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Subject: Happy New Year, English National XC, Sport Direct XC, VSGP 2007, London Marathon, Chevin Chase and Handicap, Messages, Meanwood Trail, Striders Birthday

A very Happy New Year to you all! 


Are you sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin:


English National Cross Country


This is an event not to be missed.  The spectacle of 750 runners lined up the full width of a field, only 6 deep, and at the starters gun, heading for the far corner where the route starts to narrow.  And that’s just the women’s race. There will be 1500 men!  There will be GB runners at the front and hundreds of ordinary club runners at the back, so let’s have as a minimum 9 men and 4 women so our team is recorded in the places.  And we can actually have as many runners as we like, no limit on number of runners from each club.


The date – Saturday 10 March (2:15 for women, 3pm for men)

The venue – Herrington Country Park, near Sunderland, just 84 miles from Leos and only just off the A1

The distance – 8km for women, 12km for men

The cost - £3.50

The benefit – an experience as good as the London Marathon (I guarantee)

The closing date – we need to send entries off next Friday morning (12 January), so ideally would like all names in by next Tuesday (9 January)


Email me if you need any more information


Sport Direct Cross Country League (2006-7): Race 2 (Golden Acre Park)


Let’s get our best possible team out this weekend for the Sport Direct cross-country race, and let’s see if we can climb a few places in the league tables.


The following very comprehensive details were supplied by Abbey Runners (thanks, Mark)


Race Date & Time: Sunday 7th January 2007, start time 11.00am.


Race Location: The race will take place entirely within the grounds of Golden Acre Park (located near Bramhope alongside the A660 Leeds to Otley Road).


Registration: The race HQ will be beside the Arthington Road Car Park. Registration will be from 10.00 – 10.30am. See map:,441900&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf


Car Parking: The Arthington Road car park is fairly small, so, unless you arrive early, it is probably best to park in the main car park (on the A660) and walk across the park to the race HQ. Please do not park on Arthington Lane itself: it can be dangerous.


The Course: The course will be approximately 5 miles long and will consist of one small lap and two large laps. It is suitable for spikes (unless it is frozen), studs or trail shoes (unless it is very muddy). The course is undulating, with several short ascents and descents. There are some tight turns, some narrow sections and the main hazard underfoot is tree roots.


After The Race: Changing and showering facilities, race results and food will all be located at Adel Sports & Social Club, Church Lane, Adel. This is about one mile from the race HQ. See map:,440135&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf


V S Grand Prix 2007


Two races completed (see below for results), 29 to go, you only need 8 to qualify for a Grand Prix T-shirt, the full race calendar is on the website


The next races are Brass Monkey half marathon (race full), Sport Direct cross country on 28 January, and Dewsbury 10k on 4 February


I have entry forms for Spen 20 and East Hull 20 (both on March 18)


One of our GP races, the Baildon Boundary Way on 1st April, is now over 85% full, this week is probably your last chance to enter, so get your entry form from


London Marathon


The Club places for 2007 have already been allocated to Kay, Hayley and Mivvy.  But should one of them be unable to run, we are able to nominate a substitute and at the Club, after the Handicap on 31 December, it was Patrick Barrett’s name that came out of the hat.


For 2008 we are likely to receive 3 places again, but we thought we’d draw one place so that someone would know that they had a guaranteed place so could start training well before next December.  It was Louise Cleghorn’s name that came out first.  We will ask Louise to apply by ballot as well, if she is successful, then Michael Grant will get this guaranteed place.  We will draw the other two places next Xmas.


Apart from Spen 20 and East Hull 20, other recommended races pre-london are Liversedge half (Feb11), Morecambe 20 (Mar 11, but clashes with Nat XC), Ackworth half (Mar 25).  Race entry forms for all of these are on


Chevin Chase Results


A few Striders here making their annual outing in club colours.  A couple of bananas finished in about 120th place, they overtook me just before the climb back to Surprise View and slid downhill back to Guiseley faster than I could run!  I think most of us beat the Horsforth Santas. 


   28 Jerry Watson       0:44:52      100   2 40

   30 Steve Webb         0:45:03      100     40

   43 Martin Horbury     0:45:59       99   2 40

   64 Steve Morley       0:47:10       99      

   72 Mick Loftus        0:47:36       98      

   73 Howard Jeffrey     0:47:38       97   2 50

   98 Ian Sanderson      0:48:55       97      

  105 Andrew Cutts       0:49:18       96     40

  107 Paul Hunter        0:49:27       95     40

  119 Mark Hetherington  0:49:47       94   2    

  126 Alison Bogie       0:50:01       94   2 L 

  135 Bob Jackson        0:50:19       94     50

  140 Dan Murray         0:50:30       93       

  148 Mick Tinker        0:50:58       92     50

  163 Caz Farrow         0:51:27       91     L 

  204 Tony Haygarth      0:52:53       90     50

  205 Eric Green         0:52:55       89     40

  211 David Cusack       0:53:06       88       

  259 Steve Dixon        0:54:51       87     50

  265 Simon Redshaw      0:55:03       86       

  295 Madeleine Watson   0:56:06       85     LV

  339 Brendan Kitson     0:57:30       84       

  340 Jim Towers         0:57:31       83   2 50

  400 Eric Cusack        0:59:28       83     50

  408 Bob Wilkes         0:59:41       82     50

  446 Peter Lambert      1:00:59       81     50

  478 Paul Sanderson     1:02:13       80       

  484 Peter Stevenson    1:02:27       79     50

  667 Mitch Scott        1:09:17       78     LV

  769 Debbi Wagman       1:13:21       77     LV

  771 Lyn Eden           1:13:23       76   2 LV


Club Handicap Results


Thanks to Mike and Eileen Crosfill, Joyce Lambert and Ken Kaiser for officiating.


