Sent: 21 December 2006 00:09
Subject: V S Update (B) - 2006 Presentation Night


Marathon Trophy


There had been 54 marathons run by 35 Striders and second-claim Striders in 2006.  


Fastest second claim Strider – Tim Crossland – 2:30 at London

Fastest first claim Strider – Tracey Morris – 2:33 at Melbourne (Commonwealth Games)

Fastest first claim Strider in a Striders vest – Brian Hanley – 2:36 at London

Fastest first claim woman Strider in a Striders vest – Jules Barltrop – 3:02 at London

Fastest off road marathon – Steve Webb – 3:20 at Wharfedale

Oldest marathon runner – Bob Wilkes – 4:50 at Wharfedale

Fastest by an Australian in Australia – Karen Natoli – 2:53 at Melbourne (City)

Fastest by an Australian in UK – Kirsten Jackson – 3:10 at London

Fastest by a Brit in Australia – Tracey

Fastest by a Brit in UK – Drew Taylor – 2:53 at London

4 marathons (possibly 5?) were run by Bill Murphy, including 2 as the last part of full ironman triathlons

3 marathons were run by Eric Green (fastest 3:04), Roy Flesher (3:06), Alison Bogie (3:09, also won Lyke Wake), Ross Anderson (all off road), Patrick Barrett (1 before he joined)

2 marathons were run by Tracey, Jules, Jon Uttley, Michael Grant, Mick Loftus (both off road), Simon Vallance (both off road)

1 marathon was run by 23 Striders including Mick Wrench who won the Lyke Wake run in 6:10.


At this point I recounted some stories about our earliest encounters with Tracey Morris, how Jane Sutton and I had beaten her in the Abbey Dash in December 2001, how Lisa Wilyman had recommended that she join the Striders in May 2002 (around the time of the Leeds Half), how after 18 months training and successful racing she had been discovered in the Abbey Dash of December 2003, how in the last 3 years she had run in 4 out of the 5 major marathon championships in the world (AAA London, Olympics, Commonwealth, European).  We presented Tracey with a cut glass vase engraved to commemorate these achievements (and with sufficient space to engrave World Championships should she be selected).


The Marathon Trophy then went to a vote by those present and by a large majority was awarded to Brian Hanley


Grand Prix T-shirts (presented by Paul White)


The Grand Prix races have been very popular again this year with 108 first claim members taking part. 


This year 21 runners completed at least 8 races, those not winning prizes were Simon Vallance, Richard King, Bob Jackson, Mick Tinker, Paul Hunter, Mark Hunter, Paul Sanderson, Bob Wilkes, Andrew Cutts, Julian Bhowmick, Eric Green, Alan Hutchinson, Simon Redshaw and Geoff Webster.


The 2nd Claim winner has taken part in a variety of events including all four West Yorkshire Cross Country’s Jerry Watson.


The winner of Group C has run in 6 Half Marathons this year, had a 10 mile PB aged 58 and is doing the London Marathon for the first time next year, it’s your new treasurer Paul White.


The winner of Group B has performed consistently well in 16 Grand Prix races, including 100 points for the Selby Half Marathon Ian Sanderson.


The Ladies Vets champion has entered a variety of races including all four West Yorkshire Cross Country’s and she is usually very well wrapped up with her hood on even during the summer, Carole Schofield.


The Vets Over 50 champion has taken part in 12 Grand Prix races including 100 points for the Rothwell 10K Roy Flesher.


The Vets Over 40 champion for the second year running is Drew Taylor.


The Ladies Champion is a new name this year, she was also first in Group D.  She has done Half Marathons, Cross Country, various other races and her first fell race it is Erica Hiorns.


The final award is for the Men’s and Overall Club Champion, it is somebody who was runner up for the last two years and has a perfect score of 800 points it is Steve Webb.


Thanks to Bob for collating the results and all the other work he does for the Club.  Good Luck to everybody for 2007 and let’s hope we are all fit, healthy and injury free.


Fell Championship Trophy


G.W. presented the Fell Championship Trophy, complete with shoe box and 3 whitish socks, to Simon Vallance.


Also Ran Trophy


The Stuart St John Also Ran Trophy was not won by any of our race winners during the year – Vicky, Tracey, Sam, Jules, Mick Wrench, Elika and most recently Caz (at Burley Bridge)


The Also Ran Trophy was not won by any of our Yorks Vets winners – Bob Wilkes, Sylvia, Peter Lambert, Lou Gilchrist, Max Jones.


The Also Ran Trophy was not won by our Yorkshire medallist – Brian Hanley silver at Spen 20.


The Also Ran Trophy was not won by our Yorkshire team winners – Tracey, Sam and Vicky at Dewsbury 10k.


The Also Ran Trophy was not won by any of our winning Bradford Millennium Way vets team, nor our winning Leeds Country Way vets team, nor our runners up LCW womens team, nor our runners up Calderdale Way mixed team – this accounts for 23 men and 18 women of whom Drew, Steve Webb and Andrew Cutts were in 3 of these teams (they weren’t in the LCW womens team in case you wondered)


The Also Ran Trophy was not won by any of the previous winners of the trophy (including, present at the presentation night, John Umpleby, Bob Wilkes, Paul White, Mark Bean, Eric Green, Bob Jackson)


The Also Ran Trophy was not won by anyone who ran fewer than 10 Grand Prix Races, this left Roy Flesher, Simon Redshaw, Paul Sanderson and Mick Tinker.


In recognition of running 20 Grand Prix Races, running 1 relay, helping at both trail races and being a regular Tuesday member, the Also Ran Trophy was presented to Paul Sanderson.


Also Ran Trophy little brother


Steve O presented me with a small version of the trophy, engraved with my name and the year 2005.  I would like to express my thanks to the  anonymous benefactor – the little brother sits proudly on my Valley Striders office desk occupying the position the original was in for the whole of 2006.




Steve made a short speech before MC’ing the raffle.  There was a surplus of £37 (which either indicates the generosity of the Striders or the skill of the purchasing team (thanks Jane)) which will be sent to Lineham Farm




Thanks to Steve for organising the do, to Tony for the food and to Tony’s bar staff for staffing the bar.


If you didn’t go to the Presentation Night this year and you’re thinking of going in 2007, just ask anyone who went what they thought of the evening.  Maybe we’ll have 70 or 80 Striders and friends there next year!