03 December 2006 23:35
Subject: V S Update : Grading of Officials for UK Athletics


There will be an opportunity for further discussion of this subject this Tuesday night (5 December) at Leo’s. 


We will also be filling in entry forms for the Yorkshire and Northern cross-country championships, please let me know before Monday 11pm if you want to enter.


And if you want pie and peas, the deadline has been extended, please email back before 8pm Monday!


Grading of Officials for UK Athletics


Over the last 3 weeks we have been looking at the documents regarding grading of officials for UK Athletics.  Thanks in particular to Jerry Watson for his help in investigating the detail and pointing us in the right direction, and also to the “subcommittee” (i.e. anyone who turned up) last Tuesday who discussed how the forms should be filled in, filled in their own forms and then filled in some more.


It is likely that from 2007, to obtain a permit to organise a race, the promoting club will need to be able to demonstrate that it has a sufficient quota of qualified marshals and officials.  The scheme at the moment allows us to nominate officials based on experience but without formal qualifications.  It is likely that from 2007, officials will have to pass tests to be approved.  Hence the urgency to act before the end of the year.


I quote from the form


Level 2: The basic level with the aim being to recruit, encourage and recognise as many people as possible.  At this level, officials are expected to have knowledge and practical experience of the duties involved for at least one year.


Level 3: Officials at this level must have at least 1 year’s service at Level 2 involving a number of races.  They should have knowledge and practical experience of more than one area of race organisation (start, course, finish, timekeeping and rules & administration).


Level 5: At this level an official must have at least 3 years active service at level 3.  During that time they must have satisfied their peers of their competence.  They should have knowledge and practical experience of all areas of race organisation and have acted as a “key official” in a number of races.


We have reviewed who has been involved in races organised by Valley Striders over the last 4 years (Meanwood Trail, Harewood Trail, Pulse Race).


Anyone who has marshalled in at least two Valley Striders races in the last 4 years is being put forward at level 2.  Anyone who has held a supervisory role (team leader) or administrative role (e.g. timekeeper or entries secretary) in at least two races is being put forward at level 3.  These are our recommendations


Level 2: Jenny Bates , Mark Bean , John Blundell , Nick Brown , John Bucktrout , Danny Burnham , Laura Clark , Natalie Crossland , Andrew Cutts , Robert Cutts , Dick Dale ,  Sam Davies , Kay Duggleby , Mary Egan , Alistair Fale , Roy Flesher , Joel Giddings , Michael Grant , Sheila Grant , John Hallas , Erica Hiorns , Mark Hunter , Emma Jenkins , Richard King , George Little , Mick Loftus , Anne McCaffrey , Dave Middlemas , Dawn Morley , Bill Murphy , Hayley Palmer , Simon Redshaw , Ian Sanderson , Paul Sanderson , Chris Sawyer , Peter Stevenson , Tracy Stewart , Gary Sutherland , Mivvy Tekchandani , John Umpleby , Pat Umpleby , Debbi Wagman , Bob Wilkes , Mick Wrench .


Level 3: Harry Bates , Julian Bhowmick , Jo Briscoe , Paul Briscoe , Rob Bumstead , Keith Cluderay , Eileen Crosfill , Mike Crosfill , Eric Cusack , Sara Dyer , Paul Furness , Eric Green , Brian Hanley , Mary Harris , Sam Harris , Tony Haygarth , Paul Hunter , Alan Hutchinson , Max Jones , Kathy Kaiser , Peter Lambert , Ian Place , Carole Schofield , Drew Taylor , Mick Tinker , Tim Towler , Simon Vallance , Jerry Watson , Steve Webb , Paul White .


Level 5:  Bob Jackson , Steve O'Callaghan , Sylvia Watson , Geoff Webster


We have filled in forms on behalf of everyone, if anyone wants to see what has been filled in for them, please contact me.  If you wish to fill in your own form, contact me.  If you wish to be put forward at a different grade, contact me.  There may be some subsequent paperwork, you may need a passport photograph, and level 3 and 5 will need to go on a Health and Safety course before 31 Dec 2007.  If you do not wish to proceed now, let me know. But you will also be able to to opt-out later if, when you see what is involved, there is too much commitment for you.


We need to get all the forms in by the end of the year, so better to get too many forms in than too few.