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Subject: V S Update - Leeds Country Way, July Events, Anniversary Event, Bradford Millennium Way, Other Results


Leeds Country Way


Valley Striders’ biggest participation event of the year is now only two months away.  Planning has commenced!


In the last 4 years we have been the only club to have 4 teams of 12 competing.  We must be able to do it again.  Since my last email we have 17 signed up, we’re one-third of the way, only 31 more needed.


The race is on Sunday 2 September, starting at 08:00 from Garforth Sports Centre and taking a circular clockwise route of 60 miles mainly off-road (footpaths and fields) through and near Woodlesford, Stanley, East Ardsley, Morley, Gildersome, Pudsey, Apperley Bridge, Thornbury, Golden Acre Park, Eccup, Bardsey, Scarcroft, Barwick, Scholes and back to Garforth. 


Each leg is about 10 miles, you run in pairs, we try and match you for speed as near as we can.


Interested?  Then email me or ask me or Paul Furness for more information.  There are still some guaranteed places in our “D” team for even the slowest runners, although we will select our “A”, “Vets” and “Ladies” teams on ability.


We need to get as many names as possible in the next 2 to 3 weeks so that we can put provisional teams together and let you recce your leg once or twice before the race.


Events in July


I know I listed them in the last email, but in case you’ve deleted your copy …


Tue 3 Jul – Final Reminder! - Pie and Peas night, please reply by email on or before Sunday 1 July stating whether meat or vegetable pie and whether mushy peas or baked beans.  NB in emergency (e.g. you’ve been on holiday) text to 0777 5898 558 before 12 noon Monday 2 July


Wed 4 Jul – Hyde Park 5k (VSGP) on Woodhouse Moor, save more money by entering the series of 3 (first Wednesday of the month, Jul/Aug/Sep).


Tue 10 Jul – normal training but also recce run for Handicap (24th) at the pace of the slowest.  We’ll meet by the Lodge by the Res at about 7:05-7:10pm (we’ll use our usual routes to get there) then do the clockwise circuit via Eccup, Emmerdale and the Reservoir Dam.


Sun 15 Jul – Eccup 10 mile (VSGP), NB may fill up before race day


Tue 17 Jul – normal training session or you could do the recce run again.


Fri 20 Jul – Washburn Valley Relay, teams of 4, approx 4 miles per leg.  Anyone interested?  44 teams entered last year, most of the local clubs were represented.


Tue 24 Jul – Summer Handicap 5 mile trail (VSGP), start by lodge by Eccup Res, first runner off at 7pm.  Afterwards pie and peas.  And some presentations as this is the nearest Tuesday to the date of our 25th Anniversary.


Wed 25 Jul – Golden Acre Park Relay, teams of 3, just over 2 miles per leg, very sociable event, all standards welcome, make up your own teams and name them yourselves (preferably with Valley and/or Striders in the name) and enter on the night.  We had 4 or 5 teams last year.


Sun 29 Jul – Round Hill Fell Race (VSGP) (more trail than fell), approx 7 miles from Timble, north of Otley


Anniversary Run and Barbecue


Sun 12 August – Valley Striders run down and up Meanwood Trail followed by lunchtime barbecue.  Please let me know ASAP if you are definite or are likely to be coming so we’ve an idea of numbers (also let me know if you are vegetarian).  £6.50 per head.


Bradford Millennium Way Relay


The Vets team couldn’t quite hold on to their trophy, being overtaken by Wakefield (winners in 2002/3/4) on the last leg.  The total deficit was less than one minute per leg, so extra training is required prior to next year’s race.  The team captain will need double training as he had one of his slowest runs on leg 2 despite Graham opening and closing most of the gates for him.


But well done to everyone, conditions were difficult, the early legs had to contend with very steamy conditions (warm and boggy underfoot) and the later legs had to contend with very rainy conditions (warm and boggy overhead).


Outstanding performance of the day was that by Dan and Gaz on leg 1, they had only recced it once and came through in fifth place  (Otley got lost on this leg!).  The other BMW debutants Graham (called up on Thursday evening), Paul, Jonathan, Patrick, Dan M, Joel and Simon also all had good runs.


The Club Secretary will be writing 100 lines “I must be in place and ready to run when the incoming team arrives”.


