Sent: 26 September 2007 23:40
Subject: V S Update : Winter Training, Pie and Peas, Harewood, AGM, Leeds Country Way results, More Results, Race Reports, Sponsorship


Tuesday 2 October – Training, Pie and Peas & Marshals Briefing


Next Tuesday we will be on winter routes, the session will be 3 by 10 minutes starting at the junction of High Ash Avenue and High Ash Drive   Meet at Leos 6:45 as usual, but the slowest runners should set off early or drive part or all the way there.  Please wear a reflective top if you have one.


Next Tuesday is also the first Tuesday in the month, so it must be Pie and Peas.  Please respond by email by 10:30 pm Sunday 30 September, stating whether meat or vegetarian pie, and whether baked beans or mushy peas.  If you miss this email or forget, then text by Monday 2pm to 0777 5898 558.  But please email if possible as I need to give Tony estimated numbers on Monday morning.  There may also be one or two spare portions, but don’t rely on it.


For those of you marshalling at the Harewood Trail Race on Sunday 7th, I’ll also take 10 minutes to talk you round the route and explain the marshalling duties.  If you’re not free to marshal, just carry on eating, no problem!


Harewood Trail Race


We currently have 300 entries for the 10 mile and 70 for the 2 mile.  This is only a few down on the equivalent date last year.  Let your friends know that the race is not full.  And tell them if possible to pre-enter; we will be taking entries on the day, but at peak time the queue takes 5-10 minutes.


A list of where people will be marshalling (and where there are vacancies) will be sent out tomorrow night


Did I say that there will be a bottle of beer for every marshal?


West Yorkshire Cross-country


We have 32 men, 13 women and 2 juniors registered for the first race.  I know many of you have said you’ll only run 1 or 2 races, but let’s make sure we have a full counting team for both senior races – Sunday 14 October at Guiseley.  N.B. This race counts for Grand Prix points.


Note that the second race (Saturday 27 October) is at Bramley Park not Bramley Falls Woods (my error)




Several of you have asked about this.  Subscriptions are, in theory, due now but we since we don’t decide what the rate is until the Annual General Meeting on 16 October, I suggest we all wait until then.


We have sent off our affiliation fees and a list of members to UK Athletics.  Everyone on the list  has been registered.  Most of you are marked with a “1” for first claim, but some are marked as “2” for second claim or “V” for volunteer.  Both of these will be entitled to reduced rate subscriptions – to be explained at the AGM.


All of you are entitled to club discount at Up & Running (10% off full price merchandise) and at Complete Runner (free socks with every pair of shoes bought).  Simply quote your registration number e.g. VLS00013.  (NB that one’s mine so don’t use it).


AGM – Tuesday 16 October


Anyone with any items for discussion, please let me know before the evening so that we can set an order for discussion.  There will also be an “Any other business” for anything forgotten.


Agenda items already noted include

  • Subs rates for 2007-8
  • Election of officials (we have one vacancy for one of our joint ladies captains)
  • Election of club chairman
  • Creating small sub-committee to review the Club Constitution
  • Thursday Training sessions (could lots of Thursday runners come, please)
  • Presentation of at least 4 more Performance Awards


NB also a pie and peas night


Horsforth 10k


From the Horsforth Harriers website: Sunday 30 September - Harriers' 10k race almost full - just a few entries on the day available


London Marathon


The closing date is 19 October.  But if you have a guaranteed entry via “Good-for-age” or having had 5 rejections, you need to apply by 5 October.


Valley Striders expect to receive 3 club places, we will hold a ballot at Christmas to allocate these, but you must have applied through the normal route and received a rejection note to go into our ballot.


Leeds Country Way Results


36 teams competed, all our teams were in the top half!


