Sent: 05 August 2007 00:37
Subject: FW: V S Update - final reminders for Pie and Peas, Barbecue, T-shirts, Leeds Country Way, Registration of officials, also some other dates


At the end of this email are lists of orders for pie and peas, barbecue meal, anniversary T shirts and Leeds Country Way.  Please check your details are correct!


Pie and Peas Tuesday 7 August


We have 12 booked so far (see list below), orders by Sunday 5 August 10:30 pm via email or Monday 6 August 2pm text to 0777 5898 558


Barbecue Sunday 12 August


Meet 09:45 at Leos or 10:45 at Woodhouse Moor or 12:00 at Leos.  Food will be served approx 12:45.  We hope to have the official opening of the new women’s showers about 12:35.


We have 51 booked for the barbecue, orders by 10:30 pm Wednesday at latest


Anniversary T-shirts – deadline Sunday 12 August


We have 52 t-shirts booked.  There will only be one print run.  Orders must be placed by Sunday 12 August 10:30pm. Confirmed price is £4.25 short sleeve, £5.50 long sleeve (sorry about the price increase, we forgot the VAT).


Leeds Country Way – Sunday 2 September


We have 50 names but several are dubious so a few more required.  Please put your names in by Tuesday 7 August, this may be your last chance!


The list at the bottom is the provisional allocation to legs.  If you are on the list but can’t now make it, or are on the list but your leg is too early or too late, let us know.


We’ll circulate a list of contact numbers next week


Registration of officials


These need to arrive at UK Athletics by 31 August at the absolute latest otherwise the gradings will be rescinded.  So we need to send them off Tuesday 28 August at the latest. Please come along one Tuesday or on Sunday 12th to sign your form and have your pic taken (or bring a passport size photo).


Other key dates coming up


Sunday 26 August – Norland Moor Trail – Striders Grand Prix


Wednesday 5 September – Hyde Park 5k – Striders Grand Prix


Sunday 9 September – Wetherby 10k – Striders Grand Prix


Tuesday 11 September – Club Handicap 10k


Sunday 16 September – Cancer Research Race at Harewood, 10 required to marshal, please


Tuesday 18 September – Harewood Trail Race recce run from Harewood Village Hall.  Runs of 5, 8 or 10 miles available


Sunday 23 September – Kirkstall 10k – a good race


Tuesday 25 September – Annual General Meeting provisional date


Sunday 30 September – Horsforth 10k – a good race


Sunday 7 October – Harewood 10 mile Trail Race and Junior 2 mile – 70 required to marshal, please.  We have 20+ so far, thanks



Lists of Participants




 Jonathan Brownbill M P

 Natalie Crossland  V B

 Paul Hunter        M P

 Bob Jackson        V B

 Kathy Kaiser       V B

 Alastair Kennis    M P

 Stuart Rawnsley    M

 Paul Sanderson     M P

 Greg Skerrett      M B

 Mat Taylor         M P

 Sylvia Watson      V P

 Geoff Webster      V P





                    meat veg

 Richard Adcock      1   0

 Carmel Barker       0   1

 Patrick Barrett     1   0

 Mark Bean           4   0

 Jonathan Brownbill  1   0

 Laura Clark         1   0

 Keith Cluderay      2   0

 Mike Crosfill       2   0

 Caz Farrow          0   1

 Paul Furness        2   0  

 Joel Giddings       3   1

 Brian Hanley        1   1

 Alan Hutchinson     1   0

 Bob Jackson         1   0  

 Peter Lambert       0   2

 Gareth Moules       1   0

 Bill Murphy         1   0

 Graham Needham      1   0

 Stuart Rawnsley     1   0

 Paul Sanderson      1   0

 Greg Skerrett       1   0

 Tracy Stewart       1   0

 Stuart StJohn       2   1   +2 kids

 Sharon Tansley      1   0

 Andy Thorpe         1   0

 John Umpleby        2   0

 Jon Uttley          4   0

 Sylvia Watson       0   1

 Geoff Webster       0   1

 Ron Williams        2   0

 Liz Wood(adams)     0   1

 Mick Wrench         2   0




                  SIZE  SLEEVE


 Richard Adcock     M   one L, one S

 Carmel Barker      S   S

 Patrick Barrett    L   S

 Mark Bean          M   L

 George Black       L   L

 Jonathan Brownbill M   one L, one S

 Andrew Cutts       M   two S

 Keith Cluderay     M   S

 Mike Crosfill      XL  S

 Kay Duggleby       M   L

 Mary Egan          S   L

 Roy Flesher        M   S

 Paul Furness       M   one L, one S

 Joel Giddings      M   one L, one S

 Xanthe Hannah      S   S

 Brian Hanley       S   S

 Paul Hunter        M   one L, one S

 Alan Hutchinson    L   L

 Maddy Illingworth  M   one L, one S

 Bob Jackson        M   S

 Kathy Kaiser       S   S

 Chris Leggatt      M   S

 Gary Mann          L   S

 Tracey Morris      M   L

 Gareth Moules      M   L

 Bill Murphy        M   S

 Dan Murray         S   L

 Graham Needham     M   L

 Steve O'Callaghan  XL  S

 Ian Place          M   L

 Simon Redshaw      M   L

 Paul Sanderson     L   S

 Carole Schofield   S   L

 Greg Skerrett      M   S

 Eirik Stangnes     L   S

 Tracy Stewart      M   S

 Drew Taylor        M   S

 Mick Tinker        M   S

 Carole Towler      S   S

 Tim Towler         M   L

 Jon Uttley         M   S

 John Umpleby       M   S

 Simon Vallance     M   L

 Sylvia Watson      S   L

 Geoff Webster      M   L

 Liz Wood(adams)    S   S

 Mick Wrench        M   L





    (numbers in brackets are legs run in last 4 years)



       1   Vicky Whitehead (1)     Jules Barltrop (111)

       2   Dawn Morley (22)        Xanthe Hannah (-)

       3   Kay Duggleby (325)      Lisa Hodgson (-)

       4   Laura Clark (4356)      Caz Farrow (-)

       5   Carole Schofield (555)  Hayley Palmer (446)

       6   Erica Hiorns (636)      Sharon Tansley (-)



       1   Mick Loftus (1111)      Ian Sanderson (44)

       2   Rob Bumstead (22)       ? Drew Taylor (2222)

       3   Jon Uttley (3)          Roy Flesher (33)

       4   Jerry Watson (654)      Graham Needham (456)

       5   Gareth Moules (-)       Dan Harman (-)

       6   Dave Middlemas (6)      Simon Vallance (4666)



       1   Patrick Barratt (1)     Jonathan Brownbill (-)

       2   Dave Morley (6)         Bob Jackson (2414)

       3   Steve O (333)           Paul Sanderson (1)

       4   Mick Tinker (3422)      Geoff Webster (4)

       5   Andrew Cutts (5455)     Alan Hutchinson (54)

       6   Tony Haygarth (56)      John Hallas (655)



       1   Dan Murray (-)          Greg Skerrett (-)

       2   Simon Redshaw (25)      Joel Giddings (-)

       3   Steve Trout             TBA

       4   Richard King (44)       Eirik Stangnes (-)

       5   Andy Thorpe (5)         Adam Parton (2)

       6   Sylvia Watson (6)       Kathy Kaiser (3)



      Alastair Kennis

      Eric Green  (if fit)