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Here’s a bumper edition of V S Update – are you sitting comfortably?, then I’ll begin!


Anniversary Part 1 Tuesday 24 July


A record 59 Striders appeared in the Club photos and a record 50 Striders ran the Club Handicap and a record 50 Striders (not all the same ones) partook of pie and peas.  For more details see below.




Anniversary Run Sunday 12 August


The run will be from Leos, down the Meanwood Trail to Woodhouse Moor, and then back (either up the trail or on road) to Leos, a total of 9 miles.  Those wanting to run a shorter distance can just join at Woodhouse Moor, but of course they will either have to be dropped off there or make more complex travel arrangements.  Those wanting to stay on road are recommended to start at Woodhouse Moor


Meet at Leos at 09:45,440218&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf


Photos at 09:55 then set off at 10:00 to run down the Meanwood Trail to Woodhouse Moor


The distance is about four and a quarter miles, you can view the route at   then click on Search for other people’s routes, key in the postcode LS17 5PR, and select “Leos to Woodhouse Moor”


Arrive Woodhouse Moor approx 10:45 meeting those already there, at the H M Marsden statue.  This is the official start point of the Meanwood Valley Trail.  This is not actually on the main piece of Woodhouse Moor, it is on the piece on the right hand side coming out of Leeds.  Here’s the map reference,435155&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf    Or key in “Raglan Road” to your satellite navigation system.


Photos at 10:55 then set off at 11:00.  Either retrace steps or take road route which follows part of Leeds Half Marathan route


For the road route back, you can view the route at   then click on Search for other people’s routes, key in the postcode LS17 5PR, and select “Woodhouse Moor to Leos (road)”


Arrive back at Leos about 11:50.  More photos?


Women get first turn at the showers, men run an extra mile round the top woods or elsewhere!


Anniversary Barbecue Sunday 12 August


Food served from 12:30 pm.  We have 29 booked in so far.  Price is £6.50 per person.  We need to place the orders by TUESDAY 7 AUGUST.    But please email sooner if possible.  If you want the vegetarian options let me know, otherwise we will assume carnivore.


Menu for carnivores – piece of steak, piece of chicken, two sausages, beefburger, potatoes, salad, coleslaw


Menu for veggies – veggie burger, veggie sausages, vegetarian bake (similar to Tuesday pie), 4th item TBA, potatoes, salad, coleslaw


T shirt orders


We have 39 ordered so far, we need another 11 to obtain the discount price of £4 for short-sleeve, £5 for long-sleeve.  Please order by email to me before SUNDAY 12 AUGUST.



Hyde Park 5k Wednesday 1 August


7:30pm start, Grand Prix points at stake


Pie and Peas Tuesday 7 August


We have a first Tuesday in the month coming up soon, so put in your orders – meat or veg pie and peas or beans – email to me by 10pm SUNDAY 5 AUGUST or text by 2pm Monday 6 August.


Norland Moor Trail Race Sunday 26 August


Next opportunity for Grand Prix points


Leeds Country Way Sunday 2 September


We have 42 runners so far but there are doubts about the fitness of at least 3 so that means we need at least 9 more. 


We need to put in the entries soon, if we don’t get more by this week we can only put in three teams.  We also need to create teams and pairings so that the legs can be recced.  Some people are on holiday at the end of August so need to know what leg they are running now. 


If you are a faster runner (man or woman or vet) and we have already picked the teams, you’ll be in the D team unless a vacancy appears. 


If you want to run (or are a probable), let me know URGENTLY.


If we don’t get the extra runners, then 6 or so are going to be disappointed.


Harewood Cancer Research Run Sunday 16 September


Ourselves and Abbey Runners provide 10 marshals each for this 10km round the Harewood Estate.


Last year they raised nearly £50,000 from this race alone.  There’s lots of organisation surrounding the event but all we have to do is stand in place for just over an hour.


Not only are we an essential part of this fundraising event but we also get a free bacon sandwich or burger and a drink.


Just ten names required please!  Please email me if you are available.