                                            Rank on leg

A1 Mick Loftus     Ian Sanderson      1:19:26   3   

A2 Rob Bumstead    Drew Taylor        1:25:20   6   

A3 Roy Flesher     Jon Uttley         1:15:13   6   

A4 Graham Needham  Jerry Watson       1:24:02   5   

A5 Dan Harman      Gareth Moules      1:04:22   1   

A6 Dave Middlemas  Simon Vallance     1:06:37   6   

A         FINAL POSITION              7:35:00   4   


V1 Patrick Barrett Jonathan Brownbill 1:28:38  15   

V2 Bob Jackson     Dave Morley        1:31:38  10   

V3 Paul Sanderson  Ian Place          1:34:53  24   

V4 Mick Tinker     Geoff Webster      1:39:18  18   

V5 Andrew Cutts    Alan Hutchinson    1:16:43   8   

V6 John Hallas     Tony Haygarth      1:14:57  10   

VETS      FINAL POSITION              8:46:07  12   


L1 Erica Hiorns    Sharon Tansley     1:32:34  18   

L2 Xanthe Hannah   Dawn Morley        1:40:49  19   

L3 Lisa Hodgson    Elika Tasker       1:30:52  22   

L4 Laura Clark     Caz Farrow         1:35:29  15   

L5 Hayley Palmer   Carole Schofield   1:21:15  15   

L6 Ford Kates      Liz Wood           1:18:53  14   

LADIES    FINAL POSITION              8:59:52  14 


B1 Dan Murray      Greg Skerrett      1:27:08  11   

B2 Joel Giddings   Simon Redshaw      1:36:01  14   

B3 Kay Duggleby    Kathy Kaiser       1:40:45  29   

B4 Richard King    Eirik Stangnes     1:25:38   7   

B5 Adam Parton     Andy Thorpe        1:27:06  23   

B6 Richard Adcock  Stuart Rawnsley    1:25:42  20   

B         FINAL POSITION              9:02:20  16   


Full results at


The official winning margin for our LADIES was 22 seconds.  Considering that we only won one fastest leg trophy (and this was by less than 2 minutes) let me again congratulate all 12 of you on a fantastic team performance.


Now that we’ve so many runners knowing at least one leg, and with our membership rapidly increasing, how about 5 teams next year?!  The race date should be 31 August, as it is usually the first Sunday after the August bank holiday.  Book your diaries now!


Grand Prix Race Results


Hyde Park 5k series

                                       Race 1      Race 2      Race 3

                       Best    Pts   Pos   Time  Pos   Time  Pos   Time

 Dave Middlemas     0:17:39      100    0   0.00    0   0.00   17  17.39          

 Ian Sanderson      0:18:24       99    0   0.00   25  18.24    0   0.00          

 Drew Taylor        0:18:35       98    0   0.00   34  19.20   25  18.35           

 Andy Duffield      0:18:36       97   26  18.36    0   0.00    0   0.00  2      

 Gary Sutherland    0:18:59       97    0   0.00    0   0.00   33  18.59          

 Eirik Stangnes     0:19:11       96   34  19.35   32  19.11    0   0.00          

 Tim Towler         0:19:37       95   36  19.37    0   0.00    0   0.00          

 Joel Giddings      0:19:41       94   37  19.41    0   0.00    0   0.00          

 Dan Murray         0:19:43       93   48  20.28    0   0.00   38  19.43          

 Bob Jackson        0:19:56       92    0   0.00   39  19.56    0   0.00          

 Patrick Barrett    0:20:00       91   47  20.27    0   0.00   44  20.00          

 Carole Schofield   0:20:23       90   43  20.23   46  20.29   50  20.44          

 Jonathan Brownbill 0:20:24       89   53  20.41   45  20.24   53  21.04          

 Simon Redshaw      0:21:00       88    0   0.00   53  21.00    0   0.00          

 Paul Sanderson     0:21:06       87   60  21.29   55  21.17   55  21.06          

 Keith Barker       0:21:28       86   59  21.28    0   0.00    0   0.00          

 Nick Barnes        0:21:33       85    0   0.00    0   0.00   59  21.33          

 Erica Hiorns       0:21:45       84   61  21.45    0   0.00    0   0.00          

 Mark Hunter        0:22:19       83    0   0.00    0   0.00   71  22.19          

 Mick Tinker        0:22:19       83    0   0.00   69  22.39   70  22.19          

 Kates Ford         0:22:57       81   68  22.57    0   0.00    0   0.00          

 Bob Wilkes         0:23:42       80   73  24.11   76  23.51   83  23.42          

 Sarah Nixon        0:27:08       79   85  27.08    0   0.00    0   0.00          

 Anne McCaffrey     0:29:06       78    0   0.00    0   0.00  109  29.06     


Other Race Results


Hyde Park Junior Race 3


 2 Adam Kemp          6:28

 3 Eddy Robinson      6:30

 6 Gavin Taylor       6:55

24 Martha McCaffrey   9:24

29 Ella McCaffrey     9:35

30 Emily Kemp        11:40


Yorkshireman Off-Road Half Marathon


15 Eirik Stangnes   1:44:14

17 Ian Sanderson    1:45:28

22 Martin Horbury   1:46:36

24 Mick Wrench      1:46:56

26 Rob Bumstead     1:47:15

33 Alan Hutchinson  1:49:16


Nottingham Marathon           

                   Gun          Chip

                 Pos   Time   Pos   Time

Dan Harman        61 3:06:37   60 3:06:04

Mick Loftus      114 3:16:48  115 3:16:42

Gary Sutherland  130 3:20:22  132 3:20:09


This takes Dan to 3rd place and currently 98 points in the Grand Prix “Any other marathon” category (behind Tracey Morris and Eric Green).


Nottingham Half Marathon

                   Gun          Chip

                 Pos   Time   Pos   Time

Jon Uttley       271 1:32:52  286 1:32:39


Great Langdale Half Marathon


272 Sara Dyer        2:07:50

    384 ran, winning time was 1:17:52 and no-one else broke 1:20!