Special thanks to Carole Schofield for the cakes. 


 Race                       Race   Hand-   Run  Pts

  Pos                       Time    icap   Time

    1 Patrick Barrett      43.48    8.45  35.03  92     40       

    2 Oliver Watson        45.03    6.45  38.18  85   2          

    3 Eric Green           45.06   13.00  32.06  98     40       

    4 Mike Brown           45.22    6.45  38.37  85     50       

    5 Paul White           45.29   11.15  34.14  93     50       

    6 Bob Jackson          45.37   12.15  33.22  96     50       

    7 Mary Egan            45.52    9.00  36.52  86     LV       

    8 Stephen Ball         45.56    4.15  41.41  82     50       

    9 Sheila Grant         46.04    1.30  44.34  79     LV       

   10 Steve Dixon          46.09    9.45  36.24  89     50       

   11 Martin Horbury       46.10   16.00  30.10 100   2 40       

   12 Jose Diaz            46.11   11.45  34.26  92   2          

   13 Richard King         46.13   14.15  31.58  99              

   14 Carole Schofield     46.14   10.15  35.59  91     LV       

   15 Ian Sanderson        46.15   14.30  31.45 100              

   16 Simon Redshaw        46.32   10.00  36.32  87              

   17 Peter Lambert        46.38    7.00  39.38  84     50       

   18 Dan Murray           46.50   13.30  33.20  97              

   19 Madeleine Watson     46.53   10.30  36.23  90     LV       

   20 Mick Tinker          47.02   13.15  33.47  94     50       

   21 Jerry Watson         47.06   16.00  31.06 100   2 40       

   22 John Bucktrout       47.16    7.15  40.01  83     40       

   23 Alan Hutchinson      47.30   14.00  33.30  95     40        

   24 Kathy Kaiser         49.05    6.45  42.20  80     LV       

   25 Roy Flesher          50.28   14.00  36.28  88     50       

   26 Liz Ball             51.44    9.45  41.59  81     LV       

   27 Louise Cleghorn      54.46    2.30  52.16  78     L        


Message from Alan Hutchinson – Climbing Kilimanjaro


I am raising funds for Cancer Research UK by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Standing at almost 19,500 feet/ 5895m this will be a tough challenge. I will not, contrary to rumours be running up it. The oxygen levels at the summit are 50% of those at sea level.


A number of people have expressed a wish to sponsor me on this and while I appreciate that a number of us run Marathons for Charity and it is difficult to ask each other for sponsorship, this is something different. I would be very grateful for any donations and these can be made on my web site which automatically sorts out the gift aid as well. The link is


Message from Brian Hanley


(for being awarded the Marathon Trophy at the Xmas Do) Thanks for that, Bob and other Valley Striders!  Maybe soon I can even try training for another marathon?!


Message from Sam Davies (formerly Sam Guy)


I am writing to explain why I have not been seen at training or in any race for a while. Well, I am 3 months pregnant and unfortunately have been quite poorly with it. 


I am now starting to feel better and am going to try a few gentle runs but may not make it back to training before D day.


If you need me to marshal or anything please let me know as it would be nice to see everyone. Please let everyone know down at the club.  Have a good new year.


From a rapidly expanding Sam Davies


NB Sam joined us early in 2005 and then proceeded to run the London Marathon in 3:23, so if anyone wants any tips, email her on .  Perhaps more importantly if any of you have tips for the last 6 months of pregnancy, email her with those!


Meanwood Trail Race


Will be on Saturday April 14th.  Again, all proceeds to Lineham Farm.  Please keep this date free for marshalling. 


Thanks to Hutch and Tracy for handing out our entry forms for Meanwood Trail at the Chevin Chase.  If anyone else is able to take them to sports centres, sports clubs, schools etc or hand them out at races, tell me how many you’d like and I’ll get them printed!


Striders 25th Birthday


Valley Striders was conceived on the 23rd July 1982, at 18 Lucas Place, Headingley


Mick Dewhurst proposed the formation of the “Valley Striders” with the object of participating as a team in various forms of running.


Present at the meeting were Mick Dewhurst, Stuart StJohn, Morin Dewhurst, Martyn Hopson, Steve Rock, Paul Steward and Geoff Webster.


The nearest Tuesday this year is 24 July and I propose this date for our summer handicap to be followed by celebrations of the 25th birthday of Valley Striders.


The first club members were registered on 10th December 1982 so we have an opportunity for a second celebration towards the end of the year!