Sent: 25 May 2007 16:47
Subject: V S Update - Events, Thank You, Results, PBs and ABs, Pulse Race Report


Forthcoming Events


Bradford Millennium Way – Sunday 24 June


We have 14 Striders wanting to run, and from these we can only get an “open” team i.e. not enough women for a mixed team nor vets for a vets team.  With another 6 runners we can have two teams, please let me know by next Tuesday (29 May).  Each leg is about 10 miles, mainly off-road and undulating, but in the middle of summer when it is dry underfoot, is definitely a trail run not a fell run, so inexperienced off-road runners may apply!


Pie and Peas - Tuesday 4 June


Please email by Sunday 2 June at the latest, stating whether meat or vegetarian pie and whether beans or peas.


Anniversary Run – Sunday 12 August


Note the revised revised date, which has now been booked with Tony.  Sorry, I never realised there were so many events going on at Leo’s on Sundays.  On the basis of my form in arranging dates, would someone else volunteer to take over the arrangements for food and entertainment.


Grand Prix Races


The next V S Grand Prix race is the Wharfedale off-road marathon on Saturday 2 June (entries available on the day, it says).  We then have a quiet 4 weeks till Wednesday 4 July for the first Hyde Park 5k.  See the Valley Striders website for the full Grand Prix calendar.


Harewood Trail Race – Sunday 7 October


This is the biggest race that we organise in the year, last year we had 250 runners for the 2 mile race and over 500 for the 10 mile and raised about £4,000 for Lineham Farm.  We need about 60 marshals and helpers.  If you are free on this date, please book it in your diary and let me know. if you are free.  


If you can’t make that date, we also support the Cancer Research Race at Harewood on Sunday 16 September and need 10 marshals. 


Entry forms for our race will be printed next week, if you are available to hand out forms at the end of races, please let me know.  Traditionally we start handing out our forms at the Harewood Chase 10k which is on Sunday June 10th, is anyone free that morning, please?


Big Thank You


Yes, a BIG THANK YOU to all the Striders who helped at the Pulse Race last Sunday and/or the Yorkshire Vets Race on Tuesday.  Thanks to most of you who signed up in advance, and also those who came on the day so that we had sufficient numbers to ensure we looked after all the runners and no-one went the wrong way.


There is a report on the Pulse Race from Mick Tinker towards the end of this email.


Geoff will be reporting on the Vets Race in the next V S Update when his sandwich-buttering arm has recovered from its unusual exercise.




Pulse Race


Congratulations to two prize winners here


 14 Graham Needham  39:16  M40(3)

 24 Dave Morley     41:54 

 40 David Barton    44:21  M50(3)

 95 Julia Geddes    49:49

181 Sarah Nixon     58:03

223 finished


Windermere Marathon

                                    Chip pos/time

 16 Eric Green      3:05:42  M50(1)  16  3:05:39

 33 Bob Jackson     3:12:29  M55(4)  36  3:12:24

502 Sara Dyer       4:15:07         499  4:14:06

912 finished


Eric followed his first-ever prize at Leeds half last week with first M50 at Windermere and was presented with a cup by legendary fell-runner Joss Naylor.  Full report in next V S Update


Newby Hall 10k (off-road)


 14 Adam Parton     41:09

255 finished


Yorkshire Vets Cross Country


Carole had time to bake the cakes and then finish 4th W.  There were 159 finishers altogether.


Leeds Half Marathon


Found another new Strider – Charlotte Hall 2:00:54 chip time


V S Performance Database and Personal Best and Age Best Databases


Paul Hunter has been keeping the Performance Database up to date and I’ll publish that on the website over this weekend.


Congratulations to Paul White who becomes the third winner of a certificate with five grade 6 performances, the certificate will be on its way to you shortly, Paul!


Erica Hiorns has been inputting Personal Bests and Age-Group Best Performances, and I’ll also publish this over the weekend.  We have all the statistics from 2007 from Paul Hunter, but we only have 12 Striders who have submitted their races and times prior to 2007, so GET THEM SENT IN please!


Pulse Race - Report from Mick Tinker


Many thanks for the Striders’ efforts on Sunday at The Pulse Races in Roundhay Park.


Sorry I didn't see much of everyone during the day but I ended up helping out with marshalling at the Lakeside Cafe area and then compiling the results for the presentation.


As far as I know everything went very well (although there were some challenges with traffic, eh Paul & co?), which was a great relief for me being the first race that I've "managed". Of course, I had some good coaching from Bob beforehand and from Ken Kaiser and Colin Morath on the day. Plus all of you knew what to do in your roles anyway, which made the job a lot easier.


The weather was again kind to us, so I hope you all had a good time - and will make good use of the experience gained in future events !


Here's some stats:


10K Race:

259 entrants, of which 151 male, 108 female

223 finishers, of which 129 male, 94 female

169 unattached finishers, 54 club/team finishers

Results posted on Valley Striders website ( and UK Results (


3 mile Fun Run:

Don't know total entrants yet as awaiting spreadsheet from BHF but looks like about 430 with somewhere between 311 and 314 finishers.


We won't know how much money has been raised for BHF for a while yet but I'll let you know as soon as I do. It was a great sight seeing a snake of red t-shirts coming down the hill towards the Lakeside Cafe (with Ged and his squeaky horn at the head).


If you have any feedback on the event then please let me know . I don't know the future of the race yet but all info will be useful for this and other events.


Message from Tom Heylen, chairman of the Pulse Race Committee:


Thank you all for your tremendous efforts over the last year which culminated in yesterday's race. As always, I have heard nothing but praise from people who took part in the race which is testament to the hard work that went into the organisation of it. Please pass on my thanks to all your family/friends/colleagues/acquaintances who helped out - whilst we form the core team, the number of people we manage to rope in to assist never ceases to amaze me.