Sent: 06 May 2007 23:38
Subject: FW: V S Update - dates, results, marathon experiences


Dates in May


There are 31 of them, but the interesting ones for Valley Striders include


Tue 8 May – Jack Bloor Fell Race approx 6 miles, 7:15pm from above Ilkley Town Centre, entry on night only, VS Grand Prix event


Tue 8 May – Striders training session from Leo’s 16 by 400 metres by the Res


Wed 9 May – John Carr 5k race 2 at Esholt, VS Grand Prix event but race full


Sun 13 May – Leeds Half Marathon, VS Grand Prix event but race full, good luck to all Striders running.  Hopefully there will also be a lot of Striders cheering.  Contact me if you have a number available or want to run, we’ll see what we can do


Tue 15 May – Striders training session from Leo’s 5 by 6 minutes by the Res


Wed 16 May – John Carr 5k race 3 at Esholt, VS Grand Prix event but race full


Sun 20 May – Pulse Race in Roundhay Park, 3 miles at 10:00 and 10km at 11:00.  All proceeds to British Heart Foundation.  Valley Striders are helping with the marshalling, we need two or three more marshals, we also need runners


Tue 22 May – Yorkshire Vets League Race hosted by Valley Striders.  Race starts at 7:30pm.  We need four or five more marshals, please


Tue 22 May – There will be a “normal” training session that night for those not marshalling, probably a steady run


Tue 29 May – Striders session will be hills because this will have been missed on 22 May


And a few in June


Sat 2 June – Wharfedale off-road marathon from Threshfield, VS Grand Prix event


Tue 4 June – Pie and peas night


Sun 24 June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay, we hope to have a team to defend our vets trophy and/or to regain the mixed trophy that we lost last year but had held for the first 4 years  We have 10 runners so far, but need 9 more women for a women’s team (or 4 more for a mixed team) and/or 3 more runners for a vets team etc etc  for race website.  Please let me know in the next few days whether you are interested so that we can decide how many teams to enter (ideally 3).


And a few more in July


Wed 4 July – Hyde Park 5k, VS Grand Prix event


Sun 15 July – Eccup 10mile (VSGP)


Sun 22 July – Probable date for Striders anniversary Sunday run followed by barbecue lunch?


Tue 24 July – Probable date for Striders handicap followed by anniversary pie and peas?


Sun 29 July – Round Hill Fell Race (VSGP)


NB I’ve received a couple of suggestions about the Anniversary celebrations, keep sending them in


More dates on




Rother Valley 10k


  24 Neil Dutton        0:37:58     former Valley Strider

  56 Eric Green         0:40:53     3rd M50, first race as M50


Rothwell 10k (VSGP)


  68 Martin Horbury     0:36:23      100   2

  85 Ian Sanderson      0:37:14      100   

 107 Richard King       0:38:10       99   

 114 Tim Towler         0:38:38       98   

 116 Gary Sutherland    0:38:40       97   

 117 Eric Green         0:38:41       96   

 147 Bob Jackson        0:39:37       95   

 194 Howard Jeffrey     0:41:36       94   2

 217 Jonathan Brownbill 0:42:30       94  

 223 Greg Skerrett      0:42:47       93  

 250 Carole Schofield   0:43:40       92   

 256 Paul Sanderson     0:43:52       91   

 308 Erica Hiorns       0:45:20       90   

 343 John Bucktrout     0:46:33       89   

 349 Bob Wilkes         0:46:41       88   

 371 Peter Lambert      0:47:26       87   

 393 Mike Brown         0:48:03       86  

 400 Peter Stevenson    0:48:17       85  


Esholt 5k race 1 (VSGP)


NB best time from all 3 races counts for G P points


  78 Andrew Cutts       0:19:07      100 

  79 Eric Green         0:19:08       99

  87 Steve Trout        0:19:17       98

 123 Paul White         0:20:25       97

 124 Paul Sanderson     0:20:27       96

 132 Carole Schofield   0:20:39       95


Bluebell Trail Race – 10 miles near Halifax


  17 Terry Bean         1:14:26   (local race for Terry)

  96 Eric Green         1:27:10        


Salford 5k


 112 Lou Gilchrist      0:24:35


More Marathon Experiences (London and elsewhere)


From Carmel Barker


Just a short resume and a few thankyous from my London Marathon experience!