    The winning time for the marathon was 3:09; yes this is a road race!


Blackpool Illuminations 10K


 2 Tim Crossland     33:30

34 Paul White        43:36 (M60 2nd)

50 Natalie Crossland 45:55 (F 3rd)


Paul White reports that it was very windy for the last 3 miles!


Kirkstall 10k


 10 Brian Hanley     37:58

 23 Jon Uttley       39:49

 41 Bob Jackson      42:32 (5th M55 and beaten by a 71-year-old)

 45 Roy Flesher      42:55

 51 Adam Parton      43:37

 66 Rhiannon Silson  44:37 (7th W)

 86 Sue Sunderland   46:02 (1st W45)

 89 Sharon Tansley   46:13

107 Nick Barnes      48:03

113 David Cusack     48:25

121 Eric Cusack      49:11

147 Johnny Cocker    50:44

274 ran


Bob Jackson reports that it was very hilly for all 6.2 miles!


Sue and Rhiannon are two of our newest members and were the most successful on the day.  Sue won a cup and a voucher, Rhiannon was just out of the prizes.


Rhiannon runs for Eden Runners in Penrith but has just moved to Leeds to study at Leeds Met.  She met Liz Wood (Adams) at the Preston 10k a couple of months ago and decided Striders would be a good club to join when she came here (10% commission for you, Liz!).  Rhiannon’s favourite terrain is fell and cross-country.  The only bit of off-road I found on the Kirkstall 10k was the road works on Leeds Outer Ring Road over the bridge over the River Aire!


Good Shepherd Fell Race 15 mile 2000’ feet (plus lots more) 22 Sep, 2007 Mytholmroyd


From John Hallas


47 Caz Farrow        2:33.05  3rd Lady

84 Alistair Fale     2:50.27

96 John Hallas       2:56.27


Race Reports


Yorkshireman Marathon


Caz Farrow and Simon Vallance ran as a mixed pair and won first place in this category.


Not quite so straightforward – Simon let Caz run ahead as she had a chance of setting the women’s course record.  Then Caz finished 2 minutes BEHIND Simon


Caz writes “Having run off as Simon suggested, I got lost and dropped 10 places at mile 24 and ran about another extra mile.  At least we still won the mixed pairs or otherwise he might have killed me!”


Simon says “I knew Caz was ahead and then saw that a woman and a man were beginning to catch me.  I put all my effort into the last mile to finish ahead of her only to find that (a) Caz wasn't there (b) the other woman was running solo – she wasn't "related" to the man.


Mick Loftus, who ran much of the race with Simon and Caz, was much amused.


All’s well that ends well.


Burnsall Classic Fell Race, Sat 25 Aug – from Dave Middlemas


For the second year running I was mildly surprised to find myself the only Strider lining up for the Burnsall Classic Fell Race. Okay, it's about as far removed from running around Eccup Reservoir as you can get; but still, this is surely one of the most notable annual running events within an hour's drive of Striders HQ.


The race is steeped (no pun intended) in history and legend; in a nutshell, it goes back to the 19th Century, and is the centrepiece of the annual Burnsall Sports, which go back even further. To participate in the race is as much about enjoying a day out at this idiosyncratic Dales village fete as the race itself.


In fact the Classic Fell Race is the last of numerous races throughout the day. First up is a 10 mile road race which is pretty hilly as well; next it's a series of junior races, before the main race at 5pm.


The route can be divided into 3 main sections. First, a never-ending, unremitting climb of about 1000ft to the top of Burnsall Fell. The first half of the descent is perilously steep through rock and heather where progress is better described as controlled falling than running. After crossing the fell wall the gradient eases slightly and actual running is possible (!) through fields to finish back in the village.


One of the distinctive features of the race is that it is a genuine spectacle. Encouragement is offered throughout the route and the crowds at the start/finish number several hundred or more. It says a lot about both the crowd and the quality of the top of the field that the roar that greeted the winner's entrance to the village was clearly audible to those of us still struggling down the first part of the descent, several hundred feet above.


I was pleased this year to take a couple of minutes off my time from last year and get into the top 20.


Full results and the Burnsall Sports website can be linked to from the FRA site (Bob - might be good for VS to get a link to here); the Burnsall Sports site provides an interesting summary of the history of the race (as well as the entry form, as pre-entry is required).


Message from Xanthe Hannah


I'm running the New York marathon on 4th November and will be raising money for the West Riding of Yorkshire Ileostomy Association. It's a charity that helps support people who have had, or will be having, an ileostomy due to a variety of illnesses such as Crohn's disease or bowel cancer. It's a local charity (a local branch of a national charity) that doesn't get much mainstream support hence my wanting to support it. It is also a charity that my friend is closely involved with as a sufferer of Crohn's disease.  You can donate/sponsor online at