Harewood Trail Race Sunday 7 October


This is Valley Striders own biggest event of the year (700 plus runners) and biggest fundraising event of the year (£3,500 plus to Lineham Farm Children’s Centre).


Please make yourselves available for this date. 


All I can offer to our marshals is a bottle of “Harewood” Trail beer but this race operates such that the majority of race entry monies ends up at Lineham Farm.


We have 20 marshals so far but need about 50 more to ensure the event runs smoothly.  Please email me if you are available.




Club Handicap


50 Striders runners, half a dozen Striders officials and a few spectators turned up last Tuesday and firstly had their photos taken in front of the lodge.


There was the usual whinging about handicaps from one or two, but on the dot of … 7:16 (!) the first runner, Tracy Stewart, was off.


A further 49 Striders set off at intervals as individuals and in small groups, and received directions from Paul Hunter and Eric Green as they went through Eccup.


Runners were much closer together when they reached the dam.  And at the finish, half of the runners, separated by 18 minutes at the start, finished in a 2 minute window to keep Mike Crosfill, Eileen Crosfill and John Umpleby busy.


The clear winner was Liz Wood (previously Adams) who has been improving rapidly since she joined the club 6 months ago to prepare for the London Marathon.  It does prove that distance training also improves speed at the shorter distances (but NB not vice versa as many will testify!).  Well done Liz.


Last but not least was Mick Tinker, in his first race since open heart surgery in March (but didn’t complain about his handicap)


Back at the Club, Liz was presented with the John Umpleby Cup by John Umpleby.  This cup was first presented in 1988, and if the handicapper has his way it will be 2027 before Liz wins it next!


I forgot to announce the fastest times.  On the podium (if we’d had one) would have been 3 of our newer members, Dave Middlemas, Gareth Moules and Dan Harman, who won no prizes but did win 100, 99 and 98 Grand Prix points respectively.


  Pos                      Watch   Hcap  Actual  G.P.