Valley Striders Vets

                                        Pos on Leg   Cumulative

1 Ian Sanderson & Steve Webb            6  1:23:51   6  1:23:51

2 Bob Jackson & Graham Needham         14  1:26:07   7  2:49:48

3 Jonathan Brownbill & Patrick Barrett  9  1:08:20   7  3:58:18

4 Andrew Cutts & Alan Hutchinson        8  1:19:35   7  5:17:53 

5 Rob Bumstead & Mick Wrench           10  1:25:50   8  6:43:43


Valley Striders B


1 Dan Harman & Gaz Moules               5  1:22:38   5  1:22:38

2 Sara Dyer & Paul Sanderson           26  1:47:48  16  3:10:26

3 Laura Clark & Dan Murray             11  1:10:35  13  4:21:01

4 Sylvia Watson & Geoff Webster        26  1:42:23  21  6:03:24

5 Joel Giddings & Simon Redshaw        19  1:35:43  19  7:39:07


Selected Team results


 1 Keighley & Craven    6:09:48

 2 Horsforth Harriers   6:12:29

 3 Abbey Runners        6:12:41

 4 Ilkley Harriers      6:13:26

 5 Bingley Harriers     6:31:13

 6 Wakefield Vets       6:39:36  1st Vets

 7 Pudsey Pacers        6:40:58

 8 Valley Striders Vets 6:43:43  2nd Vets

 9 Otley AC             6:58:31

10 Ilkley Vets          7:08:39  3rd Vets

12 Groningen            7:17:48  1st Foreign team

14 Ilkley H Ladies      7:25:37  1st Women

16 Accrington RR Mixed  7:26:49  1st Mixed

32 teams


Other Results


Jane Tomlinson 10k


A big turnout for the Striders and special congratulations to Tracey (1st W), Mary (1st W50) and Carole (2nd W40)


Chip                        Chip       Gun     Gun      Cat     Cat

 Pos                        Time       Pos     Time             Pos

   4  Tracey Morris       0:34:43        4   0:34:43    FSEN      1

 129  Carole Schofield    0:43:26      122   0:43:28   F40-49     2

 164  Mary Egan           0:44:11      168   0:44:42   F50-59     1

 189  Liz Adams           0:44:33      274   0:46:37    FSEN     19

 265  Anna Costello       0:45:41      277   0:46:38    FSEN     21

 301  Kates Ford          0:46:09

 445  Sharon Tansley      0:47:59      497   0:49:52    FSEN     47

 494  Xanthe Hannah       0:48:27      428   0:49:07    FSEN     41

 503  Keith Barker        0:48:34      485   0:49:43    MSEN    281

 731  Paul Morris         0:50:40      636   0:51:22    MSEN    362

1148  Carole Towler       0:53:40     1126   0:55:23   F40-49    58

1200  Sarah Spruytenburg  0:53:59      978   0:54:19    FSEN    126

2324  John Sutcliffe      0:59:49     2143   1:01:38  

2478  Sarah Nixon         1:00:28     2136   1:01:36    FSEN    467

3252  Matthew Watkins     1:04:23     3499   1:09:24   M40-49   535

3303  Anne Mccaffrey      1:04:43     3549   1:09:38   F40-49   451

4554  Melanie Watson      1:12:13     4666   1:17:40    FSEN   1439


Let me know if I’ve missed anyone not registered as a Strider


British Masters 5k Championships at Horwich


      George Black        20:05      4th M65


Humber Bridge Half Marathon


 135  Paul White          1:32:15    3rd M55


Wheldrake 10k


  20  Tim Towler          39:53      


Otley Beat The Clock 5k


  33  Graham Needham      18:45 

  44  Rob Bumstead        19:28 

  64  Paul Sanderson      21:10 


Newton Aycliffe 10k


  42  Steve Trout         40:35 


All of these are now listed on the website (2007 Performances).  We’ll be getting the Personal Bests and Age-group bests up to date in the next week or two so keep sending them in



From Tracy Stewart


I was stopped by a small child outside his house on my way home asking me why I was running, was a man chasing me ... I nearly said no such luck but managed to try to explain I was doing it for fun!!  He looked at me as if I was mad!


Tracy recommends the Yorkshire Heartbeat Run 5 mile at Nostell Priory on 5/8/07 with an 11am start time.  Registration on the day is subject to maximum numbers being reached. 


And finally …


… belated Congratulations to Liz Wood (previously Adams) who got married last month.