Sent: 18 January 2007 07:51
Subject: V S Update - Membership, Various Cross Country


Membership and Subscriptions


To the 130 Striders who have already paid their membership subs for the current Striders year Sep 2006 Ė Aug 2007, thank you!


This includes the following who have joined since the October Newsletter : Carole Towler, Keith Barker, Sarah Nixon, Greg Skerrett, Andy Duffield, Rawand Tayeb, Sarah Gordon and Gary Mann.  Welcome!


To the 13 Striders who are Honorary members, thank you for your support to the club!


To the 36 Striders who paid for the last Striders year ending Aug 2006 but have not paid for the current year, we will be sending out a gentle reminder in the next few days, please pay as soon as possible.


There are a few Striders who are now 16 months in arrears but have not resigned, we will be sending out the bailiffs to reclaim their Striders vest in lieu of arrears!!!


Membership fees from September 2007


We have recently received notification from North of England A A regarding registration fees to them for 2007 and 2008.   For 2007 this will be £3 per member, up from £2 in 2006, but the one-off club fee has been reduced and the overall effect is only a slight increase.  For 2008, this will go up to £5 per member.  Because this will be payable to NoEAA in May 2008, we will need to increase subs in September 2007 to cover this increase.  My suggestion, all other things being equal, will be to put up the subs from £12p.a. to £15p.a., for prompt payment this will go up from £10p.a. to £12.50p.a.  When I joined the club in 1985, subs were £2p.a. plus 20p per night, i.e. £12.40 p.a. if you ran every week.  I think an increase of 10p in 22 years is a reasonable level of inflation!


Yorkshire Cross Country


Thanks to Brian Hanley, Eric Green, Jerry Watson, Paul Hunter, Steve Webb and Carole Schofield, all of whom pointed me in the direction of the results



  1 Aine Hoban (Wkfld)  23:06

 49 Laura Clark         28:35

 68 Carole Schofield    30:26

104 Lyn Eden  (Nidd V)  41:00 (VS 2n claim)

104 ran



  1 David Webb (LeedsC) 40:13

 87 Steve Webb          50:10

193 Jim Towers (NiddV)  63:45 (VS 2nd claim)

209 ran


U13 Boys

 60 Oliver Watson (Carnegie)

 74 ran


Valley Striders spectators (Geoff, Jerry, Sara, Jerry and Sylvia) just outnumbered Valley Striders runners


Sport Direct Cross Country


Greg Skerrett made his first appearance in a Striders vest (which was less bright white when it finished).  Several other Striders made their first cross-country appearances.  Jim and Lyn, our second claim members from Nidd Valley, guested for us in brand new Striders vests, they have run for us before in the Leeds Country Way but previously in borrowed vests.



 10 Carole Schofield

 12 Caz Farrow        

 24 Mary Egan         (first XC run for VS)

 72 Lyn Eden          (running for VS)

 82 ran


Ladies Team were 1st place in B division on the day and have moved up to 2nd place in the series in B division.


A special word of thanks to Caz who had been on a 2 hour training run, came to watch Steve and was persuaded to run the race at 8 minutes notice.  Without her we would have been 95 points and a couple of positions worse off.


Lady Vets were 4th place on the day and have now moved up to 7th place in the series in the Vets category.



 11 Dave Middlemas

 28 Simon Vallance

 38 Richard King

 48 Steve Morley

 59 Dan Murray        (first XC run for VS)

 68 Bob Jackson

 76 Alan Hutchinson

 87 Eric Green

 96 Patrick Barrett   (first XC run for VS)

101 Greg Skerrett     (first run for VS)

114 Jim Towers        (running for VS)

131 Paul Sanderson

133 Geoff Webster

135 Peter Lambert


Mens Team were 2nd place in B division on the day and have moved up to 3rd place in the series in B division.


Men Vets were 7th on the day and now stand 9th in the series in the Vets category.


The next race will be Sunday 28 January 11:00 on Otley Chevin, probably from Danefield on East Chevin Road, I will notify you the precise location and further details at the beginning of next week.


Yorkshire Vets Cross Country


Womenís Race approx 5km

 18 Carole Schofield   23:22  5th W45 but only 4 secs behind 3rd place

 28 Madeleine Watson   24:20

 54 Sylvia Watson      30:13  2nd W55 and silver medallist (there were 4 in this age category)

 62 Lyn Eden           31:34  Nidd Valley  4th W60

 68 ran


Menís Race Over 50 approx 10km

 42 Bob Jackson        46:48

 61 Jim Towers         51:39  Nidd Valley

 70 Geoff Webster      53:49

 76 Bob Wilkes         55:41

 80 ran


Menís Race 35-49 approx 10km

 38 Jerry Watson       41:25

 49 Drew Taylor        42:18

 51 Martin Horbury     42:27  Keighley & Craven

 84 ran


Other Results


Lou Gilchrist came 135th out of 209 at the Pennine 10k.  Of course she was first W70, but also she was 16th of 39 women and beat the W55 and W60 who had entered.


Eric Green came 33rd out of 67 at the Aire Valley Challenge from Bramley Falls Woods, just beating Veronique Marot.


National Cross Country, 10 March


20 Striders have volunteered or been press-ganged into appearing at this event


Tony Haygarth, Paul Hunter, Bob Jackson, Richard King, Dave Middlemas, Steve Morley, Dan Murray, Paul Sanderson, Greg Skerrett, Tim Towler, Steve Webb, Geoff Webster


Laura Clark, Sara Dyer, Mary Egan, Caz Farrow, Emma Richardson, Carole Schofield, Sylvia Watson, Vicky Whitehead


NB Please pay £3.50 (cheque to Valley Striders) to Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Red Hall, LeedsLS14 1NX