                            Time           Time  Pts

    1 Liz Wood             45.51   10.15  35.36  81         

    2 Greg Skerrett        46.37   11.00  35.37  80         

    3 Alan Hutchinson      46.38   12.45  33.53  89         

    4 Graham Needham       46.44   14.30  32.14  94         

    5 Tracy Stewart        47.01    0.00  47.01  53         

    6 Mike Brown           47.10    6.30  40.40  64         

    7 Simon Vallance       47.16   15.45  31.31  97         

    8 Dan Murray           47.19   13.15  34.04  88         

    9 Bob Wilkes           47.28    7.00  40.28  66         

   10 Xanthe Hannah        47.30    5.30  42.00  60         

   11 Erica Hiorns         47.34    9.45  37.49  75         

   12 Jon Willingham       47.36   15.45  31.51  95         

   13 Dave Middlemas       47.54   18.00  29.54 100         

   14 Eirik Stangnes       47.58   14.45  33.13  92         

   15 Sharon Tansley       48.01    9.45  38.16  74         

   16 Ian Sanderson        48.05   15.45  32.20  93         

   17 Gareth Moules        48.06   18.00  30.06  99         

   18 Jon Uttley           48.09   16.00  32.09  95         

   19 Tom Ridgway          48.22    8.45  39.37  68         

   20 Mick Loftus          48.27   16.45  31.42  96         

   21 Simon Redshaw        48.29   11.00  37.29  77         

   22 John Bucktrout       48.31    7.30  41.01  63         

   23 Patrick Barrett      48.36   13.30  35.06  84         

   24 Joel Giddings        48.37   14.45  33.52  90         

   25 Dan Harman           48.38   18.00  30.38  98         

   26 Martyn Hopson        48.44   10.00  38.44  72         

   27 Bob Jackson          48.51   13.45  35.06  84         

   28 Jonathan Brownbill   48.53   13.30  35.23  82         

   29 Roy Flesher          49.10   14.15  34.55  85         

   30 Kay Duggleby         49.11    5.30  43.41  56         

   31 Carole Schofield     49.42   12.45  36.57  79         

   32 Natalie Crossland    49.52   10.30  39.22  70         

   33 Andrew Cutts         49.53   15.45  34.08  86         

   34 Paul White           49.57   12.30  37.27  78         

   35 Lisa Hodgson         50.04    6.00  44.04  54         

   36 Paul Sanderson       50.30   11.30  39.00  71         

   37 Drew Taylor          50.50   16.45  34.05  87         

   38 Jonjo Leggatt        51.04   12.30  38.34  73         

   39 Steve O'callaghan    51.05    8.45  42.20  59         

   40 Rob Bumstead         51.13   17.30  33.43  91         

   41 Geoff Webster        51.30    7.45  43.45  55         

   42 Paul Furness         51.33   11.30  40.03  67         

   43 Chris Clayton        51.39    8.45  42.54  57         

   44 John Whalley         52.21    3.00  49.21  52         

   45 Andy Thorpe          52.26   14.45  37.41  76         

   46 Steve Dixon          52.43   10.15  42.28  58         

   47 Eric Cusack          52.58   11.30  41.28  62         

   48 Chris Leggatt        52.59   12.30  40.29  65         

   49 Johnny Cocker        53.00   11.30  41.30  61         

   50 Mick Tinker          53.01   13.30  39.31  69         


The website has been updated with the latest Grand Prix positions




Back at the club, there was a queue for the showers as the women were allowed to use them first.


One or two rugby players also had to wait.  Hopefully word will get back and this will be an incentive for the work on the women’s showers to be completed.


Just to let you know progress on these showers, we have had a door put in from the end changing room on the right into the referees’ room (a.k.a. women’s showers).  Therefore on a Tuesday the women will have full use of this changing room which will give more than sufficient space.  The plan is then to fit new showers and give the room a full clean and paint.  Unfortunately work has stalled at this point.


Many of the above 50, plus a few more tucked in to pie and peas back at the Club.  As a coincidence, there were 50 pie and peas served!




Guests of honour were Stuart St John, one of the three who dreamt up the club and Secretary for 11 years, Martyn Hopson, original club member, and Chris Leggatt, member from 1983.


The first presentation was to Stuart St John.  This was a framed certificate containing two quotes


“Late in 1981, I bumped into an old school mate (Micky) who had packed in cycling and taken up running … We talked about trying to get a group together to promote the sport with a bias towards distance running, which no local club seemed to concentrate on.   Early in 1982 we slowly created (in theory) a running club complete with constitution, club colours (white - for long runs in hot weather), subscriptions, club rules and a dozen other items. All we needed now were members …”   (from “And There Was Life”, written by Stuart St John in 1992)


“Resolution”  At a meeting on 23rd July 1982 at 18 Lucas Place Leeds LS6 2JB, Mick Dewhurst proposed the formation of the “Valley Striders” with the object of participating as a team in various forms of running.  Present at the meeting were Mick Dewhurst, Stuart St. John, Morin Dewhurst, Martyn Hopson, Steve Rock, Paul Steward and Geoff Webster.


During the last 25 years the Club has had over 500 members.  Of the 180 current members, the undersigned attended this 25th Anniversary celebration.


.. and had been signed by everyone present (in very small writing)


The next presentations were by Alan Hutchinson and Paul Hunter for “V S Performance Awards” obtained by Striders in 2007 so far.


Eight Striders have achieved five performances (or more) at a V S Grade so far.  Framed certificates were presented to Patrick Barrett, Eric Green, Bob Jackson, Jon Uttley, Paul White.  The other three certificates will hopefully be presented at the Barbecue.


The third presentation was to Martyn Hopson.  Martyn was at the original meeting on 23 July 1982 and is one of only three club members first registered on 10 December 1982 who are still with the club.


Martyn’s race performances included winning the Horsforth Marathon, Derby Marathon 2:23:06 and Leeds Marathon 2:23:52.  His Derby time is, we believe, the second fastest by a Strider (Steve O ran 2:21 at London) and his Leeds time is, we believe, the second fastest Leeds Marathon (Trevor Wilson ran an incredible 2:19:xx a few years later). 


