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Subject: FW: V S Update - Anniversary Handicap, Anniversary Run and Barbecue, Membership, Events, Results, Performance awards, PB and AGB database.


On 23 July 1982, a meeting was held which proposed the formation of the “Valley Striders” with the object of participating as a team in all forms or running.


25 years later …


Club Handicap (Anniversary Celebrations part 1) – Tuesday 24 July


We’ll meet by the lodge at the bottom of the steep hill to the Reservoir.


The first runner will be off at 7:05 prompt, but can everyone, yes even the fast runners, be there by 7pm as there will be photos taken before the run – this is the nearest Tuesday training night to the club’s 25th anniversary.


The route will be clockwise, across the fields to Eccup village, then on the Ebor Way footpath to Emmerdale, then back to Eccup Water Treatment Works, and finally (the bit Geoff and Sylvia hate) across the dam and along the reservoir path back to the lodge.  Total distance approximately five and a quarter miles.


You can meet at the club beforehand and drive or run up to the Res or just meet at the Res, but please be there for 7pm.


Could all women drive to the Res so they can drive back after the run and get first use of the men’s showers before the men get back.


Please wear Valley Striders vest if you have one.  (If you have more than one, bring them to lend)


Afterwards, Pie and Peas, book by email before Sunday 22 July 10pm or by text 0777 5898 558 before Monday 23 July 2pm, stating whether meat or veg pie and whether peas or beans.


Run and Barbecue (Anniversary Celebrations part 2) – Sunday 12 August




Three options are available (NB timings are subject to fine tuning, look out for further details)


(1)     Meet at Leos, setting off at 10:00 to run down the Meanwood Trail to Woodhouse Moor, to meet group (2).

(2)     Meet at Woodhouse Moor at 10:45, where there will be photos taken as we did 5 years ago for the 20th anniversary. 

Then everyone has a very steady run back to Leos, getting back for 11:45. 

(1)     Non-runners meet at Leos at 11:45.  More photos! 

Women again get first turn at the showers, men run an extra mile round the top woods or elsewhere!


Note that group (2) runners will have to make transport arrangements, one option is for two runners to meet at Leos about 10:20, then drive one car down to Woodhouse Moor, run, then after the barbecue drive the other car back to W.Moor.


The distance (one way) is about four and a quarter miles, you can view the route at   then key in the postcode LS17 5PR.


Please wear Valley Striders vest if you have one.  (If you have more than one, bring them to lend)




Club members, family, children, parents etc all welcome.  The food is £6.50 and should be booked in advance, preferably by Sunday 5 August.


Menu for carnivores – piece of steak, piece of chicken, two sausages, beefburger, potatoes, salad, coleslaw


Menu for veggies – veggie burger, veggie sausages, vegetarian bake (similar to Tuesday pie), 4th item TBA, potatoes, salad, coleslaw


Food served from about 12:30


Anniversary T-shirts


Paul Hunter is currently negotiating for “Valley Striders 25th Anniversary” T-shirts, short and long sleeve will be available, these will be screen printed rather than iron-on so the printing will be durable.  Of course these will be in Valley Striders white with black lettering,   Price will be just under £4 for short sleeve, £5 for long sleeve but we will have to make a bulk order so let me know how many you want, what size, short or long sleeve.


Membership for September 2007 to August 2008


Many of you, especially newer members, have asked about membership cards.  Well I’ve found from the England Athletics website that these should be available around September and are now entitled “Competition Licences”.


First of all we need to pay England Athletics £3 per member.  We will shortly send this off for everyone who has paid V S membership since September 2006.  Therefore I’m asking that if anyone doesn’t intend to renew their V S membership (despite of it being unbeatable value for money), to let me know and that will save the club £3.


Also, non-running members will be regarded as “volunteers” and we need not pay the £3 for these.  So if you’ve no intention to compete in any race in the next 12 months (and this includes such as the Leeds Country Way, Jane Tomlinson Race, Golden Acre Relay etc), to let me know, we’ll register you accordingly, and reduce your next year’s V S membership fees from £12 to £9.


UK Athletics Club Officials Scheme


Back in Novermber/December last year, we submitted about 70 names applying for registration as UK Athletics officials.  All of these were approved, so we now need to send off a form with a passport size photo to get you your officials licence.  The list of members is at  If you are on this list, could you please get a passport size photo to me by 12 August, so that we can send all the forms back.


Forthcoming Races


Sun 15 Jul 10:00 - Eccup 10 mile – from Adel Memorial Hall - entries still available on the day – and for VS Grand Prix points


Fri 20 Jul – Washburn Valley Relay – teams of 4 running 4 miles each, see Otley AC website for details  Arrange teams amongst yourselves or contact me and I’ll put groups of 4 together.


