Sent: 14 March 2007 23:39
Subject: VS Update - Tuesday Training, Sport Direct XC, National XC, Sylvia wins Yorks Fell W55 despite problems at Marsden, More results, Notes from ARC meeting, and more


Tuesday Training


Next Tuesday (20 March) will be the last winter session, it will be 5 by 6 minutes on High Ashes


The clocks go forward on 24 March (those running Ackworth on 25th take note)


Tuesday 27 March will be hills by Eccup Reservoir, most Striders run across the fields; slower Striders run up The Avenue


Tuesday 3 April will be a Meanwood Trail Recce Run, we’ll do most of the Trail route, those arriving by 6:30 will get in the loop round the woods North of Leos, we’ll then come back at 6:45 to pick the rest up and head down the Trail via Seven Arches, under the Ring Road and to Meanwood Park.  DON’T wear your best road shoes!  This will also be pie and peas night.


Tuesday 10 April will be Club Handicap 10k, 7pm prompt from Eccup Res, also Pie and Peas.


Sport Direct XC


Confirmation that the Women won Division B


But sadly the Men finished 3rd in Division B.  When the results were read out last Sunday they said Striders three hundred and something, St Theresas three hundred and more, Ackworth 498.  I knew we’d got 498 so I assumed we were second equal.  Unfortunately Ackworth had three hundred and something and this was enough to beat us by one league point.


In the vets placings, the Women were sixth and the Men were seventh.


We had five individual medalists - Lyn Eden 1st W60, Peter Lambert 1st M70, Mary Egan 2nd W50, Carole Schofield 3rd W45, Bob Jackson 3rd M55


The prizegiving is on Friday 13 April, which is the day before Meanwood Trail so I won’t be going, does anyone want to pick up the Women’s Div B award and the individual awards?


English National XC


315 Steve Webb      46:26

624 Bob Jackson     53:02

651 Tim Towler      53:47

656 Dan Murray      53:52

760 Greg Skerrett   56:37

860 Paul Sanderson  62:10

916 Ran

Team 64th out of 70 (and of course also beat the other 930 English clubs that didn’t turn up)


The winning men’s team were, for the second year running, Leeds City – hooray!



387 Jerry Watson    47:39 Thames Hare & Hounds

Also Boys u-13

238 Oliver Watson   13:38 Leeds Carnegie AC


Due to an administrative error (I own up), the entry for our Women’s team was rejected, only Sylvia and Sara were allowed to run and they both decided not to.


Noonstone Fell Race


Madeleine Watson 1:41

Laura Clark      1:45

Geoff Webster    1:49


From Madeleine Watson

Once upon a time there was a young runner, not international standard but fairly useful. Then came kids, less training, put on a bit of weight, problem with foot leading to about a year of CBA and then an op, lost weight, started training a bit more, became anaemic, started taking iron tablets, training more, doing long runs (LDWA stuff), and voila this is me now. Feels like I'm getting back to what I was (well not really cos there's the age factor but quite refreshing really). Going to make the most of it, in case it doesn't last!


Ian Roberts Fell Race (including Yorkshire Vets champs)


Sylvia finished 2nd W55, but because the 1st W55 wasn’t from Yorkshire, she won the Yorks Vets Fell Running Championships in her age-group.  Congratulations!


  59 Jim Towers      1:05:50

 118 Geoff Webster   1:11:35

 136 Sylvia Watson   1:17:15

 149 Lyn Eden        1:28:25

     Martin Horbury  DNF


Martin is lucky not to still be on Marsden Moor, such was the (in)efficiency of the organizers.  In fell races everyone has to register on the day, and the organizers are supposed to check everyone is back (and send out the Fell Rescue team if not).


So what went wrong?

- there was a surprising increase of runners over last year – up from 60 to 150

- they ran out of race numbers and had to find some extras

- there was no continuity of the numbers so they weren’t sure how many they’d allocated

- 30 or 40 leading runners took a detour of an extra mile because of missing tape

- there was no funnel and inexperienced recorders so

    - some runners were written down wrong

    - some runners milling around near the finish were recorded twice.


Let’s hope this doesn’t happen at Meanwood – 40 more marshals still needed for 14 April


Los Angeles Marathon


 205 Eric Green    3:15:37

3506 Ian Place     4:28:15


It was 80 degrees by the time the race finished, not good conditions for two pale Brits who’d only had three days acclimatization. 


It wasn’t good for the leading runners either, the winner’s time was “only” 2:17.


Wuthering Hike / Haworth Hobble - 10th March 2007 (from Mick Loftus)

Great race, brilliant atmosphere, a meal at the finish, tea and scones at the feed stations but no other Striders running.

I got a pb in 04:26:13 for the 31 miles 4,400 ft of ascent/descent, 16th place (there were two teams in front so I was 18th runner in).

Runners traveled from all over the country to take part, probably because the race is part of the 'Montrail Ultra Running Championships 2007'.  I spoke to one chap who had driven 5 hours from Scotland and slept in the car just to take part.  Fell running celebrity Wendy Dodds ran.  Have a look at for details.  There were nearly 250 finishers. 

Cupar 5 - from George Black


Bob, Just an update on my 5 mile time as a 67 year old. Ran 33.07 on certified course today. Event was the Cupar 5, which was obviously held in Cupar. Max would no doubt be pleased to learn I have been averaging 13 miles a week since last November with the last 2 weeks being 6 mile weeks. I am really trying to avoid the 'Slippy Stanes' this year. Regards to all George.


Special Meeting last Tuesday


Thanks to everyone who attended, whether they contributed or just listened. The subjects discussed were


VS Performance Awards


Look out for a scheme to be announced in the next VS Update.  Or in the meantime look at the provisional arrangements at


Women’s Showers


We have £800 in the fund and have elected a sub-committee to investigate what we can get for this money.  If you have any opinions on this matter, maybe the surface of the floor or the type of shower or the colour of the tiles, contact Sylvia Watson or Kathy Kaiser (Kathy can be emailed


Association of Running Clubs (ARC)


Thanks to Paul Briscoe who has spent a great amount of time analyzing and evaluating this new organisation and to Max Jones who was able to fill in a lot of the details of the history leading to the current situation between EA (England Athletics) and ARC.


At the end of the meeting, members were asked to indicate whether, in principle, they supported the idea of the Valley Striders joining the ARC. A large majority indicated that they would support such a move and only two members were opposed to joining ARC. However, it was decided not to take a final decision before talking in more detail to other local clubs.


See on the website


It seems likely that we will continue with England Athletics and probably also register with ARC, the cost benefits are described in the case study.


In the Press


Spotted in the Yorkshire Evening Post, “Marathon runner Tracey sets pace in beauty stakes”, Tracey was having a makeover, Dollond & Aitchison were raising money for Moorfields Eye Hospital.


Spotted by Peter Lambert in Runner’s World (April), an action photo from the Brass Monkey Half Marathon, you can just make out your webmaster nicely placed in a pack.


London Marathon Sponsorship


Are you running the London Marathon?  Are you collecting money for charity?  Let me know and I will include your charity details in the next VS update.  This will give Striders who’d like to donate, the opportunity to choose one or more runners (and causes) to support.


Good luck to everyone running either East Hull 20 or Spen 20 this weekend, whether preparation for London, for another marathon, or just for fun!