Martyn was awarded Honorary Life membership of Valley Striders.


Steve was about to tell some Martyn stories but was interrupted by Paul White who told me that I had been awarded Honorary Life Membership too.  I was somewhat taken aback as this had not been on the last Committee Meeting agenda, and mumbled my thanks.  I’ll now take this opportunity to say a big “THANKS” to everyone in on the conspiracy.


Steve, aided and abetted by Chris Leggatt and Keith Cluderay then told a few Martyn stories, many of which seemed to involve Martyn taking pit stops and then winning races.  I remember Charlie Spedding telling a similar story about Steve Jones in the London marathon who also went on to win.  This isn’t in any of the training manuals that I’ve read!




Various photos of the Handicap and of the Presentations will be making their way to the website over the next week or two.


The images on the website will be of a lower resolution – if you would like an “original” of any image, let me know.




Thanks to Chris Leggatt for most of the photos. 


Chris and son Jonjo will be running the Columbus Ohio marathon on 21 October.  It is 15 years since Chris’ last marathon, and it will be Jonjo’s first.  They are both running for Martin House children’s hospice at Boston Spa.


Let me know if you’d like to sponsor them, I have some forms.


Lost and Found


Lost – three photos of Stuart St John and Chris Leggatt making a presentation to Olympic bronze medallist Charlie Spedding on the occasion of him being elected Valley Striders Club President in 1985.  Great historical value.  Please return.


Lost – one black and white news clipping / photo of early Leeds marathon winners including John Fox


Lost – £2.50 from two people who did not pay for their food, please pay Paul White or myself as soon as possible.


Found – one running water bottle, the type with two cylinders that you grip.




Kilburn 7


 57 Jonathan Brownbill  51:36

 82 Jim Towers          52:18 (Nidd V)

202 Lyn Eden            70:07 (Nidd V)


Idle Trail Race


111 Peter Stevenson     54:09


Doncaster 5k vets race


 42 Tim Towler          19:37

139 Carole Towler       25:39


Doncaster 5k Open race


 68 Dan Towler          21:34


Pudsey 10k


 20 Dave Middlemas      41:34

 29 Graham Needham      42:46

 76 Jonathan Brownbill  47:52

 93 Erica Hiorns        48:57  F40(2)


Golden Acre Park Relay


Striders were represented in 5 teams as follows


 7 Bay Horse Striders     53:34

   A. Ian Livesey         17:21

   B. Graham Needham      17:25

   C. Mike Cheseldine     18:48


19 Speed Dumpers          57:30

   A. Tom Ridgway         20:09

   B. Greg Skerrett       19:19

   C. Dan Murray          18:02


21 Abbey Valley Mixed     58:07

   A. Carmel Barker       20:27

   B. Mark Hetherington   18:55

   C. Bob Jackson         18:45


22 Mixed Valley Cocktail  59:06

   A. Patrick Barrett     19:31

   B. Jonathan Brownbill  19:33

   C. Carole Schofield    20:02


34 Towler Striders        68:21

   A. Dan Towler          20:02

   B. Jake Towler         29:11

   C. Tim Towler          19:08


40 teams finished


James Herriot Trail (Castle Bolton)


 36 Jon Uttley         64:37

174 Peter Lambert      81:37


Great Wales Run (Cardiff)


Tracey ran her fastest 10k for 2 years and was only 22 seconds off her PB.  She was also only 5 seconds behind her great rival Liz Yelling.


 45 Tracey Morris      33:44


It is now just 5 weeks before she runs in Japan


Harrogate 10k


Our two newest members, Jo and Lorna, made their first appearances as Striders.


Max had some competition, there was a 79-year old just 2 minutes behind him


Keith Cluderay made his first racing appearance for 2 years, recording a PW, but leading a work colleague round his first 10k race.


