Sent: 04 March 2007 16:44
Subject: V S Update : Association of Running Clubs, Sport Direct XC, Forthcoming Races, Recent Results, Messages


Should Valley Striders join the Association of Running Clubs


We’ll be discussing this on Tuesday but if you want to find out something in advance, read on …


Paul Briscoe has written a document, which can now be found on our website


His conclusions are as follows:-


Northern clubs may have to affiliate to EA for the time being unless a good proportion of clubs agree to make the switch en masse. However, there are sound financial reasons why clubs which organise races should consider joining the ARC and apply to the new body for their permits.


In deciding whether not to join the ARC, clubs have to choose between either:


1.       The UKA blueprint, which is derived from New Labour and EC thinking and is moving increasingly towards interference, procedures and initiatives driven from the centre (including all the associated administrative costs) and which benefits clubs very little.


2.       The ARC approach, where the club remains the focus and costs are controlled.


It is clearly important for as many clubs as possible to meet and discuss a joint approach – whichever approach we choose, it is important that we act together.


The ARC website is at


Pie and Peas this Tuesday 6 March


Email before 11pm Sunday or text 0777 5898 558 before 11am Monday

We’ll be discussing ARC, Ladies showers/changing and V S Performance Awards and we’ll be trying on our new jackets, too.


Sport Direct Cross Country


Women’s Team are champions of second division, Men’s team are runners-up, both promoted!!


On the day, the women won their division again (the 4th time in 5 races), the men were unofficially equal second with Ackworth but even if the calculations were wrong and we were a few points behind Ackworth, our superior points scoring over the series will mean that we are promoted ahead of them.


So well done to everyone today and to everyone who took part in any of the races in the series and to everyone who supported us in the series (especially Joyce the Voice)


All the results will appear on the Abbey Runners website in the next few days.


 13 Anna Costello  (first SDXC race)

 15 Carole Schofield  (prob 3rd W45 in series)

 27 Mary Egan  (prob 2nd W50 in series)

 35 Sylvia Watson  (first SDXC race)

 47 Kathy Kaiser

 56 Lyn Eden


 15 Brian Hanley  (a long way from full fitness, he says)

 48 Ian Sanderson

 50 Simon Vallance  (comeback race after bicycle accident)

 59 Bob Jackson  (prob 3rd M45 in series)

 75 Alan Hutchinson  (altitude training shows its worth)

 76 Jim Towers

 87 Tony Haygarth

 88 Jonathan Brownbill  (two races for VS, twice counting in first 8)

107 Geoff Webster

113 Paul Sanderson  (left blood on course, took mud home with him)

125 Peter Lambert  (prob 1st M70 in series)


Today’s team positions


Wom Div 1: Hors 25, Abb 34, Ilk 59, Roth 121, Aire 137, Kirk 137

    Div 2: Vall 90, Ack 126, Kipp 202, Ecc 243


Men Div 1: Hors 112, Abb 204, Roth 302, Ilk 384, Kirk 444

    Div 2: StTher 464, Ack 498, Vall 498, Ecc 759


I’d forgotten that there were V S Grand Prix points at stake for this race, I’m guessing that Anna and Carole finished behind Jonathan and ahead of Geoff, and that it was then Paul, Mary, Peter, Sylvia, Kathy and Lyn.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Forthcoming Races


Sun 11 March – Fell race at Marsden (incorporates Yorks Vets Fell Championships)

Sun 18 March – Spen 20 (includes Yorkshire Championships) (VSGP)

Sun 18 March – East Hull 20 – no entries on day (VSGP)

Sun 18 March – South Leeds 5

Sun 25 March - Ackworth Half Marathon - postal entries close 10 March, enter on day is £5 extra (includes Yorkshire Championships) (VSGP)

Sun 25 March – Wakefield 10k

Sun 1 April – Baildon Boundary Way – entries closed (VSGP)

Sun 8 April – Guiseley Gallop

Sat 14 April – Meanwood Valley Trail – did I mention that we need Striders to volunteer to marshal?
Sun 22 April – London Marathon – hope your training is going well, now for the big push for the next 5 weeks (VSGP)

Sun 29 April – Rothwell 10k – may be full up soon so suggest you enter in the next few days (includes Yorkshire Championships) (VSGP)

Wed 2/9/16 May – Esholt 5k (VSGP)

Tue 8 May – Jack Bloor Fell Race (VSGP)

Sun 13 May – Leeds half marathon (VSGP)

Sun 20 May – Pulse Race 10k


More races on the “Dates” page on the website


Race Results


North of England XC (extra result)


449 Andy Duffield 47:54 (West Cheshire)

 just 10 places and 31 seconds ahead of me


Blackpool Half Marathon


 33 Jerry Watson   1:21:28

104 Caz Farrow     1:27:24 (4th W)

210 Steve Morley   1:33:31


Eastbourne Half Marathon


591 Jim Towers     2:06:41

592 Lyn Eden       2:06:41


If you have run a road race this year and it has not been mentioned in a V S Update, send me the details and I’ll publish it and I’ll also send it on to Paul Hunter who is collecting data for the Valley Striders Performance Awards (find out more about this on Tuesday!)


From Carmel Barker


Just thought I'd mention I got a PB in Snake Lane too, two races this year and 2 PBs, I'm pretty chuffed, lets hope it carries through to London!!


I'm involved in Mark Hetherington’s fitness research at moment and getting some good tips though the treadmill VO2 test sounds like torture, I've got 2 weeks to build up to it!!

Hopefully see you at some Tuesday sessions for more pain and suffering over coming weeks.

From Emma Jenkins


Dear Thursday Runners, Bob and Tuesday Runners Who Know Me,

I have finally moved to Sheffield. I apologise for not seeing you all before I left, this was because I have been suffering with a bad back since Christmas. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your friendship and support over the last few years, it really has meant a lot to me and helped to make my time in Leeds very special.

Best of luck with any future adventures.

With Best Regards,