Sent: 11 December 2006 23:00
Subject: V S Update - Xmas Meal, Sport Direct League, London Marathon, Calderdale Results etc


Xmas Meal and Presentation Night


This Friday, December 15th, 7:00 for 7:30pm at Leos.  Places are still available, £9 per person, contact Steve O


Sport Direct League 


(most of this information is from the website )


The first race of the 2006/07 season is on Sunday 17th December 2006 and is hosted by Woodkirk Striders.

The league “welcomes Valley Striders and Dragons(Yeadon) to the series for the first time. Hoping you all have an enjoyable run.”

The race venue is Shaw Cross Rugby League Club and is relatively easy to get to. Take the A653 from Leeds to Dewsbury. Pass the M62 junction and continue towards Dewsbury.  You pass Woodkirk Country Club on your left and about half a mile further on is the Rugby League club on your right. You can't miss it as there are open playing fields with rugby posts on them! There is plenty of parking on the main road but limited parking in the club itself. Full bar facilities are available afterwards! Registration starts from 10am and the race will start at 11am.


The course is more suitable to studs than spikes (two stretches of tarmac to run over). The course, bizarrely enough is also flat and therefore should be an interesting variation!  According to the Abbey Runners website, the distance is about 4 and a half miles.


Important items from the rules: (and my comments in italics)


Venue Rule 4.  Last registration to be 10.30 though may be extended to 10.45 at the discretion of the host club


Venue Rule 10.  The race entry fee shall be a maximum of £2.50 (All 2006/7 races likely to be £2.50!)


Scoring Rule 6.  No numbers will be issued – a disc system is used


Clubs Rule 3  Club Vests must be worn by runners


Clubs Rule 4  … is a rule about second claim members – I will send a separate email to ours


Scoring Rule 8.  There will be one finish funnel which then splits into two funnels (one male, one female).  Male runners to pick up a blue disc, female runners a pink disc.


Scoring Rule 7.  Team captains will be responsible for collecting finishing discs, completing the scoring sheet and returning it to the race organizers in the envelope provided.


Scoring Rule 5.  The same scoring rules will be used as for 2005/6,  which I believe is 8 men and 4 women to count.  However teams fielding less than this number of runners automatically score the points equivalent to the last runner for each of their missing runners.  So in effect everyone who turns up counts, because they add to the numbers and mean the teams with insufficient runners have higher penalties.  So let’s have as many Striders as possible on Sunday..


Venue Rule 7.  Runners taking part do so entirely at their own risk etc etc


Venue Rule 8.  All races must be under a BAF permit …


Venue Rule 9.  Runners must have priority to the after race refreshments.


Regarding Club Rule 3, Caz can I have my vest back please, Elika can I have my Tshirt back please and has anyone seen my spare vest that was with the club numbers at Guiseley.  Could “senior” members bring along any spare vests/ Tshirts on Sunday because I suspect we may have some newer members wanting to run who haven’t yet made the trip to Ilkley for a vest.


Chevin Chase / Meanwood Trail Entry Forms  I am hoping that we will have entry forms for the 2007 Meanwood Valley Trail Race printed to hand out at the end of the Chevin Chase.  Is there anyone not runningwho would be able to help handing out these forms (at least for the 15 minutes from when the winner finishes till when I get in). Please


Winter Handicap – Sunday 31 December, 11:00 start from by the side of the Lake, at the bottom of the Hill leading down from Alwoodley Lane (where we run our summer sessions).  5 miles round the Res almost to the farm and back.  Afterwards back at Leos, where we will, be drawing …


… London Marathon Entries  our 3 club places have been taken up by Kay Duggleby, Hayley Palmer and Mivvy Tekchandani, who were unlucky in our ballot for places in 2005.  However, if any of them is injured or unfit and decides before February 15 that they are unable to run, we can transfer their place to another runner.  So on 31 December, we will draw for a reserve place.  And we’ll also draw one guaranteed place for 2008. So if you have your rejection slip for 2007 and you want to be in these draws, let me know BEFORE 31 December.  So far I have 3 names – Patrick Barrett, Steve Trout and Michael Grant


London Marathon Pace Run  This was the 16 mile run from Harewood House that we helped Runners World to organise a couple of years ago, and they were considering another one in February/March next year.  I had 4 replies from people who were willing to pace a group or join in a pace group.  I had no-one willing to organise this.  If I don’t hear from anyone before Sunday, I’ll assume that we’ll not go ahead with this.


UK Athletics Officials  I’ve not had any comments back so will send the forms off as soon as I can find the address to send them to!  We will be registering 77 club members!!


Calderdale Way Results


Our 2 teams successfully negotiated the sixty or so miles of the Calderdale Way on Sunday, with the men’s team finishing precisely half way (50th out of 99 teams).  The mixed team were 11 places behind but the time difference was only ten and a half minutes so the recorders at the finish must have been busy around this time.


There were many of the old hands turning out, one or two for their only Striders’ race of the year, but really good to see 6 of this year’s new intake in the team of 24.


Thanks to Geoff for the organisation, and you’ll be owing him or Valley Striders £3.50


Dave Morley & Alistair Fale   1:33:57  64  64

Alan Hutchinson & Mark Hunter 1:20:59  58  61

Geoff Webster & Dan Murray    0:52:54  66  64

Simon Vallance & Steve Morley 1:25:03  39  53

Mick Tinker & Eric Green      1:12:12  51  54

Dave Middlemas & Andy Thorpe  1:32:14  43  50



Andrew Cutts & Paul Hunter    1:26:26  41  41

Liz Ball & Madeleine Watson   1:29:57  75  65

Sara Dyer & Sylvia Watson     1:01:22  83  67

Steve Webb & Mick Wrench      1:24:40  37  62

Caz Farrow & Karen Wright     1:21:15  71  66

Drew Taylor & Jerry Watson    1:24:05  22  61



You & Your Brain – Saturday 3rd February, 2007


Have you ever wondered whether mobile phones really are bad for your brain, what causes strokes or how déjà vu works? If so, come along to this exciting learning event and find out the answers to these questions and more. Some of the top scientists and doctors at the University of Leeds will be on hand to answer your questions, demonstrate new inventions and even let you try out equipment and gadgets. Learn about brain attacks, see how your memory works and find out about keeping your brain healthy.


Tickets are free of charge but are limited. Small community group bookings are especially welcome. Refreshments will be available. To book your place(s) contact Vicky Ward on 0113 343 1278, e-mail




Are you owing for

  • Subs £10
  • West Yorks XC £6
  • Calderdale Way £3.50
  • Subs £10
  • Yorks XC £4 and/or Northerns £3
  • Subs £10

If so, send a cheque, payable to “Valley Striders” to Paul White at 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds, LS14 1NX.  You can put a Xmas card in, too, if you want!