Everything was going great for me, crowds brilliant (got few cheers from valley striders along the way!) felt good even with the heat and was running 3.20 pace comfortably until @ 19 mile then I think I went head first into that dreaded wall!!  Had to visit portaloos twice (and didn't want to come back out!) and walk on & off. Hayley spotted me at 24 miles walking and encouraged me to start running, was so nice to see a friendly face, true club spirit, I've already e mailed her with big thankyou as I didn't see her at finish. When I met my family at finish they said it was like I had been on a "bender" all day!  On a positive note I've raised £1000 for guide dogs, people have even giving me extra money because they know how tough it was for me to get to that finish line, true Yorkshire grit!!


From Ian Sanderson


I'm on for the Bradford Millennium Way relay this year (Sun 24th June). Not bothered what team I run in (except Ladies - I'm not waxing my legs).


I'll not be at Tuesday night training for a few weeks - just the way work is going at the moment + holidays. Absolutely nothing to do with my embarrassing first attempt at a marathon on Sunday, honest! I wasn't injured or late getting to the start, I was just late getting to the finish....I started going backwards from about 10 miles and have conservatively estimated that I was overtaken by 3000 runners including 3 supermen, 2 fairies and most of the Valley Striders running that day (at least Hayley said hello as she sped past).


I think I'll stick to shorter runs for a while, starting with Rothwell (unless it's raining, of course).


From Jerry Watson


And I am going to mess-up your calculations....I did a PW at London this year...approx 3:06:50. Its approx 'cos I was tripped around the 16 mile mark and in the fall lost my chip, so no results yet. Some silly twit who didn't know how to run in a straight line. Not quite sure of the process either. Bloke at the finish who was taking details seemed pretty clueless.


From Michael Grant (ran at Rotterdam)


Sadly I’m still struggling with plantar fasciitis in both feet and ITB trouble. I should really have not tried to run Rotterdam and I am hobbling about now. The physio has ordered me to rest for a bit.


Coaching Tip from Max Jones


The coincidence in your Friday e-mail of your publishing our London results, with 10 PBs out of 15 First Claim Striders, and reminding Striders that Tuesday is the “first opportunity this year of 3 by 10 minutes by the Res” suggests to me that (a) we must be doing something right on Training nights; (b) perhaps it could be because the training itself is getting more competitive; and (c) the most competitive session we have is the out-and-back-10-minute thing.


You may like to consider a variant on that, which is what I’ve been doing since October, Kirsten for the last 4 months – her 3:01 was also a PB and by 7 minutes – and Karen for the past month, i.e. winding up the pace over the last kilometre of all of the session and then running flat out for the last 300-400 metres, or the last 250m if it’s up a steep hill, so that at the finish we’re literally gasping for breath.


The theory behind that is that “the speed of a marathon runner is almost directly proportional to his ability to enhance his cardiac output” – to quote from one of doctor daughter Sue’s textbooks – and heart strength, capacity and output can best be increased if we put it under stress to clear our blood of lactic acid, which we’ve generated by running flat out at the end of a training session which has been hard enough already.


Considering the New York Marathon and want to know how to get there?


Even if you’re not, I hope this will amuse you (it did me).  It was sent to me by Steve Morley, so now you know who to blame or praise.


1. Go to

2. Click on “Maps” (underlined)

3. Click on “Get Directions” (underlined)

4. Input from "Leeds" to "New York" and click on the “Get Directions” button

5. Look at the map!  Look at the direction number 38!