 65 Tim Towler         40:58

149 Jonny Harrison     44:51 (Chapel A)

172 Alison Bogie       45:59 (Chapel A)

198 Keith Cluderay     46:42

274 Dave Milner        48:55 (Chapel A)

361 Carole Towler      51:58

423 Jo Lock            54:13

433 Lorna Hodgkiss     54:53

488 Max Jones          57:31 (Birchfield but wearing VS vest)


Round Hill Fell Race (Valley Striders Grand Prix)


Ian Sanderson scored his third maximum of the season (his first fell race?).  Nick Barnes made his first appearance as a Strider.  For the rest of the story, read Hutch’s report below.


 22 Ian Sanderson      1:07:36 

 32 Alan Hutchinson    1:10:21 

 38 Andrew Cutts       1:12:25 

 61 Geoff Webster      1:20:36 

 67 Laura Clark        1:22:19 

 72 Madeleine Watson   1:23:57 

 77 Bob Wilkes         1:25:24 

 80 Jim Towers         1:26:33  (Nidd V)

 81 Nick Barnes        1:26:42 

 95 Lyn Eden           1:54:43  (Nidd V)


The website has been updated with the latest Grand Prix positions


Alan Hutchinson reports


I lined up for my first official Cat C fell race at Timble yesterday along side fell running greats including Andrew Cutts and Old Man of the Hills Geoff Webster. Comparing footwear I thought my Saucony Trail shoes would be fine for the job. This would be much more fun than the Harrogate 10k.


Andrew Cutts accepted that maybe I was faster than him but he would be just behind me to have a good laugh. Cheeky devil - just because he knows I struggle on the down hills off road. Unlike the real fell runners I am rather cautious when it comes to breaking a leg in the name of fun. Within a mile of the start all on good track, I pressed past Andrew and for the next mile up hill to Round Hill was conscious of Ian Sanderson just behind me. Ian made some caustic remark about whether we were allowed to walk up hill - it was steep, and then the path deserted us and we were into the marshland. I suddenly plunged in to a knee deep pool and Ian plunged in behind me. Using me as a stepping stone he pushed off from my back only serving to sink me further in. By the time I got out Ian was 75 yards ahead. There's earning Grand Prix points and there's ungentlemanly behaviour! 


Not too despondent I reached the top of the hill and ran the long trail down the other side until my second incident - I fell over on a very muddy part of peat bog doing a fantastic somersault to end up on my back, arms and legs in the air and completely covered in black mud. Andrew said after the race that he fell back 100m at that point from doubling up laughing. Which was nice.


The rest of the race I was accompanied by a swarm of flies that had taken a shine to me and my face was covered in a muddy war paint. A few choice comments later from check point staff about Blubberhouses mud face packs and the finish track was in sight. What I hadn't bargained for was the ferociously competitive spirit of these fell runners. We had a 3 man 100m sprint to the finish and they both beat me. But that really didn't matter because I beat Andrew and got 99 Grand Prix points. So now who's the fell runner?!


A great day but maybe I should have done the Harrogate 10k after all.




Registration of Officials


Back in November/December last year, we submitted about 70 names applying for registration as UK Athletics officials.  All of these were approved, so we now need to send off a new form, signed and with a passport size photo BEFORE 31 AUGUST to get you your officials licence.  The list of members is at 


It is going to be easiest if you can get to the club one Tuesday, bring a photo and sign the form.  In fact I have a better idea, I’ll have my camera at the club for the next 2 weeks.  Striders will pay for the postage of the forms to UK Athletics.


So far I have 2 photos and no signatures so still 68 / 70 required.


Joshua Davies – newest Strider


Sam Davies has emailed :


Hope you are well and all the anniversary celebrations are going well.


Just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to Joshua on the 22nd of July. The birth was a little traumatic - weighing in at a wopping 9 pounds 4 and a half!!  We are all well.


Best Wishes - Sam, Dalton and Joshua


Bill Murphy


Bill competed in Ironman Austria earlier in July and will be competing in Ironman GB in late August.

For a report of his exploits in Austria, go to


That’s all, folks


And, not surprisingly, that was the biggest ever Valley Striders update, so hope you accept my apologies for the delay.