Sun 22 Jul 10:45 – Pudsey 10k challenge – road and good footpaths, very hilly, T-shirt has height profile of race – definitely a challenge.  Also 800m run for under-8’s and 2 mile fun run.  Could anyone hand out Harewood Trail entry forms here please?  


Sun 22 Jul 14:30 – Burton Leonard 10k – paths and country lanes.   Nice tea and cakes afterwards.


Tue 24 Jul 19:00 – Club Handicap – see above


Wed 25 Jul 19:00 – Golden Acre Relay – teams of 3 running 2.7 miles each.  Arrange teams amongst yourselves or contact me and I’ll put groups of 3 together.  Jonathan Brownbill tells me he is looking for two fast women.


Sun 29 Jul 11:00 - Round Hill fell/trail race, approx 7 miles – from Timble Village Hall, entries only available on day, arrive early because it’s nearly a mile from Timble to the start!  More details on   V S Grand Prix points


Sun 29 Jul 10:30 - Harrogate 10k – from Harrogate Town Centre (in front of the town hall), a good race suitable for all, two laps with a tough hill halfway round each lap, good crowd support, nice T shirt. Could anyone hand out Harewood Trail entry forms here please?


Wed 1 Aug 19:30 – Hyde Park 5k - V S Grand Prix points


Leeds Country Way


We now have 31 runners, we’re trying to get 4 teams of 12, so how many more do we need?  If you answered 17 you’d be wrong.  Each year in the last 3 years, at least 2 runners have pulled out in the last week.  So at least 19 is the answer.  So let me know as soon as possible so that we (me and Paul Furness) can plan the teams.





UK Results Website


John Schofield used to have results on his website almost before the race had finished!  And Paul Hunter would have the results in the Performance Table almost before John had uploaded them.


John has had a heart attack, but is now at home recovering.  During this period, his website is not reporting results with its usual frequency.


So if you run a race anywhere, please send your results (or a link to the website containing results) to me and copy to Paul


Hyde Park 5k 


13 of the 95 finishers at Hyde Park were Striders.  The lure of Grand Prix points could not put them off on a grey damp night.  Newest member (joined 22 hours previously) Eirik Stangnes led the Striders home.  Grand Prix points are awarded on the best time in the series so two more opportunities (August 1 and September 4) to record points (and to overtake Eirik)


   34 Eirik Stangnes     19:35

   36 Tim Towler         19:37

   37 Joel Giddings      19:41

   43 Carole Schofield   20:23

   47 Patrick Barrett    20:27

   48 Dan Murray         20:28

   53 Jonathan Brownbill 20:41

   59 Keith Barker       21:28

   60 Paul Sanderson     21:29

   61 Erica Hiorns       21:45

   68 Kates Ford         22:57

   73 Bob Wilkes         24:11

   85 Sarah Nixon        27:08

And a Striders second-claimer too

   26 Andy Duffield      18:36


1 Mile


Even newer member Adam Kemp (joined on the night) led 21 runners home in the 1 mile race.  Of these, 7 had Striders associations.


   1 Adam Kemp        (12)  6:14

  14 Ella McCaffrey    (7)  9:27

  15 Martha McCaffrey (10)  9:27

  18 Abe Giddings      (6) 11:26

  19 Theo Giddings     (2) 11:35

  20 Kathryn Giddings (39) 11:35

  21 Joel Giddings    (36) 11:35


Wigginton 10k


  29 Bob Jackson           42:45


Methley 5k


  21 Jane Halloran         20:09  3rd W – prize - congratulations


2007 Performance Database


There are now six Striders with five performances at the same grade, and we will present them with their award certificates at one of the Anniversary do’s.  Maybe one or two more will also achieve five before then.  All the results to date (except the last week) are on the website.


Even if you’ve not raced this year, there are plenty of opportunities to achieve an award before the end of 2007, all measured road races from 5km to marathon count, not just V S Grand Prix races. 


If you achieve an award in 2007, then you start again in 2008 and hopefully aim for a higher grade.  If you don’t manage to get the 5 grades in 2007, then you can carry what you did get in 2007 forward into 2008 so you have 2 years to achieve the award.


V S Personal Bests and Age Group Bests


We’ve now got data from about 15 Striders plus all the races in 2007.


Which means we’re a long way short of compiling an authoritative list of V S Performances over the last 25 years.


Come on you older Striders (i.e anyone who joined before December 2006) and let us have your best performance at each distance 5k, 5m, 10k, 10m, half, 15m, 20m, mara, at each age group 20-24, 25-29, 30-34 etc


Send to me and/or Erica Hiorns



Hope to see most of you at least once sometime in the next month